Watch “Audio of the NBC radio broadcast of the initial hours of D-day from June 6, 1944” on YouTube — Clinton Ma Tea Party

D Day Invasion landing

Thanks Mary Anne…for this awesome historical film footage and radio broadcast documentary which I hadn’t seen in this particular edited montage! I love all the old historical News Reel films and that was the way many folks besides listening to the radio would get up to date on world events back then so it’s really amazing stuff to me! Like a time capsule and going back into the real deal and seeing from the perspective the folks back then would picture it all!

I was going to leave a comment and decided immediately I should really do this as a reblog and add a few links of articles I posted over the past couple of years for our Armed Forces all the Veterans past and present which I hope will be of some interest to some readers out there! My hat is always off to all of them back in those days especially and I get teary eyed just thinking what they faced to keep America Free and Great!

It had to be done and so many of the young today are getting their minds poisoned right in the school systems with Marxist propaganda making them think otherwise! We have had all these Liberties over the decades because many of our Good Citizens were willing to defend Freedom anywhere it needed to be on the planet!

God bless you and yours! Amen.
Lawrence Morra III


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