A Book Worth Reading!

“hotbed of turmoil”
“a nation and its people tattered and torn in their hearts and souls”

I was just reading this blog posting by Patricia Furstenberg which provides an overview of her latest book Silent Heroes that anyone who respects and loves freedom that we too often take for granted, owes it to themselves to check out first the blog link to her Word Press expose on the book; and then to read this timely and imperatively important body of work about the world of Afghanistan; a real valuable history lesson and reality check into what this country is all about; and how I believe it will play into coming world conflict!

Taliban, the History of Afghanistan and its People, Silent Heroes Book Extract, FREE Book

Here is my long winded comment I had to leave on Patricia’s posting today, which I only hope will serve to help you see what I do in this work of hers as being vitally important for anyone who cares to understand the present circumstances in Afghanistan while just as important if not more, how that nation is going to play a huge role in upcoming Geo-politics as things are being pushed to the precipice!

Very effective and insightful expose here that builds what I see as a proper framework or prism from which to peer into a very at times chaotic and frightening human reality of suffering, misery and hatred.

A “hotbed of turmoil,” “between a rock and a hard place” continually, which naturally has become a “cauldron of despair” that has left a nation and its people tattered and torn in their hearts and souls. They need an absolute miracle which I believe at this time that can only come from God Almighty through Divine Intervention via Jesus Christ!

This excerpt: “The Afghans perceived the Soviets who took over as a force that systematically planned to alienate every segment of their lives,” https://alluringcreations.co.za/wp/taliban-history-afghanistan-people-silent-heroes-book-extract, helps me to realize that I do understand and agree with their warranted fear! That scenario would absolutely happen under any Soviet or any Communist ruled nation’s intervention in Afghan affairs.

This was the resultant reflex or knee jerk reaction by an angered people who grew fed-up and exponentially more hostile toward the surrounding world; metaphorically like a hornet’s nest being poked and prodded.  In this scenario it’s a surefire pathway or opportunity for pure evil to find an entry point into the hearts and minds of such an agitated collective consciousness of these people who over the generations became radical and fundamentalist’s or even fatalist’s in their thinking, especially with the political ideology of Islam being a proverbial carrot dangling in their faces; that ultimately want revenge anyway they can achieve it! I say the powers of darkness have infiltrated many in this region, however, that’s not to say many of the mentioned outsiders aren’t being influenced by the same diabolical force; especially players like Russia and China among others, who only have goals of ultimate regional control for gloated selfish power monger purposes!

To me the false religion of Islam this Political Ideology finds a home with these people, many whom live for Jihad; for ultimately the bringing on of Mahdi, for a global battle or the fight to the finish; to slay all enemies of Islam; true madness!  Thus the great interest in Jihadist Training Camps to produce the required assassin martyr warriors required to undertake such an ambitious plan, to go out into the world and try to exact that festering revenge upon other nations they’ve learned to hate with passion!

As stated, “like a double-edged sword,” https://alluringcreations.co.za/wp/taliban-history-afghanistan-people-silent-heroes-book-extract, that is exactly what this situation in Afghanistan is, no matter which way the prevailing forces move someone is always going to be cut!

“Violence begets violence” and this country has been overwhelmed with it for centuries nonstop; can we fantasize about peace and happiness arriving anytime soon in this land of upheaval?  “A fool’s errand in the least or a nightmare at best!”

Again I quote: “Their hunger for power and self-interest foundation of their actions, through their corruption and violent nature, they have managed to strengthen the Taliban-led insurgency and engage themselves in torture and drug production.” https://alluringcreations.co.za/wp/taliban-history-afghanistan-people-silent-heroes-book-extract

To me that statement is the Mindset currently in place and on steroids!  With the failed US pullout done in such a foolish and demented weak manner, leaving behind so much military hardware worth in the hundreds of billions of dollars, serves only to embolden the Jihadist position and emotional thought process; all of which again proves a nation’s leadership, if we can call it that in this case, has played right into the hands of Satan!

I do blame this current defunct fraud and evil Biden administration! They will have “hell to pay on judgment day” for this atrocity and so many others they are incorporated into!

God bless. Amen.

Lawrence Morra III

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

One thought on “A Book Worth Reading!”

  1. Sometimes it’s a definite matter of get up off one’s posterior and defend yourself or be trampled underfoot! We have seen far too many examples of this over the ages and if we had not done so with our allies taken on the fight and War against Hitler and Emperor Hirohito and others we would not be enjoying the luxury of speaking so freely up to this point in time!

    War has been called hell and unfortunately that is true to a large extent but an unavoidable consequence of allowing tyrants and brutal regimes to continue on their chosen path of annihilation toward totalitarian control until things reach a breaking point! I think in such a massive out of control situation “there are clearly defined sides” and sadly you must choose the lesser of the evils or the less tyrannical side obviously in order to protect yourself and loved ones; which had occurred during WWII for example, or we could just lie down and take the genocide and madness that ensues!

    Just like the fraud pandemic by the evil globalists with so many taking their side already and what remains to be seen is if enough good souls will unite to take them on and see the battle through to a beneficial outcome; otherwise we can just allow these totalitarian minded monsters to reduce the human population as they intend on doing, while they the self-anointed chosen few will rule the entire planet! I’ll fight that war anytime! It’s a matter of wanting Freedom bad enough to fight for it instead of allowing brutal dictators to make a slave out of you or worse!

    Even way back when William Wallace, Brave Heart, and his countrymen in Scotland needed to fight back against the brutality and misery that Edward I Longshanks and the Hammer of England perpetrated upon the peasantry throughout the British Isles, because he had supreme power to do as he wished, and no human being should have that kind of power over others! I happen to know God agrees; and if my blood must run for that purpose so be it!

    Eventually God’s plan and prophecies will reach their fruition and until that time there have been those battles that needed to be fought to get us further down the path to God’s final judgment; when the curtain will come down no if’s and’s or but’s! You and I and everyone should be thankful for all of those valiant heroes that lived before us otherwise you and I would most likely not have lived! Don’t trust the ways of the world but only trust in the Lord thy God! That does mean if necessary laying it all on the line to do God’s will; and not your own. Thank you!~
    God bless.

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