Pope Francis: Let us Dream of a New World Order

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
By David Martin Pope Francis recently published a new book titled,?Let us Dream: A Path to a Better Future,?which is being touted “an inspiring and actionable blueprint for building a better world for all humanity” (Simon & Schuster). What is strange is that the book is void of…

“The Devil is Speaking”

First of all this is all Anti-Christ. We live in the fallen state and are in need of Salvation and Redemption which can only be obtained through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for any of us who will believe in Him while living in accordance with His word! All of this utopia concept that this false Anti-Christ Pope Bergoglio and NWO minions via The United Nations and other political bodies; all advocate Abortion on Demand just like the completely corrupt and evil Biden advocated for his new way or change if he is allowed to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth.

Biden even stated he wants governor Cuomo to be his AG and he is the one who pushed through the New York legislature Full Term Day of Delivery Abortion making it law; while additionally he is the one responsible for many thousands of senior citizens deaths in nursing homes because he sent COVID patients into those nursing homes with so many frail elderly residents, instead of the Medical Ship moored in New York harbor or to other medical hospitals in order to create a high body count to blame on COVID!  Yet he by the NWO minions in MSM or elsewhere received accolades for his leadership; a sociopathic serial killer! What does this tell you folks when Bergoglio pushed Biden as the one to be leading America? All of this is orchestrated by Satan whom all of these men get their marching orders from; sold their souls to the Evil One. This is an example of man claiming that he is his own god and will do as he pleases which is all inspired from the original rebellion of Lucifer and the other fallen angels from God’s domain. All of this bantering about a supposed new way is the absolute old way of TRANSGRESSION against GOD from the Devil’s master plan; which is to enslave all of mankind for his ultimate purposes and pull as many souls into eternal damnation as he can. Satan is the master of all lies and deception! So what about those millions of comrades that Lenin or Stalin snuffed just like Pol Pot or Mao did to their own people; surely that won’t happen again in this communist utopia New World Order; they will magically get it right this time and with no killing just an all inclusion panacea !

Begoglio cleverly disguises what the Devil is saying which is the Old Way or God’s plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ isn’t working and its time for a Change and New Way which is no Salvation; but let’s instead do as we please just making life on earth the beat all and end all; living for material life only! This is the modern day version of worshiping the gilded calf like in the time of Moses!  This was all spawned in hell including the COVID HOAX which was the device needed by the NWO and CCP along with willing global partners to initiate this very process of satanic change and NWO that Bergolio speaks to and advocates! He never advocates Jesus Christ above all things manmade or even hell; so know them by their fruits that he is a devil! Abortion is a heinous evil hateful and blaspheming ugliness that Satan revels in; cursing at God Almighty and His creation of human beings as His children! Bergolio and Biden are one in the same that they like many NWO minions or cohorts of hell, are completely divorced from God and all Holiness; only seeking to replace God with a contrived man-made falsehood that will usher in the antichrist claiming he is god in order to take over and enslave the entire human race; to spite God and say look at what I’ve done to your children and they are mine!

Anyone that doesn’t see what I say or get my meaning is on the path to annihilation and not much time is left to change course so pray and seek Jesus Christ like you never have! The world is changing and for the absolute worst! It was never meant to be permanent or successful but only a temporary part of God’s plan! Its usefulness is coming to a close! Amen.
God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Post Script Supplemental text:

I believe there two lengthy comments I made to other writers on the original blog should be listed here to hopefully add more clarity to this matter.

Yes Crow; we have had bad Popes at least several times that I can surmise but none ever in such an unprecedented time as ours when the entire human race teeters on the brink of self-annihilation with so much aberrant evil human endeavors or behaviors which is the time that Satan and his antichrist have longed for! A timing; and timing can be everything; when all the necessary components for world domination and total control are in place and that has never been the case until NOW and NWO is in play NOW! There are so many distractions in this high tech modern world with many voices calling out to us to look here and see what we can do for you, or this is the way to a happy rich life; and how science or a government ideology has all the answers for mankind when in fact it is another double edged sword that is being used to deceive and even kill people off with unnecessary vaccines or other poison pills in one form or another and the like. We have eyes and ears to see and hear and keeping in step as best we can with the word of God and reality is all we need now, to follow Jesus even if unto death; I know for myself that this minuscule life I breath here will stop but my new life to come will be eternal and with God and Jesus in heaven if I don’t lose hope or my belief in Him which is being put to the test after my difficult trials I have sustained through; and I’m sure more to come! Remaining vigilant and steadfast to the last breath, because we know the Devil is weak and can only use fear or weakness in humans to capture their will and thus their minds and hearts! The Evil One has no power over me I tell him so; and he is far behind me as I walk upon my path that God our Father in Heaven has chosen for me! Amen.
God Bless.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Yes precisely Kathleen; you have pinned down the crux of the matter at hand and how the Church invasion has been gradual but deliberate bringing the compilation of insult or destruction to this current pinnacle and even precipice where we actually have a Pope who is a false prophet and cohort of hell attempting to entangle the Church of Jesus Christ on earth with political globalist manmade systems and ideologies which is exactly what the antichrist will be leading from, his throne of absolute earthly power and control having both a false spiritual moral authority and also the reigns of earthly power and might at his fingertips, becoming the first global tyrant over all humanity; something we could see in the ancient past civilizations in say the Pharaohs of Egypt in the time of Moses and that gilded calf, or as in later madmen megalomaniacs of more recent times as was the mindset and desire of Adolph Hitler or others like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and now Xi Jinping with the CCP! But, Putin in Russia being the cleaver devil that he is, having his own hand to play in showing them all that he comes from the birth place of all this totalitarian ideology communism; and therefore the true heir to the long awaited seat of global power! Putin revels in the idea of restoring Russia to its previous Soviet Union dominating status in the region and globally, along with that he suits himself as being a throwback to the time of the most powerful Czars like Peter the Great, Alexander and Nicholas, or like the emperor of the kingdom; like the Caesars of the ancient Roman Empire, and although an earthly one projecting himself as a god like figure upon the world; another madman, an antichrist! Right now with all of the election chaos and instability in the USA coupled with the Global Reset initiated by the Hoax Pandemic; China has been moving massive troops to the Canadian/US border while Putin has invaded the major US Cyber Security with a most devious covert plan, we are teetering on the brink like never before, as the most diabolical evil rears its ugly head usurping all the powers of darkness to conquer! This is just as previous visionaries have forewarned; as at Fatima via our Blessed Mother Mary. This is the crux of it all right now we face what we were told was coming if certain steps weren’t taken by mankind; but, they don’t listen and won’t! Of course our Mother of the Church wants her children to be spared unnecessary suffering as any good mother does for her children. I can only say I pray and ask that all of our genuine heartfelt prayers be heard and those miracles, which I know in my heart will come can come sooner rather than later; but the world is a cruel and horribly sinful place now and deserves such a wrath from God’s judgment seat. Amen.
Emmanuel! God bless you and all the faithful.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

By David Martin

Pope Francis recently published a new book titled,Let us Dream: A Path to a Better Future,which is being touted “an inspiring and actionable blueprint for building a better world for all humanity” (Simon & Schuster). What is strange is that the book is void of the instructions for a better world given to us by Christ. There is nothing about doing penance (Mt 3:2) and obeying rules and commandments (John 14:15).

In his book, Francis talks about “creating something new”, “our new principle”, and “reimagining a new world.” This immediately calls to mind the lyrics of John Lennon’s anti-religious song “Imagine,” in which he says, “Imagine there’s no Heaven … and no religion too.”

Sees COVID as a Launch into “Great Reset”

The pope indeed appears to be dreaming, as if he is saying a “new world” with a “new principle” is too good to…

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  1. This current false pope has blasphemed God Almighty, told the faithful never try to reach unbelievers, made a mockery of our beloved church with the synod Pachamama and those ancient rituals of human sacrifice of babies just like abortion is doing and trampled upon the pure love of Jesus Christ all of which can only be coming from Satan himself!


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