Biden Budget Proposal to Squander $5 Billion to Undermine Single Family Homes to Make More Room for Immigrants-Maximize Landlord Profits; Coffin Homes in Our Future

Biden is a pure EVIL man 100% through and through, so anyone that voted for him including a few friends and neighbors are the stupidest people on earth! They couldn’t see the forest for the trees or wickedness if it had bit them on the nose! I warned everyone what was wrong with this demonically influenced evil creature; just look what kind of son he reared, a pos demented punk criminal! My dad would have kicked my ass if I grew up doing any of the smallest things Hunter did and does; he is scum like his evil father.

This is the worst situation America has ever been in, even worse my miles than the Civil War was; and more horror is coming unless a miracle comes sooner to stop these Demon-rats of the Dem party and the Establishment Deep State, they all are on the road to perdition, dragging the human race with them they do not, I repeat do not believe in God Almighty they accept Satan and earthly power! Our own government is more a friend to the CCP, Evil Atheist ungodly commies; than its own citizens like you and me!

It might be already too late because people don’t listen to the wisdom that comes to them sent by God to forewarn them of doom; they are too self-righteous and busy having fun or getting things to be bothered with what might be up around the next bend in the road, or to think much about wrong actions or inaction have consequences!

Trump wasn’t just some anomaly; the only way he got elected President was God made that happen, preordained, to give America and us one last opportunity to get things right before the hammer has to fall on us! Too many people as I said didn’t see evil in their faces enough or at all to wake up and push hard in the right direction for a change; so far too many went along to get along, and millions of people voting for the slime bucket Biden shows us just how screwed up too many people are!

If things don’t turn out well they can blame themselves when the real horror and suffering come which is on the way so PRAY!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Mining Awareness +

Biden’s budget proposal plans to create almost $5 billion more of debt from 2022-2031 to “incentivize zoning reform“, i.e. to undermine single family home zoning. For 2022-2026 they propose $2.87 billion (Budget of the US Govt. for Fiscal Year 2022, p. 45. The budget doesn’t start until p. 37. The earlier pages seem to be a rosy distortion of the content. )

This is their real objective – maximizing profits and minimizing space: “Boxed in: life inside the ‘coffin cubicles’ of Hong Kong – in pictures”, Cities, The Guardian. Would you enjoy quarantine there?

Biden’s proposal is apparently to bribe local governments into doing away with single family zoning (through grants). The only people to benefit from this policy are property developers, and landlords (and Dem politicians). The apparent goal is put the maximum number of people in the smallest space at the maximum…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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