Pilgrims Return to Spain’s ‘El Camino’ Paths as Pandemic Wanes

Originally posted on Catholicism Pure & Simple:
Seventeen years ago, in May 2004, my sister and I walked the famous ‘Camino De Santiago’ (the Way of Saint James). We did it as a pilgrimage, in the style of the pilgrims of earlier times, carrying all our belongings in rucksacks, living frugally, praying the Rosary and…

What a very nice and beautiful thing you did with your sister! I’m inspired by your devout faith and your personal pilgrimage. Very timely because just yesterday I was thinking about you and the CP&S Site coming to mind with a special feeling.

This reminded me somewhat of my own travels and quests for a direction and purpose in my own life when years ago I traveled back and forth all over the US continent by myself doing most of it while driving my car and then on one of my excursions I hitched rides to a particular destination thousands of miles from home to seek help with a medical concern. On that trip I believe I absolutely experienced Divine Intervention and was kept from walking into a very deadly situation late at night in Chicago. I even think an angel was dispatched in that event to make sure I stopped dead in my tracks from proceeding or I would have been seriously injured; or dead. Because of that occurrence I ended up in a bus terminal and while purchasing a ticket asked the agent about this tunnel and he said it was a very good thing I didn’t try going through it; “you don’t want to go through there.” On another occasion while surfing just after a hurricane had passed by where I lived being very young and foolhardy and looking for adventure with a few guys I knew who could really surf well and I couldn’t as well, I still took the chance getting in over my head both literally and figuratively causing me to become caught in the undertow and swept further out to sea. When I finally popped back up to the surface after asking God while in the sea’s powerful grip, to please help me; while I remained as calm as I could. I saw that I was alone and in big trouble because to swim back to the beach from where I was popping around in the heavy surf, with huge sets of waves coming at me it seemed hopeless; but as I remained still and as calm as I’ve even been, out of nowhere from behind one of the biggest waves a man on a surfboard approached me and told me to grab hold of the board, which I did and paddled with him toward shore. Then in no time it seemed we were getting near the shore when he said, “you can make it the rest of the way now” and I let go and started swimming to the beach. As I was walking up onto the beach I quickly turned around to see this man and wave a big thank you to him, but he was nowhere to be seen! I get teary eyed now remembering and I know a miraculous thing happened to keep me alive.

Now to this I add how I saw the Holy Mother Mary two times, once when just waking one morning in a semiconscious but very lucid state of mind. I again saw her within the same year when I had traveled cross-country and was trying to find a place to live or call my temporary home, but I had been in a few different locales where there were some very strange people that I caught the attention of; and days later I found out that there were some very bad cults in that area. But while on this living quarters hunt I decided that because I was so tired from so much traveling and not resting well for weeks; that I would take a room at this inexpensive motel. I carried a Bible with me and would read Scriptures while sitting in my car. I had been weary of a few things going on, but being so exhausted I knew I had to get a night of proper sleep, so off to sleep I went. Then while sleeping I awoke and as I did I saw our Holy Mother Mary again the same way I had before. As I became fully aware of my surroundings I saw that the door to my motel room was open and to me the only explanation again is Divine Intervention stopping something bad from happening to me.

So the reason I bring all of this up to share with you and others who are interested is to first say that the recounting of this El Camino Pilgrimage inspired me with your personal story about that experience and what I’ve always considered a “Real Pilgrimage” journey! And then to say I wish I had done that like you had over the way I apparently haphazardly traveled and journeyed seeking some real direction, as to what I should do about my personal goals and God’s will; as it turns out I was on and off a pilgrimage of sorts for some years; due to other complicating deeply important circumstances and sense of obligation that I found myself in, not of my choosing; but perhaps just part of God’s plan.

So in all of this I hope to let others know that if you have even that tiny “mustard seed” of faith and wonder about things like this, or are having trouble being sure one way or the other about your faith in Jesus Christ, or just want your faith to grow; take my heartfelt words here for face value when I tell you I’m absolutely positive its exactly as has been told to us over the ages and God loves us to no end. Our lives are heading somewhere because Jesus Christ wants us to open up our hearts while on this journey/pilgrimage to Him and follow; not to fear or have any difficulty in believing in Him and God the Father’s plan, its unfolding in our own personal lives every second of every day; so just keep looking to Him with your whole heart and you’re going to make it to where He wants you to be, with Him in Heaven.

Jesus with hands to us sm print

And Kathleen I know you had a life changing experience and it touched my own heart so deeply and made me smile loving God all the more; because He reveals Himself to us all the time. And who knows maybe during the remainder of my lifetime I’ll get the opportunity to journey to El Camino on that special pilgrimage, but, even if I don’t I feel like I did through reading about your own personal journey, which I appreciate very much.

Perhaps something I shared about my journeys will mean something to you or anyone else, or ultimately I believe helping us to see how we are all on an amazing journey with the greatest ending that comes in time; but how each of us is “that special and unique” to our Lord, and thus each of us is experiencing our own “precious journey of life” on earth to be shaped by our Lord the Master Potter, to be the precious unique child of God that he knows, and will then share His kingdom with in Heaven where everything will fit together so beautifully. Amen.
Peace and God’s Spirit be with us all in and through our Lord Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ.

Also, as a post script thought, those two times I saw our Holy Mother, shortly before that I did have the same type of experience where I saw our Lord Jesus Christ while my eyes were closed, again while lying in bed but seeing him so unmistakably vividly and real, with the words “Thy Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ” as suspended words revolving around Him. I’m glad I remembered this to add here because it also to me confirms beyond any doubt how our “purpose and journey” to Him is rock solid and planned, but we as individuals need to recognize that and see it; to then accept it and put our all into following Him to complete our “Father’s will.” Amen.
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Seventeen years ago, in May 2004, my sister and I walked the famous ‘Camino De Santiago’ (the Way of Saint James). We did it as a pilgrimage, in the style of the pilgrims of earlier times, carrying all our belongings in rucksacks, living frugally, praying the Rosary and singing hymns along parts of the way, and finally hobbling sore-footed into lovely little Catholic Churches for Holy Mass (whenever possible) at the end of each long day when we had reached our planned destination. It was a life-changing experience for both of us. We met some wonderful and amazing fellow pilgrims, each one with their own interesting story to relate of their motives for making the pilgrimage. There also reigned a real Christian spirit of charity and kindness among everyone towards fellow pilgrims who were suffering or in need of help along the way. We had been told that most pilgrims…

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