Fatima Vision of Hell helped Atheist, Salvador Dalí, return to God

Absolutely beautifully done article that should be read by anyone who values their life and more importantly their soul as to protecting it from eternal damnation! Any person of the Christian faith from any denomination, I pray that you put aside your pride and thinking you’ve had this all figured out attitude whilst pushing aside the Blessed Mother Mary or Catholicism and for once be practical enough to honestly examine all the history of the Church, Prophecies along with all the bonafide Visionary insights that have been offered to the world to bring truth and insight!

I extend my sincerest invitation to not just Christians but to anyone who has faith in God Almighty or even if you should now be a blank slate in these matters of blind faith; to consider all of the available information, in so doing to be truly honest with yourself as to why you think you are here living in this difficult place and whether you have an opportunity here, to be elevated to a place beyond our puny human imagination, to the greatest Love, Peace and Tranquility or do you say when lights out; its over when they put your body in a grave!

Think about this and read the entire article which is superb, then talk to God and asking through Jesus Christ that He send His Comforter the Holy Ghost; to help enlighten you while touching your heart in order to open it fully to our God!

God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Adaptedfrom World Apostolate of Fatima, USA (Our Lady’s Blue Army)

Salvador Dali is considered one of the greatest artists of the 20thcentury and the most famous Surrealist. At the height of his popularity in 1960, he was commissioned by The Blue Army of Our Lady of Fatima to paint the Vision of Hell, as Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco experienced during the July 13, 1917, apparition at Fatima. The idea for the painting came from a Protestant who, having read about the vision from Sister Lucia’s memoirs, converted to Catholicism and entered the seminary. The thought was that Dali could reach young people and unbelievers far more effectively with this message than any sermon on Sunday morning or story about saints. This commission would change Dali’s life and work, and lead him from his avowed atheism back to his Catholic roots.

Dali grew up in Spain near the…

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Without a Titus

“…our flesh had no rest, but we were troubled on every side; without were fightings, within were fears. Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down, comforted us by the coming of Titus;” I have this verse underlined in my Bible because at one time the words, “our flesh had no rest, troubled on…

Light House Ray of Hope

This is an excellent explanation about being an encourager and what Titus was accomplishing for God’s will. It does come down to being a good example for others so that what good exudes from our heart of hearts through Jesus Christ will rub off on others. If more people would be brave and selfless like you mentioned and do this then many things would improve dramatically! But in this fast paced materialistic narcissistic hurry and get what I can for me kind of world; sadly this message is being suppressed and even lost to the mob mentality and sheer indifference or apathy!

You certainly are an encourager coming out with this excellent statement and projection of your own heart into the world of near chaos to say I’m doing different than the “fray” and will be a “ray of hope;” a beacon that sends out the right message like a lighthouse guiding the weary on the tossed sea in their ships; helping them to make it to their destination and back home!

God bless you and yours.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

“…our flesh had no rest, but we were troubled on every side; without were fightings, within were fears. Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down, comforted us by the coming of Titus;”

I have this verse underlined in my Bible because at one time the words, “our flesh had no rest, troubled on every side, fightings and fears” aptly described what was going on in my heart. And it was a help to me to read that “NEVERTHELESS GOD…comforted us”. If God comforted Paul, then I could trust that He would do the same for me.

But a few weeks a go, I took notice of the rest of the verse. “Comforted us by the coming of Titus.” And I thought, I don’t really know who Titus was. But here Paul said His flesh had no rest. He was deeply discouraged and in a low place. Around him…

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Faith is now more essential than ever

Excellent presentation of the Truth about what has been going on and what is coming; believe it or not!

Those who choose to believe and seek God’s Truth through Jesus Christ are going to be saved from the world of sin and debauchery we are in! Those who reject or scoff at all of the wisdom of the divine prophets over the ages and through the word of God His Truth; will perish forever into oblivion and damnation!

Time to prepare and remain totally vigilant!

Thank you for this opportunity and, may God bless you!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


Exclusive: Chuck Norris shares favorite story from his popular ‘Fact Book

This last year under COVID has been as suffocating for most as a continuous martial arts headlock. Government overreach has become in vogue, cloaked under the umbrella of virus restraint. Our liberties have been stifled like never before. And Americans’ losses have been astronomical through employment losses, business closures and a vast array of other personal loss,diseases of despair, etc. (If you haven’t, please read my previous column, “7 dire consequences and collateral damages from extended lockdowns.”)

At this point, most Americans are willing to risk moving forward while opening society and keeping their own loved ones safe. One more proof of that comes from a new Pew research poll that says “4 in 10 U.S. Christians plan to attend in-person Easter services.” In fact, an earlier Pew poll revealed that25% of…

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ARCHBISHOP VIGANÒ: An Urgent May 13th Appeal to the Mother of God

Catholicism Pure & Simple Catholicism without compromise

Reblog by Lawrence Morra III

Zero Lift-Off  Only The Beginning

May 14, 2021


Just over the last 24 hours a person came across my path here that was no accident and her blog contained many interesting well done or written articles, but one came immediately into my consciousness for good reason.

I wrote a reply to an email after finding something I had written last mot to a very devout Catholic woman who also we know from blogging here! This new woman asked about me in an email so I prayed and then upon doing a search in my exorbitant files one popped up as the first and it should; as I told her when we seek Jesus Christ dots or incentives are connected or brought into our sight or consciousness to help guide us! Now this was the first article I came to this morning of great importance to all of the faithful as well it should be. That woman’s blog which I visited last night for the first time had one article that came immediately into my view out of an enormous index of all well written and presented ones!

What does this mean; well it connects directly with what this woman asked me about me, and would I tell her how I meant I was tested by fire!  That previously written reply to another Catholic woman blogger fits this direction just as this article here today by CP&S and the article I read by this woman last night with an actual accompanying video presentation that spoke to one particular subject matter and named the current false pope!  All of this rings to a head what is going on and I’m now 100% certain what truth is being revealed is this!

My personal trials and encounters with evil over the last 15 years that reached a fever pitch over the last several was making it abundantly clear that Bergoglio and many worldly respected individuals by the masses are all part of the Scam-Demic or if you prefer NWO Reset under way and it  is all a global satanic cult! They are all worshipers of Satan and preparing the way for the complete totalitarian takeover of the planet and to bring in the antichrist to rule it all!  Our government systems are all corrupted and poisoned with this evil and the battles will ensue as we move forward in this Helter-Skelter madness that the human race is being thrust into! We are in WWIII which is mainly a spiritual warfare initiated by all the forces of darkness to bring all of this the material world to a head. Satan and all of the fallen angels are attacking, Bergoglio knows this; and so you know where he stands in all of this!

Here is a piece of what I wrote previously that coincides now with what Archbishop Vigano is telling us.

Hi again.  Oh I see this clearly we are in the most unprecedented time in earth’s history and not by accident or coincidence but purely biblical prophecy and God’s plan unfolding exactly the way He foretold us it would. I caught on to Francis when I starting seeing cracks in his approach to issues and then the subsequent failure to address key issues forthrightly but to instead be like some progressive Obama turn the Church into a political took for the left or radical departure from the conventional standards of Catholicism.  But what really worried me was when he came to America to address he US Congress and his direct linkage with the UN becoming part of the political beast and all of this went in hand with his not responding to a letter I sent to him which I know arrived a few years ago requesting his advice regarding Deep State, Freemasons Illuminati oppression in my locale that I had a direct run in with in which they nearly killed me but did turn my life upside down while still carrying out an agenda to benefit a group of highly toxic criminal corruption and power that has done not only damage to me directly attacking me in plots one that caused chemical injury to my lungs but more importantly my community as well entire State.  I didn’t even get a letter of acknowledgement about such a horrible situation from him or his staff which is a dead giveaway. No true Pope would ignore such an unusual and sincere letter that I wrote very eloquently from my heart of hearts unless he was a damn beast which he is and a very evil man! We are no doubt in the latter days and I have faith in God He is the only reason I’m still alive and able to take care of myself and have the determination to be ready to serve Him when He wants me to.

But, it’s also very sad and painful now to face the fact that this world is going to hell in a hand basket very fast and complete devastation could be a blink of an eye away or it can be a long protracted time of horrific tribulation of unimaginable suffering and that is the one scenario that I pray won’t play out because I believe it would be so much more merciful of God to end the misery quickly and being all love I tend to think He won’t allow things to go that far, so I have hope.  Our human race is seething with unimaginable and filthy rotten sin to its core which is too much to live in I feel. My first article brushes on this matter I wrote to the Pope about and indeed was one of the main reasons I started to Blog, after I got an article published in the local paper only because I used to know the publisher back when I was a News Photographer but that was the only article that the powers that be were going to allow in that paper or that I was going to be allowed to get published in the area period.  I do see Francis as the falsehood that Muhammad was in his time to concoct the evil ideology that he did I too feel Francis is up to the same ulterior designs all fed by the most diabolical evil from Satan himself. This all tells us that the anti-c is here and I stumbled across something that mentioned that he would have been born around 1960 but to me that wouldn’t matter as much as the truth that he is ready to take his position soon to usher in the final conflict or Armageddon. 

The thing I remember in Scriptures that bothers me is how it says in Revelation how fierce and horrible times would become that if those days were not shortened it would be too much to bear even for the elect! I’m just a low down sinful man like anyone but I take credit for knowing in my heart I have always loved Jesus in spite of any of my sins and I think of Dismas on the cross next to Jesus Himself how He loved Jesus a man condemned to die for being apparently a bad man or criminal and yet God’s mercy is always greater than His judgment for those He loves! And I know I came from a good beginning always being a good heart and kind to a fault which I still am. I recently broke down so bad when a dove I had rescued on my property had seemed to be recovering during the pandemic but then a miscalculation on my part caused the dove to suffer and die that gentle little bird that I wanted so badly to see fly away free and happy again, which broke me up to pieces. I mean I’m really and still bothered by it weeks later now. Then I can leave it to God and say I know His awesome omnipotent power can right anything so that is fine in the end but I think from this to the scene of all the Unborn being ripped apart and even experimented with now having hearts removed while alive without any anesthetic is only the work of Satan through human minions doing evil to an innocent baby like that is intentional to lash out at God and His children.  I have to be honest that for this alone I see this world has come to the point that it’s not fit to continue.

I really pray that God please hurry and help us and I cry for it! A consecrated woman of the Church told me several years back that I was attacked for a reason, it was no accident that it occurred on North American Martyr day and that someday I would know why it happened the way it did.  Thanks for the interest and i just decided to open up I’m not even too sure why but I do tend to talk too much when I decide to do it for whatever reason. God bless you.

By the way I woke up toward 3 am much too early again only have a few hours’ sleep the night before, and just got back to catching up online so I feel I’m here when you just sent this message for good reason. It just came in as I was taking care of a couple of files and getting ready to hop back to bed.

“Thy Kingdom Come”

The signs are so evident and clear for those that wish to see! Only open your eyes and look at this more than troubled world, this falling world, and you see its now apparent limitations mounting up to a dead end! The parameters of maintaining the success of the whole of it, its populations, ecosystems, life sustaining raw materials and even the means of keeping it all, is an exercise in futility!  Its fundamental essence intact being unattainable, is too obvious to ignore as now even the battle ensues by those that desecrate and attack the word of God and His Church; which is the sign that clearly spells out the end of this world is fast approaching, as men once again as in ancient times in massive numbers reject God, even defile and put themselves above Him! 

It’s all too obvious to me that time is running out quickly for all of us and this is the time to not falter but hold fast your faith in Him, it’s so obvious that there is nothing else that can be trusted to provide comfort and security from what is coming to this world; as the most powerful among us try to hoard or consolidate all the earthly riches they can, thinking that will protect them or give them some measure of longevity they prove themselves the jokers in the deck; as they mock themselves in spades the biggest losers; as they separate and move furthest away from God’s Church to join the condemned and damned of this passing world! 

Look and see, then decide quickly, where you stand while you can; because the time is at hand.  Thanks to God in the highest, He who gives to all abundantly, but He only takes His own with Him into the “New and Everlasting Kingdom Come.” Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III






ARCHBISHOP VIGANÒ: An Urgent May 13th Appeal to the Mother of God

ARCHBISHOP VIGANÒ: An Urgent May 13th Appeal to the Mother of God

From The Remnant:

For over a year, the whole world has been held hostage by an elite that, under the pretext of the pandemic, intends to create the conditions for the Great Reset and the establishment of the New World Order. This latest revolution, planned by the enemies of God and the human race, is certainly an infernal work, and as such it must be combated by recourse to the spiritual weapons of prayer, fasting, and penance. I exhort faithful Catholics to recite the Holy Rosary daily during this month dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, adding this supplication. May the Mediatrix of All Graces, the Queen of Victories, assist us with her patronage in these moments of apostasy and grant us the virtue of Fortitude to resist evil and obtain the conversion of sinners. 

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

August Lady and Queen of Heaven, turn your gaze upon us Your children in this hour of darkness and affliction. Do not disdain to hear and answer our humble and confident prayer, at a moment when the forces of the Enemy are multiplying their infernal assault against God, His Church, and the human family.

You who are the model and example of humility and obedience to the will of God, enlighten our rulers, so that they may remember that the authority they exercise comes from the Lord, and that they will have to answer to Him, the Just Judge, for both the good they have not done as well as the evil they have committed. You who are the Virgin Most Faithful, teach those who administer public affairs to honor the moral obligations of their office, refusing any connivance with vice and error.

You who by your intercession before the Throne of God heal the evils of soul and body and are rightly invoked as Health of the Sick, guide doctors and health care workers in their profession. Help them to care for the sick and to give assistance to the weakest among us. Give them the courage to oppose those who would force them to cause death or illness with inappropriate treatments or harmful drugs. Invoke the Divine Physician of our souls, Our Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him to awaken in their conscience an awareness of their role and their duty to promote the life and health of the body.

You who during the Flight into Egypt saved Your Divine Son from the massacre of Herod, deliver our children from the moral and spiritual threats that loom over them. Protect our little ones from the true pestilence of sin and vice, and from the criminal plans of the ideological dictatorship that wants to strike them in body and spirit. Strengthen parents and educators to oppose the experimental use of a dangerous and morally illicit drug on our children. Thwart the attacks of those who assault their innocence, trying to pervert them from an early age by corrupting their morals and warping their intellect.  

You who were consoled by the presence of Your Son in your passage to eternal life, be close to the sick, the elderly, and the dying, especially those who, due to inhuman regulations, face death alone in a hospital bed, deprived of the Sacraments. Bring them comfort. Inspire in them repentance for the sins they have committed and the desire to offer their sufferings in reparation for these sins, so that they may close their eyes with the consolation of the friendship of God.

You who are called Mother of the Priesthood, enlighten our Shepherds. Open their eyes to see the present threat. Make them consistent witnesses to Christ Your Son, courageous defenders of the flock that the Lord has entrusted to them, and valiant opponents of error and vice. Shake off from them, Virgin Most Holy, all human respect and all connivance with sin. Inflame them with love for God and their neighbor, enlighten their minds, and strengthen their will.

You before whom all the demons of Hell take flight, defeat the diabolical plans of this hateful tyranny, the deception of the pandemic, the lie of the workers of iniquity. Make the light of Truth shine upon the lie, just as the true light of Christ shines upon the darkness of error and sin. Confuse Your enemies and humiliate under Your Foot the proud head of those who dare to challenge Heaven and want to establish the Reign of Antichrist.

You who by divine decree are Mediatrix of All Graces and Our Co-Redemptrix, obtain for us the grace of seeing the triumph of Your Immaculate Heart, to which we consecrate ourselves, our families, our communities, the Holy Church, our Homeland, and the whole world.

So may it be.

13 May 2021
In Ascensione Domini
In Apparitione B.M.V. Immaculatæ

St. John’s Orphan Asylum for Boys: Pennsylvania

What a beautiful commemorative biographical story of real good that was done to help many real good kids who went on to be good men! I always remembered the true story of Jim Thorpe All-American which stood out to me in a profound way not only because Hollywood in its heydays memorialized him in a film but because I thought how Jim was a real deal genuine American; a really great athlete and good heart of a man that stood for something bigger than life!
God bless him and all Native American’s!

But  though this story may have a very sharp and sad tone to it; the common decency and love that was found by many young men over time in this home for orphans shows the unceasing spirit of love and goodness that really exists in many locales across this great Nation under God!  We all have heard that with God all things are made possible and these lives are a testimony to that faith in the higher power and eternal love of God Almighty!  I get a tear in my eyes thinking about the dedication of so many good people that made and make this possible!

These people are all larger than life to me!

God bless.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Lara Trace Hentz

How many boys can YOU identify?

St. Vincents Tacony, St. John’s Orphan Asylum for Boys, West Philadelphia, St. Joseph’s House for Homeless and Industrious Boys, North Philadelphia, AKA The Hut, St Francis Vocational School Eddington, (St. Francis-St. Joseph Home)  alums plan anniversary party.  We also invite any women survivors from homes or orphanges for girls, like from St. Joseph’s Gonzaga Home – Gemantown, St. Margaret’s, and the Catholic Home for Destitute Girls 29th and Allegheny Ave.  Alumni of St. Francis-St. Joseph Homes for Children will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of what were then separate institutions on Sept. 8, 2013, main campus, Route 13 and Street Road, Bensalem.

St. Francis was founded in 1888 by Elizabeth, (St.) Katharine and Louise Drexel as St. Francis Industrial School, a vocational training facility for adolescent boys who aged…

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Vatican uses pro-abortion terminology ‘pro-choice’ for first time in ‘abdication of moral authority’


Let me start out with what Saint John Paul II said about our society or modern world many times when he was here on earth and I can still hear him today in my memory and heart; I truly love the man and the great Pope that he was for our Church! He said we are living in a culture of death and I knew precisely what he was saying when I heard that the first time! Look at all the violence depicted in movies and other forms of entertainment, even computer games that children play such as Fortnite where very lively and somewhat realistic graphics mesmerize kids with blood lust and rape; all kinds of mayhem and killing! This is absolutely to me a form of glorification of killing or even a worshiping of violence for thrills and satisfaction, so sadly a steady diet of this on a child’s mind absolutely has to leave damage or scar tissue in a sense that will have effects on that person in many ways! One should think we all have heard of how people are becoming desensitized to violence and is it any wonder! Then with the devaluation of life this way; say as compared to taking children on field trips to learn and understand how our Eco-system works and let them discover the many tiny animals that live in the soil or in the grasses; in this way which is a beautiful thing to gain understanding and appreciation of the amazing web of life! Then too, mutual cooperation with peers and learning to appreciate each other for our amazing gifts that each individual has and in the process learn to love each other making lasting friendships, all of which is far more productive and closer to saintly behavior than playing let’s kill for excitement!

My main point is after we honestly examine what kind of society we have created and see the rampant violence and devaluation or lack of appreciation for life in general, and then specifically human beings; we should expect to get the return we have now, with life so cheapened that Pro-Choice or Planned Parenthood call aborted fetuses just tissue; I guess as I see this they mean just some gooey stuff that comes out of a girl’s body when they suck it out with a vacuum to Dispose of it or perhaps experiment with like taking  portions of scalp from the baby’s head and attaching them to mice! All this so she who got rid of an unwanted pregnancy, that she helped cause can be on her merry way and have more fun in life and not be dealing with responsibility for your own actions, and body’s capabilities or thinking about such things as morality and virtues! One heck of a pretty picture we have going of what we collectively are creating for future generations of earthly bipedal creatures that rule the planet; ehh!

I think what I have to defer to here and will forever maintain as my only way of thinking about all of this is what our great saint John Paul II said here; “John Paul II, continuing the constant teaching of the Church, has reiterated many times that those who are directly involved in lawmaking bodies have a grave and clear obligation to oppose any law that attacks human life. For them, as for every Catholic, it is impossible to promote such laws or to vote for them.” So these people he is talking about, say like a Biden the epitome of a far left radical politician who just appropriated about 500 Billion dollars to fund as many abortion centers here and overseas as possible, to basically kill human babies off on an industrial scale which makes him absolutely an immoral man and his soul can’t have any chance of going to heaven; but will be in hell for eternity, I have no doubt in my mind or heart; as he is pushing mass murder of innocent helpless babies like he couldn’t care less!  This is a foregone conclusion in my analyzing of all the facts and therefore he is either a sociopathic maniac or even worse, demonically influenced or possessed and most probable all the above!

All this brings us to the part about a Culture of Death! Oh yes we most certainly are in that type of world now and its getting much worse each year with these far left absolute Marxist’s, tyrants and heartless power mongers ceasing more control by the week!  Getting people WOKE!

I was reading another bloggers posting that she writes overseas and some of it was nice, her being a bit young and searching for her focus as I saw it, but then I saw some of her followers and one image made me curios it was a profile for a medical doctor who on her blog site has so many postings making fun of religion and saying how it’s all false and fairy-tales and she respects us who want to have those religious ideas but she will never respect what we believe in and she basically was saying she hates those things and dictated in her speech, don’t dare try to push our beliefs on her that is brainwashing and hateful; but yet she is trying to spell out her own intolerant despising hate and not label it as such!  So I looked at more photos of her and in her laughing smile and eyes I picked up on something I’ve learned with the grace of God to recognize and saw demonic influence for sure, perhaps worse; as well some of the other things she was tossing out to confuse issues and pronounce her certainty of being absolutely right in all she says!  I saw immediately how dangerous and wicked this person is; and my point is, this is what we are up against in the medical industry and politics, many such tainted or even evil people that have controlling influence or positions over many other human’s, many of which are very vulnerable, so you can’t be unsure at all about if we are in the Culture of Death and Evil!  This is why so many so called doctors went along with the COVID SARS 2 fraud of cooking the books and skewing the death rate due to COVID and even killing off vulnerable senior citizens in nursing homes; either that or lose their job or medical license for not treating according to the decided protocol, none of the actual curative remedies but instead stuff a ventilator down their windpipe to over stress the already compromised fragile tissue and cause bleeding then double pneumonia with certain death quickly! I fought my own legal case well over three years in court alone; for a severe pulmonary work related injury and know a fair amount about these issues! All I can say to all this is we can’t have much time for this world now, before Jesus returns; to end it and judge it all!

Thank you for this very to the heart of it article that certainly helps, and we pray that God’s answer to all of this evil; is coming sooner rather than later! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Featured Image


In what would appear to be a first, the Vatican has succumbed to a common practice among abortion advocates and repeatedly mentioned the pro-abortion term “pro-choice” in a recent letter describing politicians who support abortion. 

Cardinal Luis F. Ladaria, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF),usedthe terminology in aMay 7 letterto Archbishop José H. Gomez, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Cardinal Ladaria was writing in response to Archbishop Gomez’s letter to the CDF informing the congregation that the U.S. bishops were drawing up a policy on the distribution of Holy Communion to politicians who support abortion.

Of these, Joe Biden is the most prominent and well known of Catholics in the public life who support abortion. Any USCCB policy on distributing Holy Communion would be in response to issues the Church would face…

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Finding Viganò: Interview with Robert Moynihan

Screenshot_2021-05-12 Finding Viganò Interview with Robert Moynihan(1)

Perfect ladies, this is what I’m talking about! Justice and Truth in the Church are necessary and I dare say in society are equally important! This is an excellent interview that opens eyes and some doors to finding the truth!

An intentional subversion of many basic tenets of the Catholic Church or for that matter Christendom; even that the mystical resurrection of Jesus Christ had been quelled by Jesuits to have secularist belief systems take its place as what is valuable for society as a whole and even the individual! So basically saying the resurrection doesn’t matter or is defunct! Then I guess materialism is the “begin all and end all!”

This sure sounds like a big push toward communism and ultimately atheism, where man is god; is where things are headed! Robert Moynihan speaks very candidly and I like how he points out how so many voices have remained silent about all the corruption in the Church because of how convoluted and entwined the business of the Church is with the secular governmental systems these days in many places throughout the world; so there is such great risk now to come right out and expose too much, out of fear of multiple repercussions.

Thank God we have at least some great individuals like Archbishop Viganò or Cdl. Burke and others that can talk as candidly as need be! Mr. Moynihan does the same shedding some very important firsthand factual insights on what’s been going on with this push toward NWO and the general turning to secularism! Mainly science or some men of it want to “reinvent the wheel” where in this case the wheel is mankind! As I call them the madmen of the world think they can do better than God Almighty, and they don’t put their hope or faith in Him but instead in themselves to accomplish the impossible and perhaps resurrect self; or at least extend human life for hundreds and even thousands of years! Then as I understand it people would not go into eternity but instead would live in time for a long time! How boring and dead-end is that; these Dr. Frankenstein’s have “flipped their wigs!”

God help us!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

I leave this link to a short article that just came over the News Wire!  Talk about a sudden revelation about secularism having power over the Church or many of its hierarchy; just as I clicked post this came in about Biden!  Thank you Lord Jesus and Father in heaven!  What have I been saying in most of my blogs about that man!  Lord have mercy!  Folks please watch the interview!


Finding Viganò: Interview with Robert Moynihan

Thanks to LifeSiteNews for this insightful interview with Vatican reporter Dr Robert Moynihan:

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Thanks to LifeSiteNews for this insightful interview with Vatican reporter Dr Robert Moynihan:

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Tradition and Revival in Mexico

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
Thanks to ChurchMilitant.com for drawing attention to this positive development for the Church. May the forthcoming conference promoting tradition in western Mexico bear much fruit! Cdl. Raymond Burke, Fr. Javier Olivera Ravasi,Dr. Peter Kwasniewski and Dr. John Pepino Organized by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP),?the Third…


God Bless Cdl. Burke for his firm stand for what is right and in absolute accordance with the Church and Holy Scriptures! He and all of these men of the cloth are doing an exemplary job and are good brave souls! They bring tears to my eyes for not caving to the secularist thinking and pressures coming at them from many directions. Their integrity and virtues are so encouraging in this most tumultuous time when what these men offer the faithful of lasting value is seldom seen, and so few are willing to be so bold; not going with the status-quo like this!

This line here like all of it actually just jumps off the page with enthusiasm as I read it, “their enthusiasm for encouraging the use of the Traditional Latin Mass and the celebration of the sacraments according to time-honored practices.” I love that there are many of us still from these honorable men of the cloth to many of we lay people or parishioners in the multitudes of the faithful that see this matter so clearly, and will even fight to maintain the traditional practices that have survived all the ages for a good reason; namely they are correct!

I derive such happiness and strength knowing this is happening, “Pope Francis removed Burke from the Congregation for Divine Worship in 2016. A notable defender of holy Tradition, Cdl. Burke has called pro-abortion Catholic politicians — including Joseph Biden and John Kerry — “apostates” who should refrain from Holy Communion.” God bless Cdl. Burke for being a heroic man and member of the Church hierarchy and performing his duties valiantly as a soldier for God’s Church. May Bergoglio get what he deserves from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Those politicians and any like them absolutely must be forbade to partake of the Blessed Holy Eucharist as Cdl. Burke has called for with absolutely good reason; especially in the case of these two men that I consider true despots!  What they do and advocate affects millions of souls so they set an example which can’t be allowed; or any person could just say what does it matter what one does or why should we worry about receiving the Blessed Sacrament, the body and blood of Jesus Christ; with grave sin that is continually being advocated!
“From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded” (Luke 12:48).

Even if the end of the world is coming soon or is in sight we can rest assured that many of us like these men are not going to ever quit and will bring good tidings and acts to counter any and all evils that are being propagated or tossed at the human race! Amen.

God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Thanks to ChurchMilitant.com for drawing attention to this positive development for the Church. May the forthcoming conference promoting tradition in western Mexico bear much fruit!

Cdl. Raymond Burke, Fr. Javier Olivera Ravasi,Dr. Peter Kwasniewski and Dr. John Pepino

Organized by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP),the Third Conference onSummorum Pontificumwill incorporate aseries of events for”Catholics who want to learn more about the richness of their liturgical, artistic, theologicaland spiritual traditions,”according tothe conference’s website.

Taking place June 10–13in Guadalajara,Mexico’sthird-largest city,the gathering will featurepresentations,Latin Masses, confirmationandanordination.

Ahead of the conference,Fr. Daniel Heenan (of the FSSP) told Church Militanthe hopes the rebirth of the Latin Mass will restore thefailingChurch in Mexico, whereyoung people and the poor thirstfortraditional worship and devotions.

“Many Catholics don’t know the traditional Mass, traditional music and traditional thought,”said Fr. Heenan, adding that the conference will helpallCatholicsenrich their faith. “The devotion and solemnity of the Traditional…

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No Free Speech for Catholics!

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
Comment. In the past few months, social media giants Facebook and Twitter have adopted increasingly restrictive censoring policies towards Catholic media outlets. One by one, traditional Catholic websites, Facebook pages, comments on Twitter, and YouTube videos, are being brazenly censored by the oh-so-politically-correct secular world that we are…

OK! I’ve had enough of holding back in my speech! No matter what happens, especially to me, I am going to find a way whether in this world or the next to stop all of these evil satanic Nazi minions of hell, Big Tech Scums!

This is my main goal to ask God to help me not just by prayer alone but in any way He will instruct me to fight this diabolical evil to make certain all of these guilty as sin devils go to hell where they belong!  I know enough that God has His plan and His most powerful angels led by Saint Archangel Michael have this covered, but, I’m too upset to not offer myself to get these monsters and put them where they belong sooner hopefully rather than later!

God in heaven, I do have all my hope in you but this is all too upsetting to see continuing on this way and I’m pleading with you to please bring closure to all of it sooner so we don’t have to allow these satanic humans that are plotting to get any further in their nefarious undertakings! Crush them with your great army of spiritual angels and end this atrocity before it begins! I ask this in the precious Holy Name of Jesus Christ! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Comment. In the past few months, social media giants Facebook and Twitter have adopted increasingly restrictive censoring policies towards Catholic media outlets. One by one, traditional Catholic websites, Facebook pages, comments on Twitter, and YouTube videos, are being brazenly censored by the oh-so-politically-correct secular world that we are calling “Big Tech”, for want of a better word. Any statement that does no more than expound the 2.000 year old Catholic Christian message that Big Tech dislikes -because it happens to run contrary to their lying twisted world agenda’s pro-death message – is being obliterated.
Today it is the turn of pro-life Catholic blog, “LifeSiteNews”, to suffer the axe. They say:

Our Banishment is Complete

As the unprecedented censorship of truth runs rampant, we continue to be censored and banished by merciless Big Tech tyrants who are determined to silence free speech of people seeking truth –just like…

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VIDEO Canadian Pastor Swarmed and Arrested by ‘SWAT’ Team for ‘Inciting’ People to Attend Church

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BY VICTORIA TAFT MAY 09, 2021 The last time we saw Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski he was seen on video chasing cops out of his church and calling them Nazis. They were there to inspect his church for too many parishioners on Good Friday. Vee haf rools fo covet, Pastor Pawlowski. On Saturday,…

Alright damn it! I give respect to all the law enforcement people if they are doing their job properly of serving and protecting!  And my hat goes off to them!  But this damn shit is going to bring on hell; these type of behaviors from law enforcement makes them damn well complicit in the New World Order Evil that is raising its ugly head to enslave the human race and murder; you cops doing this are becoming Nazis!!!

They will burn in hell if they behave this way hurting the people whom they are supposed to serve and protect; especially a good brave soul such as this pastor who is doing one of the most important jobs on the planet which is to minister to the faithful, God’s children; who put God above all else always in order to lead the believers as a good shepherd; giving them hope and calm!

These damned cops here are putting man and the Devil above all else and they will suffer eternal damnation for it!  Hear me; I don’t get this mad or pissed off for nothing, I know God, and I had my share of damn human corrupt shit tossed on me over the last 15 years by the evil and nefarious among us that serve Satan; that thought they could destroy me!  So yes, I sure have something to say; that these guys and everyone best get their shit wired and immediately start getting with the Real Program, God’s Program of Salvation; and if you’re a person that can’t read into this or see clearly what is going on; then you are one of these devils joining the “Globalist Agenda” to conquer and destroy!

I’m a Catholic all my life, and I don’t give one ounce of respect to that man Bergoglio calling himself the Pope, who I wrote to and realized after that how my suspicions about him were spot-on; he is working in this same scheme for the Devil!  Pope Benedict XVI and former Pope Saint John Paul II were and are Popes that I totally respect and give thanks to!

I say this to the world; you want to shut me up, then over my dead body, and I will never give in to you demonic humans that think you’re sitting so pretty and powerful in your decadent materialism; your day is coming and you will suffer for all of this eternally; in hell!

You officers of the law, if you won’t have a conscience and do the job rightfully, ethically with honor and integrity; then quit!

You don’t have to follow orders given to you by evil people!

Quit the damn job; there is no job on earth that is worth rotting in eternal damnation and hell for!

“It’s a simple choice and test before the world now; join God or Satan, make your choice and get what you want!”

Case Closed!

Lawrence Morra III



The last time we saw Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski he was seen on video chasing cops out of his church and calling them Nazis. They were there to inspect his church for too many parishioners on Good Friday.

Vee haf rools fo covet, Pastor Pawlowski.

On Saturday, the cops came back for Pawlowski, but they’d learned their lesson and didn’t come to his church. He might chase them out again and hurl truth bombs about the police state again.

Ezra Levant of Rebel News reported that the police hunted down Pawlowski on a highway, pulled him over, and dragged him off.

A heavily-armed SWAT team just took down a Christian pastor heading home from church. Police say he’s charged with “inciting” people to go to church. This is the second pastor jailed this year. We’re crowdfunding his lawyers athttp://SaveArtur.com

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