“Coincidence? Three Presidents Dead after Blocking Distribution of Covid Vaccines”

The Devil is Getting His Due!

The diabolically corrupted leaders and globalists have contributed vastly to the Devils plan against humanity and have launched this plan the likes of which has never been this broad, encompassing and actually feasible in all of human history! The worst depots and evil men are closely connected and networked while being integrated into the entire “Military Industrial Geo-Political Big Tech and Pharma Complex.” We the people have no real voice or control over our own government just like most if not all other countries do not! People will have to rise up in civil war to change it!

This ongoing global crisis is a diabolical monstrosity and an atrocity of unprecedented proportions derived directly from hell; that is going to cause much more ruin than we have ever witnessed in my humble opinion; entire global systems may very well fall apart bringing on untold misery and suffering!

Sheen Santo Subito

The insightful guidance by some of our most precious leaders past and present of the Church like Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and more recently from Cardinal Raymond Burke and Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano have provided so much understanding as to how bad off the human race would be if nations and peoples don’t work toward genuinely maintaining peace. But most of all what our Father in heaven’s will is by His living word the Holy Scriptures through our Savior Jesus Christ for each of us moving forward as many frictions and actual major conflicts will unfold. But it was foretold in the Holy Scriptures that these most troubling of times would come and bring great calamity to this earth the likes of which has never been seen.

Fulton Sheen sm print2

Too many people have been led astray by the evil one and many more still are which is making for a social upheaval to come that will be apocalyptic while the supposed leaders of nations many of them so corrupted and drunk with undeserved power or influence are pushing all systems to the brink of complete collapse and ruin!

As I see it just as some of the most corrupted humans ever have infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church Hierarchy we now have many of the same sort in the US government which I quote here as an indication of how these horrible circumstances are all interconnected. “Only days after his murder, the US dispatched vaccines to Haiti, together with a team of FBI agents. This means that Haiti is now no longer the only country in the Western Hemisphere not to accept the Covid injection.”

And so the FBI and CIA are extremely complicit in many of the evil undertakings presently being carried out around the globe including these recent deaths of leaders! These same nefarious characters are working with evil Communist China’s CCP which is looking to expand sooner rather than later by the taking of Taiwan I believe possibly the way Russia made its move against Crimea and to eventually gain control of the South China Sea region closing up any gaps in order to control Asia and most of the Pacific Ocean in the region. I’m seeing now how China from all the available indicators along with its track record over that last dozen years alone spells one thing, which is the massive expansion and the spread of Communism which we know Bergoglio has no problem with such misadventures by such a brutal and diabolical Regime. We just watched as this completely corrupted and truly diabolical Puppet for Satan POTUS Biden just handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban on a silver platter as it were; which is all part of the ongoing satanic plan.

Obama evil now 2lg pr

Back in 2014 the equally evil and satanic agent of hell Obama released the most dangerous Jihadists from GITMO in a supposed trade for an American Army deserter Beaudry Robert Bergdahl, at the tune of $5 billion and the released five top Taliban Gitmo detainees if that makes any sense, (I smell Pay Off and Kickbacks for Jihadist sympathizer Mindset Obama); even when the truth later came out that Bergdhal wasn’t any POW and later was tried as a “real traitor” while in toll Obama released about 75% of the detainees at GITMO, eventually.

Screenshot_2021-08-23 REMINDER Obama Biden Paid $5 Billion Released 5 Taliban Prisoners For Deserter Bowe Bergdahl (Video) (2)

But most damning is the fact he gave into extreme hostile enemy terrorists, which was so bad in fact that I say Obama is a cohort of hell as well as a traitor for even just the release of one of these monsters, an actual mastermind of the Taliban in Afghanistan who worked closely with Osama Bin Laden, the Mullah named Khairullah Khairkhwa, who oversaw so many beheadings before being captured by American forces.


I tell you we are going to see some major advances in terrorist plots and horrible crimes being committed now that these devils have been released to swarm like a hive of angry diabolical hornets! To strike out and with all of the cache of military weapons and hardware worth in the billions of US dollars that Biden gifted to one of the most horrible enemies of mankind with his disaster withdrawal from Afghanistan making the Taliban the most well-armed terrorist army in history. As

190317 Joe Biden_resources1

I’ve said for a long while Biden is America’s Man of Perdition and demonically possessed; there is no doubt at all as I see this! In conjunction with that, what Iran and China will be doing to use these maniacs the Taliban for their ultimate goal of throwing off the US global strategic balance of power; so they can strike while the iron is hot and they will; I regret having to think how much can and will probably go wrong as the world is sliding down this most slippery slope ever!

Here is the Fox News coverage of this Obama debacle event back in 2014!

. https://youtu.be/Ac8BQigmckY

God bless you!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Catholicism Pure & Simple

From The Catholic Monitor:

In remembering aclip from C-SPAN, I found it amusing that a Catholic news outlet whose name will not be mentioned was spreading misinformation on Archbishop Carlo Vigano claiming he was into “conspiracy theories” for presenting evidence on the leftist Francis’s unseemly doings.

He also has recently been putting the spotlight on the COVID and the abortion-tainted vaccines promotion of Francis:

A caller to Washington Journal, May 27, 2018, raised the repeal of the Smith Mundt Act, legalizing domestic propaganda and the complicity of the media with the Deep State. The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift dismissed this fact as a conspiracy theory, but the Washington Times’ Cheryl Chumley reminded her of Operation Mockingbird in which intelligence assets were placed in the media. Eleanor looked very unconfortable.”[https://www.c-span.org/video/?c4731767/operation-mockingbird-exposed-span]

It appears a number of media outlets such as Reuters and USA Today are attacking speculation about the…

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