Fr Thomas Haake, an 80 year old Priest Assaulted by BLM Supporters

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Fr Thomas Haake, an 80 year old Priest Assaulted by BLM Supporters

Posted on June 30, 2020 by Catholicism Pure & Simple


[Sources: Deacon Nick Donnelly, Gloria TV, Taylor Marshall]

UPDATE See also: BLM Activist Calls for Destruction of Jesus, Mary & Saint Statues, Priest & Exorcist Respond

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Only The Beginning by Lawrence Morra

“The communists and all antichrists are in unison”

by Lawrence Morra

First of all my heart felt prayers go out to Fr Thomas Haake for his suffering and that he will recover in all regard 100% I must say I get angry about these wicked evil inspired individuals that are running rampant now doing the work of the Devil, there is no other way to put it and I tend to believe there is no retrieving these sorts who are so twisted and wicked in their hearts that they are already the damned or they actually are demonically possessed. No decent or any person with an ounce of appreciation and respect for God our Creator would do such a thing to anyone let alone a senior citizen of 80 and a priest or otherwise!  I tell you I have had tiny concerns about Francis several years ago that mushroomed to gargantuan proportions starting with him or his staff never responding to a very serious letter I sent to him which did touch on a personal matter where Freemason and Illuminati agents had attacked me one being a Catholic minister, and were corrupting here throughout.  Then over the last couple of years with the outlandish behavior and lack of proper leadership for the Church I see Francis I’m sorry to say as nothing more than a heretic and possibly much worse!  His not rejecting BLM and ANTIFA along with many other twisted groups with the same agenda to force their will upon society and destroy as much heritage and civil order as they can; is unconscionable.  They , the communists and all antichrists are in unison now ramping up chaos and mayhem where ever they can get away with it and it has to stop one way or the other!  I’m also very sorry to say that it’s beyond talking or any kind of simple reprimand and if it isn’t stopped soon this is going to spiral out of control way beyond where it has already gone.
God bless Fr Haake. Amen.

Lawrence Morra

Catholicism Pure & Simple

An 80 year old priest, Fr Thomas Haake, was brutally assaulted in Washington DC by members of the BLM radicals. Fr Haake was walking outside his residence dressed in his cassock and collar and was praying his Rosary when he was attacked. They beat him and stole his phone and empty wallet.

Fr Haake had arrived in Washington to lead retreats in St Peter’s Church on Capitol Hill until July 2020. A member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary and  based in Rome, he served as a spiritual director and taught theology, bioethics, political science, and Italian.

This holy and virtuous priest had started an order in the Philippines and led retreats in Myanmar, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Nigeria.

Francis must withdraw his support for BLM. 

Please pray for Father Haake… but perhaps his heartless attackers are in more need of prayer, and those who support them!

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