Lithium, Cobalt, and Rare Earths

Screenshot_2021-05-22 'Climate Change Denier' Marc Morano Pushes Back on Global Warming

Green Energy is a misnomer and fallacy. There is nothing GREEN or even clean about it except the scam artists who will make tons of (Green Backs) cash! The materials needed to construct solar panels are not renewable and are quite finite, rare and even scarce as well as being in only a few counties; which will set in motion a geopolitical war like you wouldn’t believe breaking economies and partnerships.

Screenshot_2021-05-22 'Climate Change Denier' Marc Morano Pushes Back on Global Warming Hysteria(6)

First the wind is not constant enough in any one location and would have to be roaring everywhere to turn enough turbines to produce the NEEDED amount of energy that would replace that which is derived from fossil fuels and windmills which actually are an old device or form of propulsion like the old Farmer’s Windmill or the what the Dutch used did some good in small scale uses like those in the past which made sense and was reasonable; which this malarkey isn’t.

Old Dutch Wind Mill 2

Does anyone that’s so Green Minded stop to think how many turbines would have to be distributed across the planet and how devastating they would be to topographical features and wildlife getting mashed in them. We would need millions if not billions of these all around the planet to generate the kind of electrical energy needed to maintain all existing energy demands. When we get into rare earth materials dependent batteries and solar panel needs; it’s a horror story! Putting up solar farms large enough to make a petroleum based fuel dependent system to be no longer needed, would require tearing down forested areas of trees that produce oxygen from guess what folks, CO2 and other hydrocarbon absorption! So we are going to take away all those trees like they did in my own area, and basically let’s not take away CO2 naturally as God intended in this ecosystem, while in turn not have the trees produce oxygen to breath; all so that we can put up ugly solar panels all over the place and use up RARE earth minerals to make them; while using much of those minerals in batteries that eventually must be disposed of and are highly toxic to the environment and life!

Screenshot_2021-05-22 'Climate Change DenierMarc Morano Pushes Back on Global Warming Hysteria(5)

The way I see it’s the brainwashed or demented liberals of the world along with the evil people like Bill Gates, George Bush, George Soros, Al Gore and multitudes of extremely wealthy, politically powerful fear mongers who are manipulating the masses with nonsense to gain complete control of not just what we use only, but; to eventually control all of us as to what we can and can’t do or think; as they redistribute the wealth of the planet among themselves! All the while they will be jetting around and driving huge gas guzzling vehicles just like the hypocrite John Kerry has been doing as he attends climate award ceremonies and the like around the globe! This is all a fool’s errand for us; the masses!

Wind fans killing birds

Has anyone wondered how heavy equipment like bulldozers and other earth moving equipment or how semis and freight trains that haul enormous amounts of weight; along with the millions of aircraft flights taking place around the globe will all run on batteries, which is impossible. None of these could run on Batteries or Windmills! We could just shut the modern world off and go back to the stone age; if that will make the liberals happy that they got their way, while all the fat cats got way fatter!

This is all so imbecilic that it makes me feel like I should hate being a member of the human race with such idiotic people or despots manipulating politics and society for personal gain or even glorification due to their insanity or craving for more power! AKA Bill Gates should be in jail and more likely executed with Soros and so many other hideous diabolical evil humans!

Screenshot_2021-05-22 'Climate Change Denier' Marc Morano Pushes Back on Global Warming Hysteria(5)

I’ll tell you what this big problem is! This is what happens when the human race becomes a secular, pagan and distorted group of Banshees! Live like heathens and destroy like heathens!

As far as Global Warming and Climate Change these efforts have no major short term or long term effect on the ever changing dynamics of the earth’s atmosphere which is a naturally occurring system primarily driven by solar radiation or the electromagnetic spectrum; along with geothermal forces and energies within the earth’s core.
Maybe next we should start to plan for future continental drift so we won’t have cities near oceans or atop high elevations!

Take the time to review my previous short blog posts touching on this matter and watch the video interview of Marc Morano; you’ll be glad you did!

God bless and may you all see the light of TRUTH!

Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Post-Petroleum Resource Race and What to Make of It

By Michael Klare


Thanks to its very name — renewable energy — we can picture a time in the not-too-distant future when our need for non-renewable fuels like oil, natural gas, and coal will vanish. Indeed, the Biden administration has announced a breakthrough target of 2035 for fully eliminating U.S. reliance on those non-renewable fuels for the generation of electricity. That would be accomplished by “deploying carbon-pollution-free electricity-generating resources,” primarily the everlasting power of the wind and sun.

With other nations moving in a similar direction, it’s tempting to conclude that the days when competition over finite supplies of energy was a recurring source of conflict will soon draw to a close. Unfortunately, think again: while the sun and wind are indeed infinitely renewable, the materials needed to convert those resources into electricity — minerals like cobalt, copper, lithium…

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