St. Lawrence of Brindisi

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Born in Brindisi in Italy and christened Julius Caesar, the future saint’s father was Guglielmo Rossi, and his mother Elisabetta Massella, both exemplary Christians. His parents entrusted the boy’s education to the Conventuals of Brindisi where he showed early signs of a shimmering intelligence and a gift for…

Just having spent additional time perfecting a blog posting of a couple of days ago adding a testimony that is quite pertinent as to the power of the Shroud of Turin and as I see it’s profound importance of being a religious and historical relic without ever having seen it firsthand; there is no doubt in my heart and mind that God allowed and planned that this burial cloth would be an additional incentive for the world to know that Jesus Christ our Lord Savior and Redeemer was and is exactly who He said! Then this article comes along just as I finished what I needed to do with “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” like a cue to say something here in this beautiful article regarding a beautiful soul and saint even one could say my name sake as my parents chose this name but it was the name chosen for preceding kindred passing on a name in the family tree but was also for the most poignant same reason, it being a Saintly name of historical importance to all Christians and especially those of the Catholic Church! With the Holy Scriptures and all of the Holy Prophecies handed down through the ages this additional piece of Truth provided by the Shroud that people can witness and actually see should be all that is needed for those who seek the Truth and Believe in God Almighty! Faith is the first and foremost requirement for anyone that wants to see and understand the Light of Truth that emanates from God Himself.

Garabandal jesus3

We’ve all been witnesses to the horrible corruption that’s been taking place throughout the world and how so many human beings are so quick in donning masks and skip church while taking the word of corrupted bureaucrats and other humans that say they only want to protect us from a virus that in actuality is nothing more than an altered bad cold/flu illness, but yet so many take their word that lock-downs and social distancing is Required; vaccines becoming mandatory; these evil concoctions that I say are the worst part of this devious plan being a bio-weapon and total lie; that even contain aborted human cell lines; in other words murdered babies from the womb! But when it comes to the Actual Truth that Jesus Christ is who he claimed to be, sent by the Father our Creator in heaven, this becomes something that many have trouble accepting for face value; when indeed everything, not just this short life on earth, depends on. The separation of the goats from the sheep is in progress like never before, with this digital highly scientific age. But, I see multitudes of people walking around on this earth like they are puppets with no clarity or interest in knowing God; only fulfilling their here and now needs or desires.

We are not beasts of burden that must be herded and corralled the way our leaders are treating us, and telling us we must be; these megalomaniacs poisoned with the lust for power and control of everything, are true tyrants and selfish despots who will take us to hell with them if we allow them to!  They are already talking about Fall Lock-Downs!  So with that in mind we all need to be asking ourselves, what do we belong to, and what will we cling to!  If you are willing to accept these wicked people and their mandates then you are of this World and will die with it.  But if you seek the ultimate Truth and either know Jesus to some degree or wish to really know Him now; then you won’t have any difficulty in letting go of this world and “Trusting in Him” completely for your “Everlasting Salvation and Life Eternal!” It’s not a difficult choice or even decision, if we just use the faculties that God provided when He created us in His image.  With that said, the biggest stumbling block for any human being is rebelliousness, arrogantly defying our Father in heaven and His will, to do our own bidding instead, which so many are now doing; and that is a one way ticket to Perdition and Hell.  God doesn’t stick people in that infernal horror and torment; they put themselves there by Rejecting our Savior, often after being given so many opportunities to change or even wake-up!

Time is passing quickly and running out even faster; for so many in this world. The pieces of Truth for us to see are quite evident and clear, just as the book of Revelation said; the signs would be evident; they surely are, because now we know the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of our Crucified and Risen Savior Jesus Christ!  We’re seeing End Time signs appearing everywhere now, more and more signs and evidence that we are living in the Latter Days; and the most obvious to me is how the global population bent down bowing to the worldly power of men and governments!  Or how so many faithful Catholics are accepting even a false prophet Bergoglio who is also advocating for NWO and all its mandates even corrupted vaccines or basically edicts as if from a king, and indeed these are from an earthly king, Satan; who is preparing the human race through his many cohorts and minions for the antichrist; that people will accept and be controlled by! It’s time to turn your heart to Jesus and let Him lead you in the things you must do while here serving our Father’s will, and then on out of this fallen, sinful, truly corrupted and artificial world, ruled by the father of all lies!  True, unconditional absolute eternal love and total commitment doesn’t exist here, I have experienced this sad flaw in humans as well as this material finite world being broken and incomplete; just like many of you have too!  Am I on a fool’s errand I ask, or am I going to really put all of my guts and faith in the only human being the Man called Jesus Christ the Savior, actually God Almighty that was on this earth for one reason, which was to rescue and save our immortal souls from damnation?

Jesus cruxifiction precious blood sm print

I’m ready Lord Jesus; so sorry for my failures and sins and I deserve to be on the cross you Lord Jesus took upon yourself for all of us here!  I pray more of the world’s peoples; the children of God wake up quickly to what is going on and more importantly what they need to do now!  Amen.

I’m including the link to the posting I mentioned, it’s not short but it is sweet; being that its focus is all about Jesus’ love for us, and I believe if you go through it all and pray; that you will be moved by the Holy Spirit!  Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

Born in Brindisi in Italy and christened Julius Caesar, the future saint’s father was Guglielmo Rossi, and his mother Elisabetta Massella, both exemplary Christians.

His parents entrusted the boy’s education to the Conventuals of Brindisi where he showed early signs of a shimmering intelligence and a gift for oratory.

When twelve, his father died, and he pursued his studies in Venice with the Clerics of St. Mark, under the supervision of an uncle. In 1575 he was received into the Capuchin Order and was given the name of Lorenzo. Once professed, Brother Lorenzo studied philosophy and theology at the University of Padua.

Lawrence had a prodigious memory, and mastered most of the European languages and Semitic tongues. It is also said that he knew the entire original text of the Bible, a feat deemed miraculous. He is also renowned for his complete refutation of the doctrines of Martin Luther, as…

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