Praying, pleading to God that he will prevent the electric takeover

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With the Democrats taking over the country its looking pretty bleak, especially when Biden wants an electric transition to happen very quickly. I’m still outraged that they would use electric vehicles during a gas outage, but what makes it worse is when they try to hide that fact making the Republicans…

Green Energy is a misnomer and fallacy. There is nothing GREEN or even clean about it except the scam artists who will make tons of (Green BACKS) cash! The materials needed to construct solar panels are not renewable and are quite finite, rare and even scarce as well as being in only a few counties; which will set in motion a geopolitical war like you wouldn’t believe breaking economies and partnerships. First the wind is not constant enough in any one location and would have to be roaring everywhere to turn enough turbines to produce the NEEDED amount of energy that would replace that which is derived from fossil fuels and windmills are an old device or form of propulsion like the old Farmer’s Windmill or the Dutch used.

Does anyone that’s so Green Minded stop to think how many turbines would have to be distributed across the planet and how devastating they would be to topographical features and wildlife getting mashed in them. We would need millions if not billions of these all around the planet to generate the kind of electrical energy needed to maintain all existing energy demands. When we get into rare earth materials dependent batteries and solar panel needs; it’s a horror story! Putting up solar farms large enough to make a petroleum based fuel dependent system to be no longer needed, would require tearing down forested areas of trees that produce oxygen from guess what folks, CO2 and other hydrocarbon absorption! So we are going to take away all those trees like they did in my own area, and basically let’s not take away CO2 naturally as God intended in this ecosystem while in turn not have the trees produce oxygen to breath; all so that we can put up ugly solar panels all over the place and use up RARE earth minerals to make them; while using much of those minerals in batteries that eventually must be disposed of and are highly toxic to the environment and life!

The way I see it’s the brainwashed or demented liberals of the world along with the evil people like Bill Gates, George Bush, George Soros, Al Gore and multitudes of extremely wealthy, politically powerful fear mongers who are manipulating the masses with nonsense to gain complete control of not just what we use only, but; to eventually control all of us as to what we can and can’t do or think; as they redistribute the wealth of the planet among themselves! All the while they will be jetting around and driving huge gas guzzling vehicles just like the hypocrite John Kerry has been doing as he attends climate award ceremonies and the like around the globe! This is all a fool’s errand for us; the masses!

Has anyone wondered how heavy equipment like bulldozers and other earth moving equipment or how semis and freight trains that haul enormous amounts of weight; along with the millions of aircraft flights taking place around the globe will all run on batteries, which is impossible. None of these could run on Batteries or Windmills! We could just shut the modern world off and go back to the Stone Age; if that will make the liberals happy that they got their way, while all the Fat Cats got way fatter!

This is all so imbecilic that it makes me feel like I should hate being a member of the human race with such idiotic people or despots manipulating politics and society for personal gain or even glorification due to their insanity or craving for more power! AKA Bill Gates should be in jail and more likely executed with Soros and so many other hideous diabolical evil humans!!

I’ll tell you what this big problem is! This is what happens when the human race becomes a secular, pagan and distorted group of Banshees! Live like heathens and destroy like heathens!

As far as Global Warming and Climate Change these efforts have no major short term or long term effect on the ever changing dynamics of the earth’s atmosphere which is a naturally occurring system primarily driven by solar radiation or the electromagnetic spectrum; along with geothermal forces and energies within the earth’s core.
Maybe next we should start to plan for future continental drift so we won’t have cities near oceans or atop high elevations!

Take the time to review my previous short blog posts touching on this matter and watch the video interview of Marc Morano; you’ll be glad you did!

God bless and may you all see the light of TRUTH!

Lawrence Morra III


With the Democrats taking over the country its looking pretty bleak, especially when Biden wants an electric transition to happen very quickly. I’m still outraged that they would use electric vehicles during a gas outage, but what makes it worse is when they try to hide that fact making the Republicans and conservatives look stupid.

Besides the fact that a lot of stupid idiotic people will buy these electric vehicles coming to the market it’s becoming a chore to fight back because everywhere you turn, there is some moron trying to dispute claims that electric vehicles are not practical, mainly because they are not.

Then you have people on Facebook starting to factcheck you on inconsistent claims which isn’t bad in it’s own right but once your post is partly false or taken out of context it makes it difficult to bring the truth. Some of it is a little…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

9 thoughts on “Praying, pleading to God that he will prevent the electric takeover”

  1. Keep on, Lawrence! The pen is truly mightier than the sword. Facebook is a stress. I got eliminated because my posts were “not up to community standards” I feel less stressed out since it happened … Who needs Facebook controlling their speech? That goes for the trolls too. Don’t need them.

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    1. Hey spot-on Mary Anne! I never wanted Facebook; when Zuckerberg rolled it out and was all over MSM talking it up I thought what do I need this punk clown knowing all my personal business for and who knows what he is really all about? So many years down the road we find out he is a nefarious player and not too unfamiliar with the likes of Soros, the Clinton’s and only God knows what totally; I don’t put it past characters like him selling out to the CCP! Look what we have for a Puppet POTUS he sold out to them and the Devil long ago! These are some of the worst depots on the planet! You’re so right Mary Anne they did you a favor who needs those cockroaches picking apart your speech! They did the same to me on Twitter and LinkedIn I didn’t even bother to try reclaiming my status on those! They used to get my blood pressure up and they are so twisted and even evil favoring all things leftist. We’re in a very sick time period in human history! My dear mother and grandmother both saw all this coming years ago they would tell me things are getting so ugly, sinister and sinful; while they did their rosary daily. Upside down; what was right will be wrong and what was wrong will be right!
      Hope your Sunday is beautiful and God bless you. Thank you!


  2. Interesting post, but you take for granted the myth that humanity needs as much energy as it’s currently using. I believe we have become addicted to overuse of electronic gadgets and internal combustion engines. What if people cut back on energy demand, and learned to live without television six hours every day, as some claim is the standard daily fare, at least in the US?

    I believe the great fallacy in our thinking is that all this busy-ness is necessary, when a gentler, quieter, existence may help people appreciate the sounds of birds and breeze unhampered by the roar of traffic.

    Just a thought.

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    1. Nice of you to think about it and try seeing with a better perspective my friend! But don’t forget there are 9 Billion People on this planet and energy consumption being shrunk or limited won’t curtail the demand enough! It is nice to think of a utopia scenario where everything just balances out to some state of perfect synergy but that is a fool’s errand and not reality! The globalists have already decided that, which is why they plan to eliminate the majority of the human population so the culling has already begun; of course being driven in their madness by Satan himself! Sorry not any pretty picture up the road to fantasize about anymore, the cat is out of the proverbial bag and the jig is up!

      I’m not out to attack anyone but much of the confusion and not facing reality now is due to the liberals, all the Left Wingers got us here faster giving in to the bastards; so they were just useful idiots like, Greta the kid poster child for Global Warming/Climate Change, just a tool of te globalists; I mean lets get real, anyone that doesn’t see that ploy for what it is, must have lost their mind or doesn’t give a damn! So its thanks to those on the left that won’t accept the facts and truth right in their faces and would rather get high and ignore reality to dream too much!

      Not any answer there friend! Hell, they don’t accept Jesus Christ so why would they accept my perspective! God is the only way out now for sure!
      Appreciate you caring though!

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      1. I guess my perspective is based somewhat on my age. I’ll be 69 in August, so I’m not so heavily invested in this planet as younger folks are. If the “globalists” and “liberals” are so “hell-bent” on creating “hell on earth,” I probably won’t be here to see it.

        I don’t think reduction in energy use will be a matter of choice much longer. We may see it forced on us by our self-indulgent waste of resources.

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      2. You pegged it well as I see it; If the “globalists” and “liberals” are so “hell-bent” on creating “hell on earth,” and you helped me to see how much more manipulation is really going on than most people even believe actually is! CIA is even an enemy of the American Citizen now tied directly into MSM propaganda all the time! Oh big bad changes are up the road a piece, and not looking petty for sure; but still the factor of God must always be considered I think above all others! Wait till you see the longer comment I left you! Let me know what you think of all this when you can.

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      3. Along these lines, I bought and just started reading “Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media,” the 1988 tome by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky. My version is the 2002 updated one. The book points to the propaganda factory the MSM has become, especially since the introduction of television. A most interesting read, so far.

        A belief in God, or gods, may be another way of conceptualizing the idea that “Love conquers all,” given enough time. That we live in an ultimately loving universe (or group of universes) may be an impersonal concept that includes such ideas as the Oriental notion of “qi” or “life force, that is perpetually creative and building on itself.

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  3. Katherineotto “propaganda factory the MSM has become” this sounds like a damn good read I don’t want to miss, so thanks for telling us! I used to work in the MSM as a TV News Photog but it wasn’t anything near as bad as it is now yet I saw the writing on the wall and said I’m out of here; can’t live with myself if I’m living in one big Huge Lie or Poo Sandwich; no ma’am won’t be a part of any such evil intentions; that was what Germans did for Hitler and many other such leadership causes throughout history!

    Now as far as a loving universe that is not my bag; that is too indirect with Human kind for one thing and I know too much already to not be aware of the Godly Mystical Presence in my own life without a doubt having had it revealed to me over the years more and more! Also the historical proof written or witness testimony, along with chronological archeology that matches the narrative precisely of an actual plan in motion and events that occurred, that too many people doubt or don’t want to see but yet the evidence is actually profoundly overwhelming! Just plain common sense or objective deductive reasoning elicits too many corresponding specific historical junctures to be anything but correlated evidence and not a huge conspiracy concoction; say like for example Big Al Gore’s Global Warming which is now called Climate Change, he to me never got his science right or knows diddly about what really drives climate or he loves to LIE, but I say all of that fits in with my preparing for Continental Drift; which I won’t be anytime soon! But look how many Hundreds of Millions of airheads suck it all up and believe with a “passion” (or they love easy money and fame) saying we have five years or maybe Ten; even Twenty Five; and AOC is now a millionaire go figure; like she the Bronx bartender deserves that for what?! While people lost their livelihoods and died or killed themselves for the big LIE COVID SCAM that she loved to promote! Yet they would rather trust in and believe the (JUNK) Science or the Politicized NWO A-Holes we watched for over a year now pumping pure 100% unadulterated shit at us telling us to swallow 3 times daily and keep those damned masks on because you’re “NOT FREE” or we will come get you and you will pay the price! People that fall for all this Crapola have to be totally brainwashed, stupid, LAZY, POT HEADS or plain out to lunch “day trippers” to not get a clue yet!!!

    So my point is if these halfwits can suck up what a maniac Sociopath like Bill Gates promotes and any of the BIG TECH morons dictate with controlling our speech and all manner of abuses to our Liberties, or their cancel culture; they better wake up damn fast or hell won’t be too pretty, not here on earth or on the netherworld realm! I say it over and over to all people that you better all get ya shit wired because there is a hell, not just to pay either; and “many will march right in at the rate y’all going!” Who the heck am I; nobody, but, I too was and could still head into that infernal pit, only I was given opportunity to see Truth and Light which attracts me a whole lot more than anything this world has to offer or especially the scum; we see running things! I’m outta here as soon as the big Kahuna upstairs says the jig is up Lawrence; you’re outta time! All that spaced out jazz is nowhere and I’m totally into the one God fantasy that my favorite scientist Albert Einstein even gave full credence to; which to me is not at all fantasy, but it’s real; like as in the total ticket out of this nightmare!

    It’s worth repeating but I know I mentioned this in our comments before! “The most beautiful and most profound experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their primitive forms – this knowledge, this feeling is at the centre of true religiousness.”
    -Albert Einstein – “The Merging of Spirit and Science”
    This man the father of physics had said a few great one liners but two that stand out are these. He referred to God as the “Old One.” He speaking to other physicists was known to have said during a discussion about the Big Bang Theory in which one scientist said that with enough random events occurring in this pre-millisecond before it happened eureka the right combination occurred; Einstein just plainly said; “God doesn’t roll dice.”

    I’ve had this experience many times and seen things that you and most people would not want to believe but it was all real and I wasn’t using any drugs not grass or anything!
    This is a long blog I just posted so if you or anyone has the time and curiosity please just read it and then pray or meditate to God!
    Thank you as always for this fine comment!
    Bless you.
    Hopefully your friend,

    “…soon you will bear witness to the extent of His Mercy, which will encompass the world. …”


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