Dem-supported Muslim candidate once boarded a bus full of kids, threatened to blow it up, called them cowards for running

“a woman named Ubax Gardheere was charged at the time for boarding a middle school bus and claiming she had a bomb.”

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July 3, 2021 |

Republicaion by Lawrence Morra III

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July 4, 2021

What the hell does it take, for people in this country; once the Icon of Greatness under God Almighty a beacon of hope to the world, to wake up to the TRUTH in their faces of the demonic evil that is allowed to run loose in America and even be put on a pedestal by the Dems? Do you not see what I see how the Democrat party has become a refuge and promulgator receptacle of vile atrocities, sin, crime, pure evil, antichrists of raw human sewage waste; of all that is wrong and unjust, they are evil pure and simple; and are out to destroy America, you and I, in their one way or the highway pursuit of gluttonous total unrelenting power! They are in league with Satan himself and must be stopped!

The squad is a bunch of evil destructive haters on steroids and now they want to add to that band of banshees another crazed despot hater and ENEMY of America! Not many years back their sort if doing what they get away with now; did it back then, they would be locked away for life! Everything the Dems touch with their “crazed liberal ungodly fingers” they ruin!

It’s time for everybody to “wake up” before it’s too late and say NO MORE, you go or we lock you away! America, Home of the Free and Land of the Brave, One Nation under God; love it or leave it!

If you have a problem with that, my own words to you are; Get the Hell Out!

God Bless America on this 4th of July!

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

These United States of America Founded under God part II

A disturbed Democrat-supported Muslim woman who’s vying for a county council seat in Washington State once threatened to blow up a school bus full of middle school children.

According to a report published in 2010 by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, an official newspaper from the Seattle area, a woman named Ubax Gardheere was charged at the time for boarding a middle school bus and claiming she had a bomb.

“Gardheere … began yelling at the children, berating them about America’s relationship with Somalia, according to police reports. When the children and driver told Gardheere to leave the bus, authorities alleged the incident took a violent turn,” the Post-Intelligencer reported.

“You need to calm yourselves down, ’cause I could have a bomb. Look how loose my clothes are,” the woman then said, prompting a stampede toward the exit.

“Children began fleeing from the rear door of the bus, which was stopped near South 208th Street and International Boulevard South. As they did so, Gardheere began screaming that they were ‘cowards’ for abandoning their classmates, police allege,” according to the Post-Intelligencer.

Watch surveillance footage from the incident below (*Graphic content):

At the time, Gardheere reportedly told the arresting officer that she was “prepared to die.” But it appears she didn’t mean it.

According to Fox News, she wound up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor “as part of a pretrial agreement with prosecutors.” Meanwhile, it soon emerged that she had some serious mental issues.

“Gardheere said she was hospitalized for mental illness, including post-partum depression, after she gave birth to her oldest son three years ago. She said her mental condition worsened after she stopped in Dubai to see in-laws on her way to visit Somalia in 2008,” Seattle Weekly reported at the time.

“Then, according to her account, she was nearly raped by someone at the house where she was staying — and beaten up by police when she tried to report the incident. She was clearly beaten up sometime in her past. She sent SW pictures. She claimed family members’ reaction to these attacks was to tell her not to talk about the incidents because public knowledge of them would drag their ‘honor’ through the mud,” the report added.

Combined, these incidents led her to snap, she claimed.

“All this fed into her mindset last week when a dispute among coalition members made something snap, Gardheere said. She said she wandered off from her home that Monday morning when she saw the bus. She boarded it and started rambling. ‘I’m thinking in my head, what can I say or do that will get you taken to jail instead of a mental institute?’” according to the Weekly.

Be that as it may, her decision 10 years later to seek a position on the King County Council has some raising concerns about her eligibility and asking why so many local Democrats are in such a rush to throw their support behind her.

“I would follow Ubax anywhere. She is a talented, courageous, no-nonsense leader we need to ensure our county centers black health, wealth and economic opportunities,” state Sen. Rebecca Saldaña said to The Seattle Medium in an interview two months ago.

“Ubax has been integral in shaping policy to address equitable transportation investments, designing communities of opportunities programs, and growing values-based leaders to engage in our democracy through boards and commissions. We will all win when Ubax Gardheere becomes our next County Councilperson in District 9,” she added.

The Seattle Medium, an “African American owned” paper, made no mention of Gardheere’s criminal history.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, some have argued that while they believe in second chances, it shouldn’t apply — or at least not politically — to people who threaten to kill children:

Others have said forget second chances. In their opinion, Gardheere should have been “permanently” incarcerated — perhaps in Gitmo — from day one.

As an aspiring politician, Gardheere has, for her part, made it clear she’s no moderate.

In an interview last month with the South Seattle Emerald, she complained that the way Democrats talk about needing moderation is “triggering.”

“They will say things like ‘We need a moderate Democrat to beat this Republican,’ or saying that this person is more electable. When they’re talking about who would they mean by moderate Democrat, it’s somebody that’s adjusted to whiteness,” she said.

It’s not clear whether she realizes that many feel the same discomfort about the way she’s in times past “adjusted to” radical Islamic-ness

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