A Policeman Tells His Story

God bless.

“Evil Spirits seeking to disrupt and misdirect God’s faithful”
by Lawrence Morra III

Absolute truth and so beautiful! So well done, this says it like it is! God bless you for providing this insightful article. Amen.
I decided to inset this bit of information right after I finished writing my intro. For some time I’ve been made aware of God’s Holy Spirit working closely in my daily activities and made it perfectly clear He would lead me in doing God’s will if I was willing to listen and sincerely wanted to try doing my best for Him. Various things or events occurred that were impossible to be coincidence or brought about by anything other than God Almighty making them so. In the last few months I began to notice some people on the internet were too devious and putting on false fronts with me to misdirect and interfere with what I now see as God’s directives for me. Even in my personal daily life I was attacked by people being manipulated or directed by dark forces doing this same thing in person. In one encounter I had my Rosary around my neck which is from Medugorje and I know without telling all of what happened I could have been a completely innocent person out for a stroll who was set up for a massive confrontation that would either hurt me badly or maybe worse. I was so calm and without any fear when suddenly surrounded by many, so I know the Holy Spirit was with me like He was with Daniel; that saved me! I eliminated many such individuals from my list of active participants online recently and when I did I noticed a more hostile aggressive push by certain individuals which I now know without a doubt is what this article speaks to. Diabolical forces have been unleashed from hell to further disrupt and interfere with the good missions that any of us can be directed to do as long as we remain vigilant and faithful continually to our Lord Jesus Christ, in order to repel evils.
Another Christian lady not of the Catholic church but very devout in her love and faith in Jesus had a dream which centered on the number 911. She didn’t know what it meant but thought it may have some important significance for someone. It does, for me, my dad a very straight and on the narrow strong faithful man all of his life was a special soul and solider for God on earth. That number is associated with him specifically in a very profound way, tied into soldiers. He said that he would only be on this earth as long as God needed him here to serve Him, but when his work was done here nothing would keep him here another second, because God needed him in heaven! I feel so compelled and also like crying because I know this is a message about spiritual warfare that’s been sent to me from above and confirmed once I saw your article and finding out what this woman said today, so that, I will be more enlightened and in the ready to try harder and be vigilant to open my heart and soul up to our Father in heaven through Jesus Christ; because much is going to happen!
Yes this is absolutely a spiritual war and very well could be the beginning of the climatic one that was prophesied long ago, but, if it is or even if it isn’t the final battle coming right up, anyone who can’t see by the in your face blatant madness and atheist criminality that is so immoral and diabolical now being displayed by the actions of many of our government leaders and other counterparts around the globe is either so deluded and detached from reality for whatever reason, that they can’t see and recognize evil when they see it, or they are aware and just don’t care, which would mean they don’t accept Jesus Christ for face value and being who He said He was and is still now; our Lord and Savior. Then, there are those that are active minions of the Evil One playing their part in the preparations to usher in the antichrist; like the current Pope. And, Holy Scriptures say that will be the final ultimate betrayal when the antichrist will claim his place in the same church that Jesus told Peter to build, at which time he will claim, he is god. We need to pray to all the saints to intercede in whatever ways our Father wills them to aide us in this spiritual warfare; and Archangel Michael being the leading angel of all the army of angels will hear our pleas!
As far as the threats by the hard leftist minions who are actually hell-bent and hell bound doing the work of the Devil, they can be dealt with by military force and locked away as well they should be, because there already has been way too much enabling of these demented twisted souls who only want to bring on destruction just like radical Islam Jihadists do. But, the sure way for all of this potential destruction and these threats to be stopped is if the angels of God are mobilized to subdue the evil spirits that have been and will be further unleashed from hell to bring on more destruction. I will extend myself and say I see how some American government officials are influenced by demons or actually possessed. Trump is where God wanted him to be all along and now what remains to be seen is whether this battle will grow exponentially requiring direct divine intervention, or if our military and police forces will get the point across soon that these rabble-rouse minions have no chance and they will back down.
I join all of you in praying fervently that our Father in heaven in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord Savior and Redeemer will allow all the help needed by means of His army of angels led by Archangel Michael; will be helping we His children sooner rather than later, to spare many lives avoiding bloodshed and great suffering. Amen.
God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Note the mention of 911.  A very profound tie-in.

Catholicism Pure & Simple

(From ‘America Needs Fatima ‘)

The United States of America is in the middle of an incredibly divisive and trying time, the counting of the remaining votes in the 2020 Presidential Election. We need to pray that for our country, as this is not just a battle of one party versus another, but ultimately of good versus evil.

For months leading up to Tuesday, we heard all sorts of contention and lots of nonsense! But one of the topics that resonates loudly with us is that of law enforcement and the officers on the front lines that keep America safe.

One of Satan’s tactics is to demoralize those who are doing good. He often suggests to them that all the good they do is for nothing. It’s just a drop in the bucket.

But then we read a letter like Al’s (below) and we know the truth.

No good action…

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