‘Mother Teresa of Manchester’ on the path to sainthood

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‘Mother Teresa of Manchester’ on the path to sainthood
Posted on September 4, 2020 by Catholicism Pure & Simple
Kaya Burgess, Religious Affairs Correspondent, Thursday September 03 2020, 8.00pm, The Times:
Mother Elizabeth Prout worked with the destitute of Manchester
reblog:Zero Lift-Off Only The Beginning  by Lawrence Morra
“I Am that I Am has Sent me; He the Alpha and the Omega”
How delighted I was to read today that “Mother Elizabeth Prout would be the first British woman who lived in the past 800 years to be made a saint without having been a martyr.” catholicismpure This is very important and inspiring news as this event dovetails perfectly with last year’s canonization of St. John Henry Newman the only other British Saint of modern time that I wrote a blog about, “I Am that I Am has Sent me; He the Alpha and the Omega,” to commemorate that wonderful event last October 11th, when catholicismpure bought this event into focus for me and others with a fine article; which I want to reconstitute now in this reblog with this beautiful article by Kaya Burgess in honor of both of these Catholic religious figures one a canonized saint John Henry Newman and of course the other on her way to beautification to become the only other British saint of the modern era Mother Elizabeth Prout.  I find it interesting that I mentioned Abraham Lincoln in a short article I wrote yesterday who was a great and special soul working for God too and his passing was shortly before Mother Elizabeth Prout, having both lived and worked for the betterment of humanity in the same time frame! Here is what I had to say about President Lincoln which I feel aligns magnificently with both of these special souls that were no doubt doing special work for God during their lives, but, indeed following His will to the end; “all the while there are those individuals that fight the good fight, and like Abraham Lincoln who is one of my favorite top three historical figures referred to such persons at his First Inaugural Address Monday, March 4, 1861 how they respond and as he indicated his own conviction, “that “touched” once more by the better angels of our nature,” but, I add though they struggle more than most to hold onto the good, they find the inner strength to persevere and bring out that, “spark of good within” themselves and encourage it in others; as I see them, as sort of the Don Quixote like heroes in their relentless journey to “follow that star of hope.” I will offer the direct link to this article and also the other I wrote last year at the end.  But, first I want to add some of the text from that article about St. John Henry Newman here.
This title applies to each and every one of us human beings! The Creator is our Father in Heaven who gave us this opportunity to be a living, thinking child of God’s serving as an angel of flesh here on the earthly plane for His perfect plan as we seek His will to serve His divine plan and will in this temporal temporary life.
If we seek Him and His Holy Spirit and strive to accomplish our mission here we will eventually join Him and everything that is good on the Eternal Plane of Everlasting Life! Perfection, with happiness, peace, love and glory will be ours; sharing it with Him while having “Joyfulness and Ecstasy” that we will want to never end and it will not, not ever!
“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6
God wanted me to say this. And, this must be said; because so many of the wrong messages are being sent and instilled in the youth of today’s minds hearts and souls. Things that the radical left and militant feminists are propagating are so off base. The old paradigm that we are talking about of traditional belief and behavior is the right one, not only because they stood the test of time through the ages helping humans to survive as a species but more importantly it’s God’s paradigm and what He intended for His children to live by, while they live this brief but so important short test of time for each individual; to see if we are trusting in Him or ourselves more, and if so, do we trust Him enough or other forces, powers and principalities, mainly those that reject God and want to transgress the one being who created all of this and loves us more than we could ever imagine. Do we pass or fail our own personal test as His children or not is the question because we are being tested; make no mistake about it! You know who told me that first, my parents when I was a boy and my Dad went on to say while he was in the big war he saw young boys die in front of him or wounded and in the water screaming mother, as the sharks pulled them under, I get very tearing eyed saying this here, because our parents and mothers are so right, especially the ones following God’s paradigm, and not being selfish or bad role models.
I know I went on here, but, I was inspired so much by all of this and want to share all of it with you, so too when you have time read the entire article and the others as well. God is speaking to us loud and clear through each other many times, but, especially through His most humble servants who dedicated their lives to loving and serving Him our Creator who loves each of us more than we can fathom, but, well enough if we try our best to love Him back with all of our heart, so we can be with Him and our family in heaven. Another very special and interesting point here for me is that just today I became aware of an article by another Word Press author which was some very fascinating and beautifully written ancient history about a British army led by Magnus Maximus who promised to return to Britain but never did, and instead went on to become an Emperor of Rome. I’m sure at least for me there is a tie-in or something more to see as I give more thought and prayer to all of this! We who have faith know; that our God does work in mysterious ways! God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Kaya Burgess, Religious Affairs Correspondent, Thursday September 03 2020, 8.00pm, The Times:

Mother Elizabeth Prout worked with the destitute of Manchester
Mother Elizabeth Prout worked with the destitute of Manchester ALAMY

A Victorian nun known as the Mother Teresa of Manchester is expected to take a significant step towards becoming the second British saint of modern times, campaigners have said.

The Vatican has considered the case of Mother Elizabeth Prout, who died in 1864, and is expected to approve the third step on the five-step path to sainthood, in which she is declared “venerable”, before the end of the year. This will prompt a formal Vatican investigation into two miracles that have been attributed to her by seriously ill people who prayed to her for healing.

Cardinal John Henry Newman, who died in 1890, became the first British saint of modern times in October. Prout would be the first British woman who lived in the past800 years to…

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