Thanksgiving in the Words of St Catherine of Sienna

A most precious piece of writing and offering to anyone who will read these words that were truly inspired by the Holy Spirit via St. Catherine! Just yesterday on Thanksgiving Day and then again this morning my focus was drawn to some personal communications with other Christian members of my immediate family and some specific people online. These words here tie-in most assuredly and in some cases are verbatim what I had written or said which tells me that God’s Holy Spirit is with us always, but, in this most unprecedented of times being on the verge of many calamities or the actual precipice we all need to open our hearts with genuine humility to allow the Holy Spirit to dwell within our total being so that, then we obtain the full appreciation of God the Father’s love as it permeates our being through the most precious blood of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ; so that we can bath ourselves in that only TRUE MERCY and PURE ETERNAL LOVE! I want to share some of the words I wrote in a reblog of this offering you’ve made on my Word Press blog and also as a long comment here. Thank you very much for this great work all of you do as you consistently serve our Father in heaven, providing many messages for our refinement of our own faith and to open the eyes and hearts of those who are wandering aimlessly and in such danger of peril or disaster. Amen.
“And you saying here the Rosary is what we have is 100% truth from God because as my mother reflected often on the words of our St. John Paul II, “the Rosary and the Scapula are our most powerful weapons against evil.” Also the greatest means of bringing any of our petitions to our heavenly Father! It’s so wonderful and beautiful how things are shaping up now to bring real justice to America when all was looking so hopelessly lost! Our prayers and crying out to our Lord Jesus Christ are being heard and answered, as this One Nation under God will prevail.”
“But the “angels of mercy” I take my hat off to always they are like Saints to me! Florence Nightingale an Iconic one, but of course the amazing Saint Mother Teresa is so great! Good for you that you see things how you do and have these wonderful qualities!”
“Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak. When it gains the upper hand, its vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent, because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it. So it always has been. So it always will be…”
“Talking about free-will and being created in God’s likeness or having free and independent thought and desires; we must grow to understand how much our Father in heaven loves us and that He is most merciful, sweet, kind and gentle to His children; we lost lambs. I feel that if I’m genuinely respecting and appreciating His love for me then I should be doing all I can in my life to the best of my abilities to show that kind of love for Him, and offer up my life to Him as a humble servant of God’s who is seeking to do His will above all things! Amen.”
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! And we do always have so much to be thankful for!

When we think on it, thanksgiving is the language of heaven and all of our favorite saints were proficient at this most joyous virtue. This morning, I was mindful of this as I read the following from dear Saint Catherine, who personifies thanksgiving in all she writes:

“Oh! Good! oh! Eternal Greatness! You made Yourself low and small to make man great. On whichever side I turn I find nothing but the abyss and fire of Your charity. And can a wretch like me pay back to You the graces and the burning charity that You have shown and show with so much burning love in particular to me beyond common charity, and the love that You show to all Your creatures?

. . . You alone, most sweet and amorous Father, are…

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