Top Catholic Bishop Slams Joe Biden: He Would Promote Abortions Up to Birth at Taxpayer Expense

Any of you in the Catholic Church Hierarchy, I don’t care who you think you are or what excuse you would give as to why you supported and promoted this most vile, contemptuous, criminal, evil servant of Satan Joe Biden! You have put a spiritual noose around your necks to be dragged down into the deepest pit of hell for eternity! The evidence from his 47 years of being a slimy nefarious crooked career politician over time; revealing so much horror about this human devil; that many of you even of the Church must be devils to allow this! I know for a fact in my heart that God is going see that all involved in promoting such diabolical evil will be damned and punished to everlasting hell. If you get out and fight this like Father Dana Christiansen has suggested and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, I do believe in becoming truly a soldier and shepherd of the light for God, then you still could be saved; otherwise you are members of a synagogue of Satan.
Isn’t this the way Satan has worked among us from the beginning and now in these high tech times with a vast array of data manipulation taking place and in essence highly sophisticated smoke and mirror not only cheap parlor tricks, but, along with mind control on a massive scale which is now being deployed around the globe to poke and prod we fellow human beings into submission. I believe we are seeing the tip of the iceberg as it were and the plan has been underway for decades with a very systematic operation being conducted from within the shadows of our nation’s military industrial complex/MSM coupled now with the Tech Industry to alter our behaviors and beliefs incrementally; and the key was to take God out of the equation , first when they took Him out of all public schools not even allowing a moment of silent prayer, making for a very secular pagan belief system of incorrigibles that would submit to atrocious mindsets and attitudes; AKA industrial scale abortion on demand, full term day of delivery murder of an innocent human being and now some public officials(the Biden camp said this) saying there is no use for people to live past 75, and in essence are planting the seed of euthanasia.

Then they went on to alternative lifestyles or homosexuality as being perfectly fine with even gender reassignment now with children! I do pity any soul that isn’t able to distinguish right from wrong this badly, and isn’t able to see the sinister or actually diabolical at work in all of this madness. Now more people than not know just how much lying, cheating and stealing the Democrat party along with some false Republicans have been doing over the years all designed to become as filthy rich and powerful as possible; but the biggest problem with all of that is their joining this global plan of unprecedented proportions becoming and being actual components of the plan; or true minions of Satan. Look how the Clintons from middle class families are now part of a global cabal of mega rich just like the Obama’s who started out with less than 1 million in net worth at the beginning of the first term and now billionaires in reality when considering all their hidden and known assets! And one look at Nancy Pelosi and her outlandish behaviors or attacks upon a sitting President with her cohorts and it’s easy for me to see we have vile destructive persons in high office bringing ruin to our society and indeed the human race; the opening of a modern day Pandora’s Box if you will. That is what being a “Public Servant” of a great and good prosperous Nation under God is about; all the while Pelosi spews such rhetoric, “that nobody is above the law” when referring to President Trump, when in fact she should be pointing her dirty fingers that are stuck in so many corrupt pies at herself, and all of her counterparts in Congress. The Devil has used the root of all evil filthy lucre, and then lust for power, to capture many a soul in order to use them as his personal evil instruments and tools for his nefarious bigger plan; which is to destroy all that is good on earth and especially mankind; God’s children! I have little or no difficulty in seeing that we as a human race are on the precipice and that final curtain time is the closest it could have ever been; in that all the right components required to bring on Armageddon are in place and aligning now for this NWO Reset and swan song of humanity, in one big corrupted pagan adulterous lost generation; which basically is cutting its own collective throat and ending up if the Devil has his way; in hell.
God help us and I pray that more people than not wake up fast. Very Fast!
God bless you and yours.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

From Life News:

Detroit Archbishop Allen Vigneron will lead a new committee of Catholic leaders to respond to Joe Biden’s pro-abortion agenda, should he be confirmed president of the United States.

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) announced the formation of the new taskforceearlier this week to consider how to work with Biden, a pro-abortion Democrat who professes to be a devout Catholic.

Biden has “given us reason to believe that he will support policies that attack some fundamental values we hold dear as Catholics,” said Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles, the president of the USCCB.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Gomez appointed Vigneron to lead the committee to address Biden’s conflicting statements about his faith and public policy.

“These policies include the repeal of the Hyde amendment and the preservation ofRoe v. Wade,” Gomez said. “Both of these policies undermine our ‘preeminent…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

23 thoughts on “Top Catholic Bishop Slams Joe Biden: He Would Promote Abortions Up to Birth at Taxpayer Expense”

  1. Thank you for this post. You have presented a picture of the advancing ‘tentacles’ of immorality which have corroded the goodness of our great nation. As John Adams said in the quote on his picture above: “Our constitution is designed only for a moral and religious people.” That is what we were once … until opposing ideologies crept into the goodness, which actually comes from the grace of God. Modernism and feminism began the journey of evil riding on the back of the so called enlightenment of masonic thought into our nation. Our language was corrupted and, sadly, the women were encouraged to be more like men … feminism tampered with the role of a ‘Mother’ and that of a man and a Father.

    Some men and women now are unsure of their gender. Sad.

    Disruption of the family is now in place with the new agenda, caused by Covid19, of limiting the number of people you may have for Thanksgiving dinner. In MA family gatherings are discouraged by our Governor. There goes the right to assemble. What a handy little tool is Covid 19.

    We are now facing the chilling prediction of Nikita Kruschev that “America will be taken without firing a shot.” God has given us a leader, who many are so quick to condemn for anything at all. Anything. The ‘piling on’ from former presidents and the media has been done with frothing at the mouth hatred. It has turned this man into a dynamo of physical and spiritual strength. He loves the babies. He would never kill a baby.

    Kill a baby!! Does anybody hear that? That is what this country is doing. Slaying the small helpless… flailing … crying infant.

    Trump loves God. He said he would protect the Catholics, who are under fire along with the ‘truth’ which they like.’ He said: “America will never be a Socialist country” Apparently that is an anathema to the ears of former masonic presidents and politicians to whom Socialistic and Communistic ways are dear.

    Nikita Kruschev may have been right.

    We will see. If truth is allowed to come into the light.

    Has the love of Socialism and its ‘messing with mans’ mind … pushing it away from God and good … corrupted our once beautiful voting system?

    We will see. And what is wrong with the truth anyway?

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    1. Absolutely divinely inspired word here Mary Anne, sister in Christ Jesus! Yes indeed Nikita Khrushchev and Vladimir Lenin before him spoke of this and I wrote an article a year ago on November 17th, “The United States of Communism,” making mention of this very point you bring up back then because I could see the writing on the wall as it were but now the push by the left and other outside forces are blatant and forceful making those tyrants words chilling seeming now like some portent or even diabolical omen from the past, meant to frighten us which it can do if we lose sight of our faith in Him who knows all things and gave us the New and Everlasting Covenant; or Father in heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Yes those tyrants and actually truly evil men said, “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you; we’ll so weaken your economy, until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” But thinking how those spiteful words from a couple of brutal tyrants are music to the Devil, but yet to God the Father, Jesus and all the angels led by St. Michael the Archangel, they are nothing more than dust in the wind or so much hot air and of no actual ultimate consequence, because as Holy Scripture tells us; Romans 8:31 – “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” What should we fear of men or devils, when they all have an accounting to God who will have the final say in all things which they cannot escape! “He who did not spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all, how will He not also, along with Him, freely give us all things?…” And your words are so fittingly concise here; “… until opposing ideologies crept into the goodness, which actually comes from the grace of God. Modernism and feminism began the journey of evil riding on the back of the so called enlightenment of masonic thought into our nation.” What many were interpreting as a good thing or a “new age of enlightenment” has turned out to be a “falsehood and curse,” meant to destroy all of the good that this Nation and its people once stood for without hesitation! Now we have a mixed bag of tricks like some sorcerers concoctions, with even radical groups like ANTIFA and BLM, meant to elicit pandemonium or in essence the unleashing of a self-destruct mechanism! As you asked what is wrong with the truth? Nothing; and that is all I should hope for is that the whole truth will be revealed and all things will take their proper place when God’s final judgment comes.
      You’re so right about Covid-19 being a tool and now they pull it out for the holidays and present new rules like some curse meant to knock us off balance and allow them the tyrants of this New Age to control our lives down to how many others we can have in our own homes at any given time! All I can say is I won’t be controlled by anyone or anything and my only true leader and Lord is Jesus Christ; who I will follow and through whom I only seek to do the will of our Father in heaven; nothing else should matter because even if the world should hate me, I do take that as an honor, and can rest assured Jesus and the Father will love me in the end!
      Brother in Christ Jesus,


  2. Thanks Brother Lawrence for your comment. I am getting tired and worn from all this. I would guess that you are also. It is a ‘lift’ to read your comment and to know that I am not crazy in the head! God bless you and yours on this Thanksgiving week. The “new age tyrants” will be at it all week with their “mixed bag of tricks” like a “sorcerers concoction” …rest up for that’s exactly what we are going to get all week long unless, as I heard, the Trump lawyers have their own bag of something else to throw at the scoundrels of the new world. A “Shock” is to happen re: Georgia. It’s in their bag and we are promised to know just what it is on Monday or Tuesday. Stay attached to your TV or Computer for this with an elevated heart rate. I shouldn’t speak in jest of something of such a serious nature as the future of our shining city on a hill. May Mary, our Queen and Mother watch over you and keep you safe and well.
    Your Sister in Christ
    Mary Anne
    Viva Cristo Rey

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    1. Hi Sister Mary Anne! You’re definitely welcome and you should know, its a fact you deserve it. Just spoke with a family member and what I read in Fr. George W. Rutler’s latest Weekly Column pertains perfectly to what you were speaking to here; and my family members as well myself! You’re right I’m beat up over this; just being a sensitive and very emotional keyed up guy.
      Fr. Rutler said, For the Christian, this is a stimulus to faith rather than neurosis. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Philippians 4:6).
      So perfect a Scripture to contemplate now on Thanksgiving week, and like my dad always said he “stays cool calm and collected in all situations!” I didn’t learn how to do that one as well as him! Collected I do well thusly why I was able to battle my own legal matters with workers comp and a major State Constitutional infringement fiasco; but staying calm and cool not as easy, and not happening much lately.
      You being crazy in the head never crossed my mind and now that you bring it up I’m saying that you’re definitely not crazy at all. As a matter of fact by your comments lately I had to mention to others in my family how highly intelligent and knowledgeable you are in these matters that we all share equal concern and sadness over lately! Yes, these new age tyrants are out of control and power or “control of others” is their sustenance as they are hiding so much corruption in their hearts and souls. I can easily say there are too many wicked persons in many positions of authority and they have become a cult! Freemasons for sure but others too that are directly linked to the Evil One.
      I know what you’re saying about being serious but some lighthearted thoughts to punctuate the drab and sadness that has overwhelmed our Nation and so many people is a natural thing to do in these circumstances! Of course faith is the key and an abiding one will help u to stay the course though the toughest of times or worst storms; as I know you are aware! Oh yes I heard from a few people that Monday or Tuesday something substantial was coming into view as Trumps legal team will set the biggest part of the case into play! We can only pray that God’s angels and saints are with our President Trump along with all of the heroes diligently working with him; and we know they are constantly being protected by the angels, as the Holy Spirit leads them to do God’s will; and that is all we should hope for in my opinion! Of course as you stated, “May Mary, our Queen and Mother watch over you and keep you safe and well,” her intercession and love is boundless and needed by all who follow and love Jesus and our heavenly Father; so that prayer and hope I truly appreciate and ask her to always do the same for you! I also wish you and your family the blessed, happy and safe Thanksgiving you deserve. Losing family members especially the anchors or rocks of the family in recent years, then with ever-changing circumstances these days; any gatherings are fewer and farther between; if at all! I’ve even had to spend them alone at times but that’s not a problem as I do some of my best work alone; even the cooking! I have memories of huge family gatherings like the good old days traditional ones some of us lived! I’m grateful for it all, everything! There are always those less fortunate who have far less good memories or pleasant experiences to draw from.
      Your Brother in Christ Jesus,
      Viva Cristo Rey Para Siempre

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      1. It truly is a stimulus to faith … this devilish whirlwind of words … changing … lies … legal traps … they can drive one in the other direction, also. When that happens I know we must pray harder and sacrifice more. If one of the last four Popes had consecrated Russia, as commanded by God through the Mother of God, we wouldn’t be in this hellish pit so I guess I think of that a lot. Too much. A prayer will bring it to an end. Our Lady said it would be done but “it will be late” How late???Perhaps Benedict XVI will do it as he has read the third secret. Doubt if all the bishops would gather around and cooperate. Russia, the seedbed of Communism has truly “spread its’ errors” Prophecy fulfilled! Thanks for all your good words. As for thanksgiving, Covid has disrupted this family with its’ grievous touch so all will be in their own houses … just as big brother wants. ie no talk about politics or your “bag of devilish tricks” … no plans … although the masks ARE an ingenious way to cut down on those things with the muffled words and lack of facial expression conveying a meaning. I wonder if we are allowed to have turkey. How much? Can we take off the masks to eat? Can we sing a song?

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      2. That’s very funny Mary Anne; about the masks and eating with them off, or would a liquid turkey dinner be best using a straw? That food processor sitting collecting dust will serve a great purpose again after all! But it’s a crazy world already and with a Biden/Harris administration I can imagine a China Collusion straight out of the gate to bring on instant communism in full bloom! Yes, too bad St. John Paul II with other highly motivated Vatican Hierarchy weren’t able to fulfill the Fatima Prophecy the other way around, and prevent Russia’s errors from fully manifesting! And St. John Paul II having grown up in the war torn nation of Poland during WWII which later it’s having become a Soviet Bloc communist country it seems he would have been a great candidate to bring the necessary change. He did have a great effect like Reagan did in bringing many positive changes in that region with the Berlin Wall or Iron Curtain being toppled, but not enough to change the inner character of the, as you say, seed nation of communism Russia; to change to the point of being consecrated. The evils of atheistic communism have flourished and are putting the entire planet in jeopardy of really becoming a totalitarian hell on earth like Orwell’s 1984 depicted. For now it appears the Devil has gained much ground and even some advantages with a stupefied wanton, reckless human race growing in pagan idolatry’s; but we know as faithful Christians that God’s plan is solid and absolute. And of course that the man of perdition must be revealed so then the real tally can begin; not of votes but of who failed the big test and who succeeded in being acceptable or worthy to God through our Lord, Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ.
        I agree let’s keep praying vigilantly with all our compassion and love for Him, so that in time being heard God sends us many blessings and graces in order to persevere to the end and fulfill our purpose for the Lord our God. Amen.
        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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      3. Hi Mary Anne; I did catch wind of that a little while ago as a Tweet but didn’t look into it yet; so if that is the case things are still in too early a stage for any election to be called favorable for either candidate because of blatant fraud and treason and that making it a null and void election due to criminal and treasonous activity by the Dems which I think the Supreme Court would have to weigh in on and appoint Trump the continuing President if the Congress doesn’t agree to it first! I just repaired my previous comment of some typos, a bit fuzzy here so should have looked before sending! Been up since 3am.

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      4. I am gob smacked by this news. I now read that other governors and mayors have rec’d money from China. Full blown rtreason. I had a post with proof that the Pope also rec’d money from China for his silence re the naming of bishops, and, the tearing down of Catholic Churches and the persecution of the Ughyurs and Catholics. Oh I like that idea of appointing Trump the continuing President. I wonder what they will do with Biden? He can occupy the cell next to Hillary. LOL I’m laughing for a change. Yes, the turkey would be good blenderized and ‘gobbled’ through a straw. Put a hole in the mask?

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      5. Yes though a straw if I was daffed enough to abide by these evil ministers of diabolical NWO hell on earth! Over my dead body! This is part of the big Global Reset plan to force Totalitarian controls in place but this won’t fly because I’ve been seeing where many patriots are getting super done with all of this evil set off by the Demorats! This is over the top beyond just messed up its pushing toward Civil War!

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      6. Yes … I’m just beginning to realize that we have been SAVED by God. Thank you dear Blessed Mother for being our Mediatrix to Jesus and God the Father and the Trinity !! How grateful I am … this is a miracle. The hermit of Loretto must be a Saint of the latter days. Keep in touch, friend! God Bless you for talking with me. Thanks. I hope not civil war. It’s possible, but we have come this far. God wouldn’t let that happen. Trump won’t let it happen as he has turned to God. It’s pretty obvious. He even said “I will protect Catholics” That statement is a miracle.

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      7. I passed out and now 6am I’m up to feed the wildlife thank you God! Yes you are so welcome Mary Anne and thank you for being there at the precise time that God appointed! You are correct on all counts and your insight is spot-on! This is a miracle like nothing I’ve ever witnessed or imagined! WOW! “Thank you dear Blessed Mother for being our Mediatrix to Jesus and God the Father and the Trinity !! How grateful I am … this is a miracle. The hermit of Loretto must be a Saint of the latter days;” I had to repeat this as it is so beautiful and magnificent what you said here Mary Anne! Amen.
        Brother in Christ Jesus,


      8. The news is not out to the people ! My daughter says they will call it a conspiracy theory but I don’t see how they can. we will watch through the day. I sent the article to soooo many people. Perhaps I will be wearing the orange dressup at Gizmo. Torture chamber here I come. You can’t make me ‘squeal’


      9. Keep the laughter and by morning I’ll be sorting out my thoughts about new facts coming in! Will talk more! The thought of Biden and Hillary along with Obama in adjoining cells for the rest of their putrid lives is a beautiful thought I pray God will want that! GITMO ORANGE!


      1. A new post on my site second one down will tell you that China doesn’t know yet that somany of us know. Wonder why the gov. is quiet. Making plans I guess. This is awful. China thinks that they have the US in their bag already. It sure doesn’t feel good in that bag of snakes.

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      2. Hi Mary Anne! I agree and was talking today about this whole dilemma. We are at a great disadvantage not having all the pieces to the puzzle but China does perhaps have things misconstrued more than they want to admit! But in this conversation today the thought came up about what if some of the most powerful players became so demonically possessed or irrational that they do the unthinkable? Desperate people do take desperate measures at times. I’m off to sleep early tonight but will delve into this more in the morning and maybe we can banter back and forth a bit about this complex set of circumstances? People do want to avoid a real conventional WWIII, except China maybe? Hope all is well there! God bless you.
        Brother in Christ Jesus,
        PS I had made this goofy comment about Biden which might be funny in an odd way!
        Actually Goebbels Nazi Rule Book states if you keep telling people a lie long enough eventually they will believe you! He uses that book and is tying damn hard to see if it works! Maybe he’d be better off trying to pretend he’s Dorothy in OZ and has the Ruby Slippers! Try it Joe click your heels 3 times and say there’s no place like the basement! Sieg Heil

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      3. I have been ‘floored’ for 24 hours over this chaos and cacophony. It’s possible that the Chinese fuerher might act out … I’m sure he dabbles in some sort of off beat kool aid philosophy. Probably has a pachamama doll. We had better pray more … God Bess you and yours. Perhaps things will clear after a little sleep,

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      4. Hi Mary Anne! Floored is a mild or up to being an understatement; but can we relate to what the Chinese fuehrer is under the influence of for the world to now be so affected and multitudes have already died from the plan-demic for example and nation economies teetering from the Chinese Plague; while the equally wicked Biden with absolutely no conscience is gloating over his new title president-elect; they must partake of an “offbeat kool aid” indeed, that is truly spiked with Satan’s special brew of demonic possession as these men are so far from following the Holy Spirit of God Almighty which ultimately means they are in lock step with Satan; usurping his direct influence in all they do! This does mean they could and just might act out of pure evil lashing out at any given moment while of course only doing what God Himself will allow for Holy Scriptures to be fulfilled, always requiring all the powers of God Almighty and His glorious kingdom in heaven to intercede! I say all of this because, if this isn’t being on the precipice to destruction or total annihilation with the Doomsday Clock being fractions of a second from midnight I’d have to be out of touch with reality myself and I know that I’m not! Essentially, when can we say was a time in the modern age where so many components necessary for this to be possible were in place or even remotely possible other than now? The Cuban Missile Crisis was a big flashpoint in global tensions that rose to a fever pitch that could have resulted in a nuclear exchange between the two Super Powers of the time back then in October 1962; “Dobbs quotes Dino Brugioni, “a key member of the CIA team monitoring the Soviet missile build-up”, who saw no way out except “war and complete destruction” as the clock moved to One Minute to Midnight – Dobbs’ title. Kennedy’s close associate, historian Arthur Schlesinger, described the events as “the most dangerous moment in human history”. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara wondered aloud whether he “would live to see another Saturday night”, and later recognized that “we lucked out” – barely.” (theguardian)
        But in this present time the nuclear weapons capability and capacity far exceeds anything that was available back then and with the advent of AI with a myriad of multiple flashpoint triggers that could come into play at any moment; say like Turkey’s Edogan advancing his nation toward an ultimate caliphate in the Middle East looking to recapture the lost Ottoman Empire of the early 20th century, along with multiple possibilities that AI could help to bring a Doomsday Scenario into play by its acting as a trigger if you will, that lights the fuse to detonate the mother of all bombs and mankind’s destruction!
        Another major player in the developing crises Iran has become very tightly wound up with China and Russia which to me is only the work of Satan. The terror totalitarian terrorist regime of Iran led by the evil Ayatollah who takes his marching orders from Satan is making sure they live up to their reputation and speaking the hate and destruction vitriol that is their trademark attempting to sway opinion and induce fear in the region, especially Israel knowing Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan are in league with the Iranian regime. This is all part of the Nation of Islam political ideology of never caving in to non-Nation of Islam believers; these vicious antichrist minions of hell will never want peace in the Middle East. ( Of course the birthplace of Jesus Christ the Savior of Mankind) Fear and dominance is their game to induce conflict so they can usher in the antichrist before the Second Coming.
        The final apocalyptic battles will take place north of Israel in the land of Magog (Rev. 20:7) during the reign of the “final caliph,” the Mahdi (the rough Muslim equivalent of the pope), who will rule over all of Islam.
        Unlike the Qur’an, the hadith contains several events, happening before the Day of Judgment, which are described as several minor signs and twelve major signs. During this period, terrible corruption and chaos would rule the earth, caused by the (Masih ad-Dajja)the Antichrist in Islam), then Isa (Jesus) will appear, defeating the Dajjal and establish a period of peace, liberating the world from cruelty. These events will be followed by a time of serenity when people live according to religious values.
        I saw that you have some important info, so feel free to email me at
        God bless you Mary Anne. Amen.
        Brother in Christ Jesus,
        Lawrence Morra III

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      5. Thank you for this information. I didn’t know it all tied up neatly as you have written.I wonder who the Mahdi will be as our chubby little hate filled Pope is supposed to be the last. Somewhere in your history the Third Secret of Fatima will occur as Our Lady promised. I hang heavily on that. I have a strange notion that Francis the Destroyer V will be the one who will come to his senses about fifteen minutes before he dies on that “hill” by an arrow or a bullet. maybe God will knock him out and knock sense into his brain with a lightning bolt like he did st. Paul. anything is possible with God. We are also supposed to have a ‘warning’ but I am not so sure it is true. It would be nice to know all my sins so I can make up with my God. I don’t know what the Chinese Fuerher is imbibing but I think he needs just plain old lacey tea. Seriously he is chock full of communist ideology and an elated sense of his own power. I have an interesting article titled ‘Nazi China’ I will find it and send the link to your email. Thank you. You will then have mine so we can exchange the more lengthy informative articles.


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