COVID Vaccines, the Common Good, and Moral Liceity: A Response to Professor de Mattei — Part III

Unborn baby correctedAn absolutely astonishing and timely thorough comprehensive detailed report on the factual actuality of what evil has been unleashed upon the human race, by I must say satanic cohorts as we enter into the edge of the precipice of End Time!

It’s absolutely unbelievable that so many human beings, many who are highly qualified experts to ordinary citizens have bought into this diabolical madness which has swept around the globe in one year doing all this damage and only God knows now what horrible repercussions are on the way because of this! This may very well be the Prophesied Warning because my hunch and sadness is that this is the beginning of a massive die off of human beings going forward!

Maybe there is some answer coming that can reverse or at least retard the deadly effect of these vaccines but either way the abomination has been committed by the most nefarious humans; while being accepted by the masses who put all their faith or trust in men and not God on a Global scale; which promotes and even relishes in the murdering as likened to actual human sacrifice of countless innocent helpless, human beings; for an industrial scale commercial global transaction from hell!

God please have mercy on this horrible diseased humanity that has belittled all the good you provided to humans who are created in your likeness and image; while horribly now giving the Devil his due!

God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Catholicism Pure & Simple

By Chris Ferrara at Catholic Family News:

An Astonishing Admission

As the first two articles in this series have shown, Prof. de Mattei’s argument for the “Moral Liceity of the Vaccination” (MLV), meaning abortion-derived COVID vaccines, fails on all counts:

First, the material cooperation with abortion is not remote and “passive” but rather constitutes direct participation in a “structure of sin”: an evil commercial enterprise whose existence depends upon the continuing exploitation of the bodies of murdered children.

On that score, we must bear in mind the scientific fact that every cell in the commercially exploited cell lines of the murdered children is a living memorial to their existence, for each of those cells contains the DNA that would have determined all their physical characteristics, expressed variously in somatic cells differentiated according to the genetic code in the DNA as implemented by the divine miracle of the…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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