Vatican Attacks Latin Mass In Letter To all Bishops

My immediate reaction to this article and the objective of Archbishop Arthur Roche was here we go again, more doing away with the traditional tried and proven methodology and practices that were fine for centuries but now it’s time for the progressive radical movement to even step into our personal worship practices of our Catholic Religion. And so far as his argument that the world had changed I totally disagree because it’s the people that have changed, and, God and Jesus are the same always so our communing with them in Holy Mass remains static, or plainly our souls are just that which we truly are; not our exteriors of body/flesh or daily life on earth; and therefore that is what we want to awaken to the mystical power of the Holy Spirit the focusing of our inner souls to the mystical presence of God and be totally receptive to Jesus Christ and through Him the Father to grow our deep heart felt faith not alter appearances or procedures as this New Age approach is planning to do! In this case especially in life, less is more; that which is not contrived or noisy but simple and peaceful coming from our core is all we need to bring to the ceremonial alter of the Mass!
I won’t be interested in such alterations and I know that my soul has been very moved and inspired when I partake in the Full Latin Mass; as I know from experience Jesus is there and I feel His Holy Spirit coming down from heaven with the Father to join us in the Mass, blessing those who are participating in this most Divine inspired true way of expressing our devotional love for our Lord Savior Jesus and the Father in heaven! I’ve had many tears in this traditional Mass at times and they are always tears of sweet joy that are coming to me from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, because the Lord really touching my soul at that time most intimately and acknowledging His presence and love for me, as in no other setting can this occur to this degree; which nothing on earth can compare to this realization that my God is with me and will not abandon those who believe/worship Him in this way! Amen.
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

From Gloria TV:

Archbishop Arthur Roche, the Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, who has been sideliningnow retiredCardinal Sarah, has launched an attack on the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). (February 21) published theEnglish translationof a February 19, 2020 essay written by Roche which was forwarded to all bishops.

The essay makes the unlikely claim that the New Mass is an “authentic development” of the Roman Rite, and calls its implementation an “ecclesiastical duty”.

Roche further claims that the Novus Ordo contains “more sacrificial vocabulary than was the case in the 1570 Missal” while the TLM needed to be stripped of alleged “repetitions” and “accretions.”

He believes that the introduction of the Novus Ordo was necessary due to the reception of the “theological content” of Vatican II which was aware of “a world that had changed.” However, Vatican II was only a pastoral council, and…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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