Who Will Kill the Killer?

This whole article jumped out to me today in answer to my prayers! Our Tyrants of the Global New World Order are the New Herod Tyrannical Rulers now in this complex High Tech Madness!
Today these following words I posted in a blog I want to repeat here to promote God’s power over all others that we need now I believe more than any other time in history of the world!

Absolutely spot-on here with the clarity of conscience and forthrightness is what we need to be hearing not just from this brave and decent human being but from all of our elected and appointed public officials who have outlandishly betrayed all of us the entire human race and they deserve to hang for it! I for one want all of those responsible to be tried and appropriately punished which to me should be execution; no doubt in my mind!

I just wrote this short statement to another blog posting regarding another such brave soul that is doing the Right Thing!

If I had the capability to actually do something about the criminal conduct we’ve seen around the globe I would be doing it right now and not stop until all those responsible were dealt with! Here is what I said in the other blog which continues to show my total frustration and breakdown toward many humans and their nefarious designs! We’ve become a race of cheapened self-serving gluttonous monsters!

Hi to Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay and thanks for taking what is to me, the proper stand against the world of vaccine medicine and all the damn bureaucrats who have been trying to alter human immunology with their damned edicts and lock-downs to only control; that to me serves only the Globalists NWO evil!

I like you am very concerned but do not have PhD’s in molecular biologist and toxicologist specialties! Even so I’ve said from the get goes that this was all an insane thing to be doing because it simply didn’t add up, how a gene altering vaccine or one that even works in conjunction with genetic function on a level effecting the human genes or autoimmune response is absolutely crazy to do over a covid corona cold type virus, and especially when there haven’t been many years of painstaking trials and accompanying studies to prove its Safety and Efficacy before injecting them into human beings!  This whole vaccine scam-demic is a Crime Against Humanity of Mass Murder proportions and heads should already be rolling!

I hope that you with your scientific knowledge and experience in this field of medical science will be continuing to be brave enough to stand up against the establishment and all those who pushed this evil down humanities collective throat!  This has all been a crime like no other in human history and many of those responsible and directly involved in the process should be tried and executed; no doubt in my mind or heart!  Time to get the evil and punish it! Let’s all feel this way and stand behind this courageous Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay!

I’m here to serve; and if God along with the decent God fearing humans that still exist on this planet want me to help in any way; I will be in the ready!  For now I pray!
Lawrence Morra III

Alright damn it! I give respect to all the law enforcement people if they are doing their job properly and serving and protecting! And my hat goes off to them! But this damn shit is going to bring on hell; these type of behaviors from law enforcement makes them damn well complicit in the New World Order Evil that is raising its ugly head to enslave the human race and murder; you cops doing this are becoming Nazis!!!

They will burn in hell if they behave this way hurting the people whom they are supposed to serve and especially a good brave soul such as this pastor who is doing one of the most important jobs on the planet which is to minister to the faithful who put God above all else always in order to lead the believers, as a good shepherd; giving them hope and calm!

These damned cops here are putting man and the Devil above all else and they will suffer eternal damnation for it! Hear me; I don’t get this mad or pissed off for nothing, I know God, and I had my share of damn human corrupt shit tossed on me over the last 15 years by the evil and nefarious among us that serve Satan; that thought they could destroy me!  So yes, I sure have something to say; that these guys and everyone best get their shit wired and immediately start getting with the Real Program, God’s Program of Salvation; and if you’re a person that can’t read into this or see clearly what is going on; then you are one of these devils joining the “Globalist Agenda” to conquer and destroy!

I’m a Catholic all my life, and I don’t give one ounce of respect to that man Bergoglio calling himself the Pope, who I wrote to and realized after that how my suspicions about him were spot-on; he is working in this same scheme for the Devil! Pope Benedict XVI and former Pope Saint John Paul II were and are Popes that I totally respect and give thanks to!

I say this to the world; you want to shut me up, then over my dead body, and I will never give in to you demonic humans that think you’re sitting so pretty and powerful in your decadent materialism; your day is coming and you will suffer for all of this eternally; in hell!

You officers of the law, if you won’t have a conscience and do the job rightfully, ethically with honor and integrity; then quit!

You don’t have to follow orders given to you by evil people!

Quit the damn job; there is no job on earth that is worth rotting in eternal damnation and hell for!

“It’s a simple choice and test before the world now; join God or Satan, make your choice and get what you want!”

Lawrence Morra III

Now I will close quoting these most fitting and imperative words and Scripture that are my solemn hope and prayer for our world now! I pray in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ!

“It was a day that seemed like any other but turned out that it wasn’t because on that day God released His Mighty Angels to carry out a special mission.
The book of Revelation presents to us a deep insight of how Angels in heaven sing “‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, Who Was, and Is, and Is to come.”
In response to the prayer of the Church for Peter, God released an army of angels and commanded a supernatural rescue operation.”

“God arose in anger against the evil killer.
An Angel of God struck Herod.
The Killer was Killed!
Say This Prayer Today:
Sovereign Lord arise in all power and glory, give your angels charge to carry forth a supernatural rescue operation.
You are merciful and kind, slow to anger and quick to forgive all our trespasses.
We repent of any disobedience. As your Church we pray and seek your mercy, your intervention.
Lord, dispatch your angels and save your people, what man cannot do you alone can do. We pray for all the nations, Lord we pray especially over India, let your healing virtue fill the atmosphere. Kill the Killer with all his evil intentions and scheming. In your divine mercy and power, send us angelic help. And be glorified Jehovah Rapha, God our healer.
We pray in Jesus Powerful Name.”

I pray and ask you for this deliverance from all these evils Lord God in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer. Amen.
God bless.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


After the resurrection of Jesus, He appeared to His disciples and gave  them the great commission.

Picture Credit Lukas

They were to carry the Gospel to the ends of the Earth and to glorify God.

The disciples were  equipped to carry out the work through  the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

However, Herod was out to persecute them and terminate the great commission.

He had ordered for James, the brother of John to be killed and the orders were executed. After this success he then went after Peter and had him put in Prison.

While Herod’s evil campaign continued to gain momentum causing fear and death, the church was praying with more earnest.

God is a faithful God. How could God not intervene when His Church was praying?

For a little while Herod gained glory for himself. Many people cooperated with him in carrying out his evil agenda because their day…

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