Not This Man but Barabbas

I see how Barabbas was significantly to be seen as a son of the crooked world system, or “ways of the world” while the “Holy One Jesus” was contrasting or clashing if you will with not only the false Son Barabbas but with the “ways of the world” and the whole world system. But more profound in all of this is not so much the semantics of a few words being totally and perfectly translated, but instead that here as Peter had done, when he denied Christ Jesus; the whole world system and the people of the world denied Him at that moment when Pilate washed his hands of Him as did the world with him; making us all equally guilty and carrying sin to our own graves, while He Jesus Christ had none, not even a curse word; because Jesus was not of this “crooked world” so the only Truth that can be drawn from this confrontation is that Jesus rejects the sinful world in this departure sentencing and the people that live by it instead of by the Father’s will because even with the smallest of sins we are all contaminated by the ways of the world and doomed as creatures of it!  And therefore the world or those people in it then as now, were unequivocally even if unconsciously wanting to wash their hands of “Him,” just as Pilate did; so thus they too sealed the deal of the fallen world and all in it being doomed outright; while Jesus the Lamb of God would be raised from it; pure as the driven snow!  Because Jesus was not part of this world; he then sets in stone the direct path to the Father by He being the only being (The Savior) that could create this bridge of Redemption that will allow us to cross the impossible chasm from oblivion to everlasting peace, by His offering to any who will believe in Him; God’s planned gift of Salvation!

This had to be the only way it could be completed, rejection going both ways then the “Resurrection” would be in the offering until the end of the world to any who will turn to Jesus Christ as their personal Savior; as He would be absolutely and purely the only means of forgiveness of sin and the resurrection to eternal life with the Father, our Maker. Like cutting the cord, then the “testing” out of all souls began.

I have always felt that this can be readily seen in the Mel Gibson film “The Passion of The Christ” and this scene where Pilate washes his hands both literally and figuratively of the matter and basically throws Jesus to the lions in a manner of speaking and condemns himself with Barabbas and all humans; at that point dooming all of humanity!  But His death on the cross would now give us all the gift of resurrection with Him if we will accept it!

So I have no problem with anything here because I visualize the event quite clearly and see the intent and significance of all actions and behavior being exactly as they “were meant to be” to clearly illustrate why and what it would mean to all humanity moving forward!

Today I see my governments leaders or politicians not any different than those Pharisees, minions and Barabbas, as many are living in a totally narcissistic pagan way while some pretend to worship God through Jesus like a Pelosi, Biden and Harris but they don’t and are the true hypocrites as they worship this world and power with great wealth; in other words Satan. It really hasn’t changed because as back then so many if not all would deny Jesus at one time or another during their lives; today the same thing is happening in spades with so many living lives of luxury and decadence, usually with ill-gotten, moreover gluttonous gains; the crooked ways of the world, many Barabbas’

This is the significance of this article to me and should be for anyone rather than any splitting of hairs to get to some infinitesimally perfected interpretation! God doesn’t expect us to be rocket scientists but he only expects us to see the “Plain Truth” before our eyes and what is in our hearts; so that even “the simplest of minds can understand” what He is saying to us! I truly hope this helps you and anyone that wants to open their heart to Christ more fully and love, worship and adore Him; with all their strength. I say cry for him, not only because of all the suffering He took for us, which does cause me to cry, but even more for the “Amazing Grace” and “Beauty” of His “Heart of Hearts” to love us the way He does; this is making me cry now to say this; it is the Plain Truth when we see the gift and love in our hearts and minds this way; you can’t help but cry for Him being so beautiful and kind, to we; who are so unworthy! Amen.
God Bless you!
Brother in Christ,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

by Fr Paul D. Scalia

Not This Man but Barabbas by Albrecht Dürer, c. 1520 [Brighton and Hove Museums and Art Galleries, UK]

In their respective narratives of our Lord’s Passion, all four Gospels mention the crowd’s election of Barabbas over Jesus. That choice comes at the end of Pontius Pilate’s half-hearted attempt to free Christ. It is the moment of the crowd’s definitive rejection of Christ and embrace of evil.

The whole account captures human sinfulness in just a few verses. Pilate puts before the crowd first “Jesus Barabbas” (Mt 27:17) – that is, “Jesus, son of the father” – and then Jesus, the eternal Son of the Father. The crowd must choose either the real Son of the Father or His counterfeit, the true Sonship or the false. Its choice of the counterfeit and false summarizes our sinfulness.

In the liturgies for Palm Sunday and Good Friday, the…

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