Electric Vehicles Will Run On Empty Green New Deal Pipe Dreams

Originally posted on PA Pundits International:
By Larry Bell ~ Nineteen seriously misguided Republican senators joined with Democrats to pass a behemoth 2,720-page-long $1.2 trillion ”infrastructure” spending bill of which a mere 23% — about $127 billion of $548 billion in new federal spending — is earmarked for popular priorities that most people associate with…

Two Words Define The People Behind All EV Promotion!!
EVIL & INSANE: Go Figure That’s The New Definition of a LIBERAL Too!


“Meanwhile, China, the world’s fifth largest oil producer and largest CO2 emitter, gets a free pass from the Paris climate pact to continue to add the equivalent of about one coal-fired power plant each week, plus build others for Pakistan.”

The Left try selling this crap because they say we need to save the planet! The only thing we need to save the planet from is LIBERALS!

While they try force feeding all of their Malarkey into the collective public consciousness via the Leftist Controlled MSM with People like “Totally Insane Biden,” “Fruit-loop AOC” and “Whack-job Pelosi!”

These lying imbeciles leave out how they expect to run a Navy or Air Force on battery power while China drills on and powers theirs with Gas and Oil allowing them to not only become the largest producer of Petroleum Production, but, Naturally becoming the Most Powerful nation on earth “under Evil Atheist Communism” that will then take over America and the World!

Who and more importantly “Why” did we as a “Free Nation and People” allow these “Wicked and Lost Souls” to be in positions of power and government influence?

Soros puppet master lg print

Ah, “Soros” has them in his back pocket as that old geezer still wants to control the world before he kicks the bucket and heads to “hell for eternity!”

Let’s just keep listening to and allowing these “anti-human maniacs” to push their agendas so they can destroy us all. “GREAT GREEN NEW DEAL IDEA!”

Mr. Larry Bell sums it up perfectly! “Putting the matter pure and simple — it is a sweeping and destructive exercise in social and economic reengineering which will decimate America’s energy independence, create social and economic poverty, and empower our commercial and national security adversaries including China, Russia and Iran.”

Soros says Xi is the man! One demon soul to another!

Why don’t we all just, “Kiss Our Asses Goodbye” now and get it over with; I hate long drawn-out Endings, and when I die, I want it to be quick; not Long and Lingering Agony; is that too much to ask of these IMBECILES!

Lawrence Morra III

PA Pundits International

By Larry Bell ~

Nineteen seriously misguided Republican senators joined with Democrats to pass a behemoth 2,720-page-long $1.2 trillion ”infrastructure” spending bill of which a mere 23% — about $127 billion of $548 billion in new federal spending — is earmarked for popular priorities that most people associate with that term: highways, bridges, tunnels, ports and waterways.

Among other items, that spendathon earmarks $7.5 billion for charging stations to service a transition from 3% of current electric vehicles (EVs) to 50% in the next nine years … while simultaneously replacing the 80% of U.S. energy we get from hydrocarbons by increasing the paltry 3% now intermittently supplied by wind and solar.

As a dangerously irresponsible national security consequence, America will trade away oil and gas independence for reliance upon China that controls 80% of the world’s vital rare earth materials needed for those new EV batteries and that nighttime solar…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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10 thoughts on “Electric Vehicles Will Run On Empty Green New Deal Pipe Dreams”

    1. Yes Friend and Sister in Christ Jesus!
      We see him as one standout example of the multitudes just like him that are now following the master of all Lies and Deceptions! He assisted the Nazis as a youth in extracting Jews from their hiding to be exterminated!

      He gloats in his material wealth and grew in that hate of God and all that is good through all the many human years he has lived; earning what is coming for him an eternity of damnation; without any doubt!

      The US government even the CIA has catered to this monstrosity and the many who now occupy our Nations seat of power; making it a cauldron of the worst evils on earth!

      Should we even be so foolish to fantasize that he and all the others care one Iota about any of us? Never happened nor will it!

      God bless you and yours.

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  1. Guess what I found out. Most of the materials needed to build electric cars come from China. Every nation leader is part of the Chinese Communist government, including the Democrats in power. We already knew Biden was part of it. How else did a presidential candidate failed twice but somehow got more votes than Obama. This has deception and greed written all over it.


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    1. Key word GREED! From hell actually these officials in our government are sold out and selling our nation out to China! I knew for a while that much of the rare earth crap they will mine for these purposes are in China and backdoor deals are being made! We’re all in big trouble with these devils ruling the planet!

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