Liberals Enraged As Federal Court Sides With Conservatives On Key Issue

“get rid of Down Syndrome babies”

The Bearded Patriot

by The Bearded Patriot April 16, 2021, 1:00 pm

Republication by: Lawrence Morra III

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April 17, 2021

As the worst of the worst come to the surface in all walks of life demonstrating just how corrupted completely through their souls they actually are, it then becomes more difficult to see how having much trust or faith in humanity has gotten to be so lacking and why!  Look at this human degenerate in this featured photo and the additional one I post here to see the face of pure evil not getting its way!  These monsters wanted to “exercise” their earthly government power to sway the court to use eugenics or “get rid of Down Syndrome babies” in the womb, as defective useless trash something Adolph Hitler was doing with what he deemed undesirables; when it is these officials who need to be “exorcised” of demonic spirits, which I’m certain they are influenced or possessed by!  These are the same fakers who say everyone should want open borders and just let anyone run into our Nation; because these leaders care about them.

This is just another example of why I’ve been stating in my writing lately how certain I am that this is End Time and things are moving quickly toward total disaster for the human race!  There should be no doubt how the Devil has his grip on humanity and this fallen world like never before; because so many individuals are abandoning their humanity along with any notion of worshiping God Almighty, but to instead be in lockstep with Evil. Oh they do take on airs putting on a show getting photo ops at a Church or saying they pray like this Pelosi has said; time and again, but they are Fake and Liars! No true Christian is promoting communism or totalitarian dictatorships like she and many with her in the dirty Dem party  do!  Nor should hey promote the murder the of Down Syndrome Babies!

This short article does its job of pointing out clearly what the agenda has been and is of the leftists being propelled here in America by the Democrat party which is no such thing at all; but is a conduit piped straight into hell where it gets the majority of its directives!  People like Pelosi only want total control to Dictate to the masses what they should do and think; and that is satanic as we can be certain Satan rules hell in that way!  The closest example of that mindset is communism in its raw definition; which Lenin, Marx, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao displayed in the past as many others do now, nobody should want socialism or any related ruling system today, yet Xi Jinping with the CCP in China rule that nation with an iron fist and total control, while right here in America we see these so called progressives dancing around singing praises of these past or present archetypes while pushing the Agenda to install it here in America; while abolishing the US Constitution and literally all Freedom of the People! They are working for Satan I guarantee you that, while they are already traitors and have committed now countless acts of treason, mutiny,espionage and insurrection which needs to catch up with them sooner rather than later!

AOC is now a millionaire and can anyone prove to me, this Nation and its citizens that want true Democracy; what the hell she has done to acquire that wealth while a public servant congresswoman who came from the Bronx New York; having been a cocktail mixer?  She has payoff written all over her face and we saw how she lies through her teeth profusely when she made up her dramatic tale of how her life was in jeopardy on the 6th of January during the demonstration/rally at the Capital, but she wasn’t even in her office or anywhere near where she claimed to be hiding from brutal killers!  No it’s the BLM and ANTIFA Leftists that are the brutal killers and she supports them!

I would have to be a clueless wonder to think any of these sorts of persons in that Democrat party care at all for unborn children or even you or me!  They have nothing in them that will produce true genuine empathy and love; they are a heartless and damned lot!  Wait till God gets through with them; oblivion for eternity!

Lawrence Morra III

by The Bearded Patriot April 16, 2021, 1:00 pm

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the Supreme Court go to bat for Americans’ liberties. And it looks like lower courts are following in their footsteps in several landmark cases.

Because of the COVID panic, many states locked down their residents’ freedoms, depriving them of the right to work, worship, or go to school. It has required citizens to go to the courts to claw back their constitutional rights. Most of the time, the courts—be they state or federal—have sided with Americans.

That also appears to be the case in a recent, controversial case, coming out of Ohio. One that could have serious repercussions across the country. Back in 2017, Republican Governor John Kasich signed an abortion ban into law. The law forbade women and doctors from performing abortions, if the child was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

A federal judge blocked the bill in 2018, after the ACLU, representing a host of abortion providers, sued. But the case has reached the court of appeals. And this is what they decided.

On Tuesday, a 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to reverse a ban on a 2017 Ohio law regarding the act of performing abortions on fetuses because they are diagnosed with, or are believed to have, Down syndrome…

The court found that the “right to an abortion before viability is not absolute” and ruled 9-7 that the law did not “create a substantial obstacle to a woman’s ability to choose or obtain an abortion.” The court reversed the district court’s previous imposition of the injunction that blocked the law from being carried out. [Source: Daily Wire]

What’s shocking about this case is how far the ACLU and their clients fought to ensure that doctors could abort children with Downs. Are there not enough babies for these monsters to kill? Do they have to target unborn children with a learning disability—singling them out for destruction—because they despise them?

You can imagine the kind of road we as a society would go down, if we allowed people to end pregnancies because the child might have a disability. Abortion is reprehensible and evil regardless, but if the left had their way, would it mean they’d legalize other ways of “purging” Americans with Downs?

The court seemed to ponder that reality. In their decision, they likened the practice of aborting a Downs child to the eugenics of the Holocaust. One judge called it “pure evil” and said eugenics is the “root” of “selective abortions” today.

When thinking about this law, you might be asking the obvious question. If it truly does protect a downs child from being aborted, what about every other child? Why should we just protect an unborn child with Down syndrome? Why shouldn’t we also find ways of preventing abortions of any child, given how barbaric and outdated the practice is?

That’s a very good question. And it’s the main reason Democrats opposed this law in the first place. Any attempts to limit or restrict the act of abortion get us closer to ending the horrific practice completely. Each step we take gets us closer to the day when unborn children are protected in our country once again.

And the left can’t stand that.

Author: George Smith

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