CDC Attempt to Take Over US Slapped Down by Federal Judge

Just more of the corrupt government overreach that was stepped up in high gear with the Obama admiration pulling these illegal overt anti-America and even treasonous acts using the IRS or FBI to harass the political opposition or Patriot Conservatives like they did with General Michael Flynn for being a Trump ally; or Courts on the liberal side like the now infamous San Francisco-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, running slip shod over anything conservative or actually good for the US Citizens, as they perform for the radical Left always!
This to me is just a small taste of what a Democrat Progressive Leftist Marxist controlled government would look like, and much worse with more totalitarian or Gestapo tactics being forced upon the Nation.
Lawrence Morra III

The Most Revolutionary Act

Armstrong Economics

COMMENT: The CDC acts like it has government power to issue legal rules, and enforce them. Yet, research into the topic only results in confusion concerning its power.
Much insisting that the CDC is actually a private entity, but then, again, more, insisting that it is an agency created legally by government. I would really like to see some detailed and enlightening words on this confusing situation. DC

REPLY: The press never wanted to publish a court decision by Judge Steven Merryday in Florida v. Becerra. On June 18, 2021, Judge Merryday, of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, temporarily suspended cruise industry restrictions issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC’s challenged provisions established testing, vaccination, quarantine and isolation, and social distancing requirements. In its complaint, the state of Florida argued that the “CDC does…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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2 thoughts on “CDC Attempt to Take Over US Slapped Down by Federal Judge”

  1. There are things I love about Armstrong and things I don’t. I am friends with a friend of his. One of Armstrong’s articles was unreachable yesterday and I called that friend to inform him. He couldn’t bring it up either.

    I don’t know if he contacted him but he emailed me soon after to tell me the article was up.

    I love that he’s done an article on the audacity of the CDC. He has a large readership.

    Now if we could get started on “Controlled Opposition”, we’d do better at protecting ourselves.

    Many groups that look like they are helping aren’t. I received an email from this group in the past week and groaned.

    I sent my friend this article and I can only hope…

    Oh No—They’re Advocating us into Mass Vaccination Programs

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    1. “One of Armstrong’s articles was unreachable yesterday and I called that friend to inform him. He couldn’t bring it up either.”

      Very interesting here Joyce! As you know these days more times than not we have to take things with a grain of salt, not knowing many times enough of the actual facts or hidden Truth, to make a good call on giving a report a Yay or a Nay vote of confidence! It sure helps when you personally know a reliable and credible source, in a sense Eye Witness as you do; or even a very close associate of that source!

      We also know at we are living in an age of high speed digital communication where deception and lies abound so sifting out the extraneous or false buffers is a task in itself, and I admit I grow weary of the whole damned system at times, but like my Dad always taught me never quit and God doesn’t want us to be quitters! So I have that maybe thick skull, or minded attitude, that once I make up my mind to get to the bottom of or truth in a matter, I have to keep plugging along; eventually it pays off with some revelation I have found, even if the insight is about myself and what I need to adjust or change in me. At times an unexpected God Send for sure!

      I always liked this adage by one of my favorite childhood authors of interest, being that I liked mystery or even odd twisted stories that kept you on the edge. “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.” ― Edgar Allan Poe

      So pray tell look where we are in this modern madcap time when we are all living in some sort of Poe nightmare for REAL!

      “Many groups that look like they are helping aren’t. I received an email from this group in the past week and groaned.”

      Perfect to mention this Joyce because this is the crux of it after all isn’t it; all of the shady dealings going on constantly, but the very real false facades that so many agencies or individuals put up as they play these games of another spy who came out of the cold or might with a bit more coaxing and a guilty conscience, secret agents with so many secrets to hide from prying eyes and all this one-upmanship to “get the other guy before he gets you business.”

      Now this is fantastic information Joyce as it really is a snapshot of me presently!

      “I was still learning—feeling my way around—but what I was feeling was disturbing. I could not put my finger on it for a few years. Then it hit me:”

      This here is absolutely truth I spoke with a doctor I used to see for a condition at a renowned clinic and she told me that “Tried and Tested” by many accomplished reputable experts and through study over time; outweighs for sure this slam bam thank you ma’am race to the finish line for the Vaccine Companies, to get emergency approval waving much former protocol so they can start raking in the Big Bucks for Big Pharma because, bottom line isn’t that what rules, or is king the money as they say talks and all else walks? I mean let’s face it with characters like Gates and Fauci on the tip of a spear that is projected to haul in profits in the hundreds of billions to actually trillions of US Dollars; who won’t sell out or pass the buck and squelch some protocol and get some regulations bypassed if they can get a tiny piece of that pie?

      “The Best Way to Produce the Desired Result…”

      This was good to see but I wish the reliance and trust even with the Church could be counted on in these life altering and threatening matters that have done so much harm unnecessarily!

      Joyce God bless you! This tremendous article and valuable information contained therein is what I call cutting to the chase; dear Lord! Wow, I could go on writing many pages here about all that is going through my mind that this one article of yours has stimulated; and I’m so energized but, this one aspect is the real McCoy of getting the ball rolling and something to actually happen that will make a substantive difference, really bring some justice to bear upon all of the deceit and horror! Because so much in our system is infected with deceit and hypocrisy, I deal with some myself when severely injured in an industrial chemical injury hen being in need I hadn’t been prior I ran into the reality that not all people in the Medical Industry are good or want to help you and even care some will even work nefariously against you for the bigger fish or the Kahuna; and then there are always those that go along to get along or even sell-out totally becoming our enemies; our US Government is chock full of them! Everyone has a price they say and I got burned and literally screwed because I was too trusting and naïve to think that Medical Profession means all micromanaged and so concerned about the patient’s health and safety is their mantra! Right and I’ll sell you a bridge if you believe that one! So I was a fool and paid the price suffering and being altered in more ways than one, I’m lucky I’m alive though altered and damaged but I thank God He wanted me around for something He deems necessary; and maybe just a good chance for me to do better for Him!

      Well I need to go get a bite to eat in the kitchen and will read and meditate on this much more because you have really offered some extremely vital and highly significant fuel and insight here that I’m blown away by; honest to God!

      Thank you very much for being so considerate and forthright! Amen.
      God bless you!

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