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(God speaking to Hagar) “This son of yours will be a wild man, as untamed as a wild donkey! He will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him. Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives.” (Genesis 16:12) It all started with a promise.…

I know we are on the same wavelength regarding this subject and Ishmael had corrupted seed which is generationally passed onto today’s decedents some being demonically influenced for sure! Like Cain and Abel the same instigator, as I see it is working from the very beginning in the Garden to disrupt and be divisive to divide us while drawing out animosities and hate! I’m not a bigot, I know I’m not, but I must say those who are repelling and hating Christians as we touch on here, are dooming themselves to eternal damnation being antichrist in their thinking, behaviors and most important in some of their hearts; that are cold to Jesus!
You might enjoy what I had to say here in a short blog essay today about this general subject.

Very beautiful articulation and overview of this matter of extreme importance that is a huge festering wound among these peoples in a variety of locations around the planet and very much so in Afghanistan! These following excerpts drive home for me the nature of what is going on within these factions bringing into sight the conflicting nature at work!

As you state in these excerpts Hope that I then follow with my commentary we can readily see the seething hostility and revenge that is the underpinning of many of these peoples in the region.
“In the back of your mind I know you are probably thinking; “the sins of the father weren’t quite forgotten..” To look at the Arabic nation today, we have seen hostility, death, destruction, and pain—very much like what God said of Ishmael before he was born.”

“No. But that doesn’t mean that God isn’t working to save them. Many are giving their lives to Christ even now amidst so much strife and fear.
They are fighting against this deep-seated hatred that has been passed down through generations and trying to find peace and freedom.”

“For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

As I understand this Hope the Devil has been working against us all using every trick up his metaphoric sleeve and then some; to cause division and hatred amongst God’s children; to literally put the different peoples at each other’s throats and even now in today’s day and age where we would think humans can at least try to all be civilized or humane and not barbaric to the point where we still have seen some of his decedents rise up to be Jihadists and behead or burn Christians alive which is truly Satanic; and such persons are controlled by those unseen powers and forces of darkness having hardened their hearts while giving allegiance to the father of all lies!

This statement is of course what we thrive and pray for as any good Christian should; because Jesus Christ saves sinners that is His ultimate goal, so there is always hope and even when some of the most derelict persons have turned from evil and opened their hearts to Jesus!

I’d like to include some of my thoughts regarding this matter that I added to another recent blog posting that do correlate well, along with the link to my own blog essay.

Think of how America has been called the “Great Melting Pot” only for a couple of hundred years, but then consider how such vastly differing cultures or ideologies have since ancient times had to assimilate with one another or sadly conflict and perhaps use lying as a tool to overcome the other guy before he does you!

From my own not firsthand or direct experience of the overall region that you apparently have along with history study; I can at least say with confidence from my own discernment and study but by more importantly my faith that the leadership over all in Turkey is not good at all, and very brutal or getting worse with Erdogan being more Fundamentalist Muslim now pushing such policy and strategy more than previous times in a fundamentalist intolerant direction, along with the fact that China having massively large ambition of global conquest and control how it would and does look at some of these nations leaders as well peoples, as does Russia also; as useful idiots to do their bidding or even one hand helping the other sort of arrangements to eventually like the snake does to have its prey in its grip, and then slowly crush or choke the life out of it by having total control! I don’t trust anything about the Atheist CCP megalomaniac China leadership just like I don’t Russia with its Putin/communist party, now making energy deals with Germany and the EU only looking to future dominance and control; again like the snake taking the time and opportunity to eventually strangle what it sees as victims or useful idiots!

For the most part that is all the Muslim nations can be to Russia or China not having any vast weaponry power to use as a bargaining chip, although the last I knew Erdogan in Turkey did have an America NATO stockpile of around 50 nuclear warheads maintained there; though I’ve lost track of what the status is of that dangerous potential problem; the point being it wouldn’t take more than just one nuclear weapon falling into the wrong hands to then use it to trigger a massive regional or even global response along with AI being huge in the Strategic Weapons Systems in place globally; I see a no doubt huge potentiality of something going very wrong or bad very quickly with just a certain nefarious element being engaged in the situation! My point being I don’t see the Muslims over all as a peace-loving and seeking group in that entire region Vis-a-Vis Iran’s overly zealous desire to acquire Nuclear Weapons Capability which I don’t doubt they would use because at some point leadership such as the narrow minded ideological Ayatollah or Mullahs, would take the opportunity to destroy Israel! I see a clear cut defect in the Muslim religion or let’s say it “invites racialism and eventual hatred” that festers to levels that are diabolical as we all have seen in the last couple of decades, that the Muslims themselves don’t seem too concerned enough in putting an end to such horrific thinking and indoctrination; and with splinter groups and especially now again the Taliban resuming its old stature of dominance in Afghanistan in the ready to prepare camps for training Jihadists; which can and will absolutely only spell trouble and more hostilities to brew throughout the entire region.

My point is things are not going to improve or ever reach a satisfactory balance of those nations all collectively seeing eye to eye or work toward a common goal of peaceful coexistence! Why, because what we are talking here is many different human beings all having very differing ideological and religious views on who should be in charge and seek dominance over all others! The two superpowers Russia and China are looking to gain utter control at some point in the near future as I see it but all of these other factors but especially like Syrian’s Assad and Erdogan of Turkey are serious wild cards that will absolutely play into the building coming conflict, with of course the EU and all of its members needing at some point to assert and defend themselves against any massive plans being pushed down their throats. Israel or the Jews won’t and shouldn’t roll over either, so they I believe will always be in the ready to defend themselves against any such developments as they occur.

But, my main thrust or hopeful purpose in talking about this is to get back to Jesus Christ, who I have no doubt at all is absolutely who He claimed to be, and the mountain of evidence along with the uniformity of all the Holy Scriptures gives us much certainty that what happened with His birth and death being “the most unprecedented and profound event” in all the history of mankind, while prophecy is also real; and these factors give plenty of reason and opportunity for anyone who cares or wants to discern TRUTH, to not use lies to trick others as Muslims do and others like the Russians or China’s CCP; I’ll bank on the Truth of Jesus hands down any day of the week on all of what Jesus Christ told us, over anything these failed humans or any modern technology and science try to tell us otherwise! The obvious thing to me is how stupid or foolish, arrogant and blind to the Truth so many people are, even with so much exposure of the facts and historical record being discerned and supported now; yet so many turn from Truth and prefer Hate or Darkness more while pushing their own failed human agendas to do harm to others and have control over everyone they can! That is pure evil and comes from Satan; this is all so obvious to me and I wish multitudes of other humans could see things as I do; but sadly too many do not!

A giant storm is brewing and it will strike upon humanity like nothing this world has ever seen before! The bullshit stories and arguments are hopeless and have festered far too long; causing more divisiveness not any unity and love which in and of itself demonstrates just how flawed and hopeless the human race is left to its own devices and this goes along with all the Biblical teachings or record! This is all a battle between Good and Evil, Heaven and Hell. Each of us has to decide which do we genuinely really want to be spending our eternity in, “Live by the Sword and Die by the Sword;” which is sadly exactly what the world has done far too long and is still looking to do going forward!

Jesus Christ is the only Human who actually is God; to have shown the world what the answer to all of this is, not Muhammad or any modern day leaders and or men of science! This is all Vanity and will not bring us to the Promised Land or Eternal Peace; that is something only God can provide and will to those that believe His Son Jesus Christ!

For now I want to leave this link to one of my recent Essays to give a bit more definition and clarity to what the Bottom Line is and must be. Thank you for the personal accounting here! God bless you and yours! Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,


(God speaking to Hagar) “This son of yours will be a wild man, as untamed as a wild donkey! He will raise his fist against everyone, and everyone will be against him. Yes, he will live in open hostility against all his relatives.” (Genesis 16:12)

It all started with a promise. God told Abraham and Sarah that they would bear a child and through him God would bring forth His people (descendants as numerous as the stars).

And like many of God’s chosen in the Bible, Abraham slipped up—BIG time. He grew impatient and decided to take things into his own hands. So he took Hagar (Sarah’s Egyptian slave) and conceived a child with her, named Ishmael.

Years later, Sarah finally became pregnant and Isaac (God’s promised child) was born. This created a problem that Abraham was forced to solve: which child will his descendants come from?


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