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By Rev Bill Woods Acts 10:1-8 ???Matthew 5:6 Today I want to look at a man who had his priorities right and was a blessing to his entire household. I wish more Christians would follow these priorities for the home. Acts 10:1-8 In Caesarea there lived a Roman army officer named…

Jesus I am the way docu

— Jeremiah 33:3 “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.”

All of this is a wonderful story about how anyone’s journey with the Lord is a work of art in progress.  As we each follow the will of God through Jesus Christ who sends the Comforter or Holy Spirit our way is enlightened by the very presence of God as He reveals Himself to us in His own way but making certain that we know He is there; “God does work in mysterious ways,” ways of the Spirit that manifest even tangibly in our personal walk with the Lord.

I’ve been a huge fan of taking walks to clear clutter and tensions but also to do that walk with Jesus asking along the way if there is anything He will show me or can reveal to me on today’s journey, whether it be some symbolism that is pure and simple via actual physical things I may encounter or perhaps a thought in my mind and deep feeling in my heart; in essence a sudden realization or revelation and sometimes a conversation with another person along the way, that brings out in the open something that needs to be considered more in order to crystallize the message that is being sent to me! This has happened to me often enough in any of these ways to confirm to me that God is always there and totally receptive to our thirsting for TRUTH! In this way we gain insight and understanding so that we can be the better example of who we are for Him and further emulate what He is teaching us each day while living our lives and going through our trials; not just making us better people but preparing our very souls to join Him in Paradise! So the walking is key to facilitating this process, for me perhaps as important or sometimes more than praying, because the praying can be and often is built into the walking journey! You brought out walking being good a few times here!
“– How can we see God working in our lives and the lives of others?”

“We pretend to be satisfied with a lesser walk with God, but something’s missing.”

You again mention walking with this verse that immediately preceded Jeremiah 33:3.

“That’s why a daily walk is so important. Keep weeds out of soil!
When we’re fully committed to Jesus and filled with the Spirit we’ll have more of God — we’ll see greater things.”
Isn’t that exactly what this verse says and as I mentioned the walking with Him our Lord will bring us closer and open our hearts to Him more; allowing Him to lead the way and reveal things to us!

Here in this Scripture I see how all of this ties together wonderfully with even 3 standing out as a great symbolism or metaphor of the Divine Trinity that has tied together the fact that the presence of God in my life daily is experiencing how the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are with me not in some other place in the universe that I’m unable to see, touch and feel because I do have that communion with God in His way via the “Holy Spirit that brings all Truth” to us working in God’s own mysterious ways. “Emmanuel; God is with us!”

I want to continue here with the entire explanation of this communion with God that I wrote November 8th, 2019 which was about my Walk with Jesus on Sunday November 3, 2019. I think this may very well offer some further insight into what I’m trying to convey here in conjunction with what you’ve explained beautifully too. This particular writing quite profoundly came up two other times this week in very special ways for great reasons; and so today it’s happening again with your essay here makes it the 3rd time it was meant to come to the fore; to me a confirmation to share with all!

God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III



By Rev Bill Woods

Acts 10:1-8 Matthew 5:6

Today I want to look at a man who had his priorities right and was a blessing to his entire household.

  • I wish more Christians would follow these priorities for the home.

Acts 10:1-8

In Caesarea there lived a Roman army officer named Cornelius, who was a captain of the Italian Regiment. He was a devout, God- fearing man, as was everyone in his household. He gave generously to the poor and prayed regularly to God. One afternoon about three o’clock, he had a vision in which he saw an angel of God coming toward him. “Cornelius!” the angel said. Cornelius stared at him in terror. “What is it, sir?” he asked the angel. And the angel replied, “Your prayers and gifts to the poor have been received by God as an offering! Now send some men to Joppa, and summon a…

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