Pope Francis, take note: “Christians are being persecuted!”

This man Bergoglio continues his ways; From his blasphemous actions of bringing Pachamama human sacrificial pagan belief relics with all of their bloodstained history of debauchery right into the Holy Sanctuary of the Holy Church, a sort of pseudo Amazonian and Christian worship, to now his continuous coddling and capitulation with a complete and absolute proven enemy of the Church and Jesus Christ; Islam. That from its basis of a political ideology that Mohammad declared in 632 A.D., that all of Christendom and Judaism are in complete opposition to Islam and must convert or be destroyed; so apparently this heretic Pope is hell-bent on proclaiming some new multi-blend one world religion which is totally blaspheming God Almighty with all of this heresy and NWO contrivance, that has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and the world’s salvation; but rather its demise! We’re obviously talking about the flat-out work of the Devil here.

“Inter-religious meetings with some Muslim leaders.” What in the world could this Bergoglio Heretic even be imagining, having witnessed with the world the stark evidence and nightmare Jihadist Violence spurred on with its seething cauldron of hate that Islam has tolerated and even condoned throughout the Muslim world; this basically abhorrent, even abominable genocide and outright murder or slaughtering of Christians and Jews along with victims of other faiths, in the name of Allah.

God is not the one advocating murdering anyone or the torture and burning alive of Christians that has been occurring in Syria and Iraq for some years now. I never see the Muslim world or Islam take full ownership of these atrocities and declare them as totally wrong and that they will be stopped immediately, never to be repeated, as in no more bloodshed of any kind will be tolerated! On the contrary Iran’s leadership just announced that their number one sworn enemy in the region Israel; how they intend on destroying it within10 years! This to me means one thing, that just like some leaders and experts on the matter have said all along, including Israel’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu; that Iran can never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon! But to be sure; that this is the game plan Iran has in mind, which will be the means of total annihilation of the Holy Land or more significantly the birthplace of “Jesus Christ the Savior of the world and His Church” to be replaced by the ruler and destroyer of this material world; Satan. This would be symbolically a death blow to the faith of Christians and Jews respectively.
These statements indicate to me what is happening in this NWO politically correct game!
“inside the Muslim world… a Muslim leader would never apologize for persecuted Christians.” Flynn asks De Valle whether the pope and the Vatican need to take a harder line, and De Valle continues by saying yes but “expressed with sweetness, with Catholic charity.”
“But if you say [it] in a clever way: we like you, we are friends, but it’s a pity that I observe that my brothers are persecuted, like a victim,” that should not offend anyone. He ends his interview by stating where he sees things going between the two major religions.” catholicismpure.

“A Clever Way,” so not being basic and simple truth seekers or followers, but, to lay snares or doors with additional hidden back doors to escape from that pathway; or perhaps beg his way into submission to the enemy! Talk about putting a noose around one’s own neck! The Pope here is to be a “snake charmer” and play the Devil’s game, or shall we say the “Devil’s Advocate,” and who wins in such a game? A convoluted web of half-truths and innuendo, but not solid ground to stand upon with the absolute Truth! These talks will be chock full of deceptions and lies!
Here a clear cut statement in another similar article that states the truth.
“As he put it, “Taqiyya is a component of Sharia that allows, and even encourages you to lie to achieve your goals.” Washington Post.

It is a held belief by Muslims that they can lie to non-believers to promote their own agenda and that doing so earns them a place in heaven. This to me is the opposite of Christianity and indeed all of the teachings of Jesus Christ and God the Father. Are we to believe for one second that people who think and believe in this way are really going to do the right thing in any agreements or resolutions obtained by negotiating or having “Inter-Religious Meetings?” One would have to be far more than just naïve to think this, but in fact a complete illogical and fake “not Christian” fool. Or, what I fear most in this scenario; is a Devil’s Cohort, perhaps even a pure 100% antichrist!

Bergoglio is again inserting himself into worldly government and “ways of the world” affairs; I suppose to some to be a magician and do or accomplish what only Jesus Christ could and did which namely was to save sinners from themselves! This man is beyond a heretic, but he indeed is wicked! Perhaps his actions are a step toward giving a voice of moral authority to the coming antichrist. I am not only saddened but sickened by his many freelancing escapades with China’s CCP, the United Nations and now these enemies of all Christians along with Israel! He’s not acting like or as a leader of the Church, but rather as a leader of men and government; powers and principalities that get their power only from the worldly; and father of all lies!

God help us in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

February 24, 2021

Expert on ISIS Shares His Thoughts on Upcoming Papal Trip to Iraq | EWTN News Nightly

On Pope Francis’ agenda to Iraq, he will meet with the top Shiite Muslim leader. Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to Iraq is a historic trip, as it it the first time a pope has ever visited the country.

A key point to his trip will be inter-religious meetings with some Muslim leaders. Rome Correspondent, Colm Flynn sat down with a French professor and expert on ISIS, Alexandre De Valle, to get his thoughts on the upcoming papal trip. Flynn asks the professor whether he believes the historic trip will have a real positive impact. De Valle explains that only if it goes a certain way, saying: “inside the Muslim world… a Muslim leader would never apologize for persecuted Christians.” Flynn asks De Valle whether the pope and the Vatican…

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