Who is the Harlot of Revelation 17?

Brother in Christ Jesus, I find again that we are on the same page with regard to the current unfolding world events and how it all fits to the letter the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures!

I’m going to repeat what I already said earlier in my comment to you with a couple of added links as well to articles I wrote that dovetail remarkably well with what are the most profound and telling signs of God’s Truth being revealed around the world, and what will be as I said earlier in these words undeniable.

Here you say what I see before my own eyes and the Pandora’s Box has been opened, or actually the “Gates of Hell” have been thrown wide open and the beginning of all tribulation is upon us as the fury of demonic forces are seeping into many lives and circumstances to take possession of humanity and devour it whole!

Nightmares beyond imagination are coming, this is the explosion from the resulting pressure cooker that was built by men who tossed God aside and even spit in His eye; they the Devil’s own! God’s Wrath is Coming on Soon!
God bless you!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Post Script:

There is a bit of confusion in some of the points you lay out or make about God being Holy or His Holy Spirit and nothing else!  First Jesus Christ was born in the flesh from the womb of Mary to become a living flesh man like us but perfect and Holy, Mary is now referred to correctly as Holy Mary Mother of God; a baby can understand that!  The Angel Gabriel visited Mary saying she is blessed among all women!  In order for Mary to carry the Son of God our Father in heaven and for Jesus Christ the Savior, the Sacrificial Lamb of God to be born in the flesh, she had to be “Holy” or in other words “Consecrated” “Chosen” out of all women which did make her “Holy;” just like when Moses stood upon “Hallowed Ground” to receive the “Ten Commandments” the fundamental building blocks of “Christianity and the Church” on earth as Moses had to be in the “Presence of God’s Holy Spirit” speaking directly to him; so he was in the presence of “God Almighty!”

Each bona fide Catholic Mass if performed in the prescribed manner by an “ordained priest” is the “consecrating of the “Holy Eucharist” the “Body and Blood of Christ” making “God’s Holy Spirit” present in that “Holy Blessed Sacrament!” The power of God far exceeds your man given notion of how “God does work in mysterious ways!”  Peter who “Jesus himself instructed to Build His Church upon “This Rock,” “Jesus” and in So doing taking “His place as the Minister of the Faith that Jesus Himself had been doing upon the disciples and Faithful,” the “Holy Earthly Ministering Worship Responsibility” that Jesus carried while in the Flesh on earth “from the Father” by means of the “Holy Spirit” was handed to “His chosen Saint Disciple Peter” making him the first Pontiff or “Vicar of Christ” and that is a fact if anyone is a Christian and understands!

Saint John Paul II was a great example of a Pope and was a truly precious “Blessed Holy Man” and you will not convince me otherwise till hell freeze over; what authority are you basing your interpretations of Scriptures that puts you or anyone above a Saint; that chalice could only be passed on by Jesus while in the flesh on earth as a physical act? 

The Whore is not the Vatican, it is in fact America, and that was just proven when the “Whore Representative of America Corrupted House” went to the Vatican to “unite the earthly power of America” with the “highest earthly moral authority” of the now infiltrated and corrupted Vatican just like America’s seat of power “the swamp” is so corrupted, which is the plan to seduce the world and usher in the antichrist! The current Pope is a False Prophet and that is all in the Scriptures, for anyone who truly wants to and is discerning the “Truth of God the Father.”

We’re not talking about some rinky-dink backwoods church in East Whateverville which yea, might be a joke if they were attempting to say they are the highest earthly moral authority on Earth for God the Father!

Some people are very confused and they need to see the Truth of the Father sooner rather than later! Time is a wasting! Amen.

God bless!

Brother in Christ Jesus,





The Ezekiel 33 Watchman Report

See the source image
The Harlot rides a Beast!

The 3.5 Times Prophecy

Daniel 7 is The Four Beasts Prophecy and the 3.5 times is found in Dan. 7:25. The entire chapter is an outline of world history from the Kingdom of Babylon to the return of Christ as King of Kings and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. This period began with the Babylonian Empire, and then comes to the present and the very near future. The four beasts represent the same world empires as the great image in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. (Dan. 2) The four World Empires were the Babylonian (606-539 BC), Medo-Persian (539-333 BC), Grecian (333-168 BC) and the Roman (168 BC – 476 AD). Western Rome fell when the Gothic Vandals deposed Romulus Augustus as the emperor in 476 AD.

The three horns plucked up by the roots in Dan. 7:8 were the Vandals (429-476 AD), Heruli…

View original post 3,141 more words

Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email: lmor3@aol.com

6 thoughts on “Who is the Harlot of Revelation 17?”

    1. To me he has to be because Bergoglio isn’t anything but a blaspheming fraud and advocate for the antichrist so Benedict the XVI is still the Pope as Bergoglio was installed fraudulently just like Biden was fraudulently installed as POTUS!

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      1. I agree Brother…that Bergoglio had so many deceived actually, with all of his talk about man is supposed to be a “good steward” of nature! I’ve been a wildlife advocate and rehabilitator for some years and even a tree hugger fighting for the preserving of them in my locale when the crooked system didn’t care one Iota that a politically motivated government project that was quite bogus meant thousands of oxygen producing, CO2 scrubbing, old healthy trees would be destroyed. I don’t think Bergoglio did Jack to save anything in Nature; at least from my own preserving nature perspective; as compared to someone like me, just a common or average citizen that got his own hands and mind involved directly! Taking state required certification courses to be an approved wildlife rehabilitator or becoming a full-fledged licensed environmental management professional technician! I rescued birds and squirrels even on my own property getting them back to normal function and happily for the birds and me was able to release them to live free again.

        Benedict a real Pope whom I admire for all the good he did in helping to restore and encourage more dioceses to return to traditional teachings and the Tridentine Mass was a blessing to have him. He also took a firm position with the Muslims and all of the uptick in Jihadists hatred and attacks being perpetrated upon their own people and so many Christians or Jews; whereas Bergoglio has been the opposite and snuggled up with many Muslim leaders or Inman Mullahs!

        Pope Benedict was a real defender totally unlike this monster of a failed human being Bergoglio! I do recall reading years ago, but, what source now I’m not recalling, that a plausible idea that the antichrist would be very “pro-environment” and an advocate of protecting the planet’s eco-system. Of course these days that could be a number of the Democrat hypocrites in office right now and many other government figures globally say like Emmanuel Jean-“Michel” Frédéric Macron who has both Jewish ancestry and inexplicable ties to Rome and the Assyrian Empire along with the fact that his parents where either atheist or agnostic! https://i2.wp.com/www.nowtheendbegins.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/emmanuel-macron-assyrian-jew-france-antichrist-new-world-order.jpg?resize=933%2C445&ssl=1
        Oddly both of his “non-religious parents” giving their child such a name is “Very” odd to say the least, his name is thoroughly loaded with references to God and Jesus Christ along with an intense short lived Catholic focus during his lifetime! He like Bergoglio and many other global leaders, especially US politicians who do attest to wanting to preserve the environment does sound so noble on the surface; but it’s a vague insight at best on its own; though I think it fits with the original concept right from Scriptures and with many experts in theological circles, that this coming beast will be a world charmer; sort of how I was seeing Obama for his entire two unbelievable terms in the highest office of the land, who espoused the mantra “leading from behind,” he another strange oddity outsider; could he still be leading from behind one could wonder! But the fact that he had so many fooled and eating out of his hand, Americans as well as many Europeans, saying what an intelligent and articulate nice man; that still baffles me, how that happened with all of the oddities and lies he carries on his soul; having been such a divisive force in the US government and American society; and he is to me a walking talking fraud on so many levels!

        But Obama’s partner in crime a good teacher/mentor perhaps at the time, the Epitome Washington Insider himself; the Professional Politically Organized Career Politician Racketeer Scranton Joe Biden, who gave Obama a leg up and then himself in the end with all those Obama supporters willing to give the Establishment Insider Greaser Biden a whirl, to now his having been “installed” as the “Commander in Chief!” What for all intents and purposes is now looking like a “slow simmering Coup d’état,” with this Biden who is definitely a “narcissistic, tyrannical pro-dictatorial minion” of something hideous! Seems a perfect match with Bergoglio, a match; well not made in Heaven for sure, but, somewhere far from it! And go figure, how Bergoglio came out slugging during the run-up to the election to promote this buddy of his; so another pro something or other with strong connection to Rome!

        As far as Macron’s religious identity he requested at the age of 12 that his parents have him baptized as a Catholic and attended a Catholic school, while now he is considered by many to be a “Zombie Catholic” and according to “Sociologists Emmanuel Todd and Hervé Le Bras were the first to label the phenomenon in their book “Le mystère français” in which they explain that “Catholicism seems to have attained a kind of life after death. But since it is a question of a this-worldly life, we will define it as “zombie Catholicism.” catholicnewsagency.com

        “According to Scripture, the greatest political leader in history – the man of lawlessness (a.k.a. the Antichrist) – will arise from Europe to seek world domination and deceive countless people near the time of Christ’s return.

        Somewhere at this very moment on Planet Earth, the Antichrist is almost certainly alive, and there is much speculation about the identity of this Antichrist. Among the speculation, some of the more popular Antichrist candidates include: Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and Pope Francis.

        Yet, out of all the Antichrist candidates who have come and gone, Emmanuel Macron, who became President of France on the 14th of May, 2017, has generated more end-time buzz than any other world leader that I know! This is because Macron seems to fit the exact characteristics of the Antichrist in so many ways.” christianevidence.net

        Thank you again for such inspiring and insightful comments!
        God bless you and yours!

        Brother in Christ Jesus,

        The Vatican Goes to Bat for Biden


      2. What a wonderful thing to help all of the animals! What worries me most about immigration is that there are so very few trees left and much of the country is quasi-desert. Forests are the best protection against storms, they are cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Without a diversity of forest types, bushes, and grasslands the animals have no home. It is very sad to see all of the homeless animals after they clear cut forests. People need to live in strong dome houses within forests, instead of clear-cutting. I had a longer comment re the Anti-Christ, which I was then going to shift to the comment section of your blog post, but since my other comment didn’t get posted, I guess I won’t for now. It was mostly observations on Obama and Macron and Der Spiegel pushing them as Saviors and some other long-winded things.

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      3. First on your missing comment just addressed that concern and I’m just as perplexed so check on your end again and I will keep my eye open here as I want to see that! Comprehensive and sincere comments to me are a major portion of the blogging process and at times without them the blog is meaningless! To me being a big talker I see this as hopefully a conversation if you will!

        As to the forests and everything you said here you are absolutely correct! I can’t stand how these self-serving imbeciles and greedy SOB’s of the world are ripping tree lines and stands of trees in isolated areas where there are so few of them to shreds; for many times the stupidest reasons as there are few truly legitimate reasons to ever do such a thing! In my region this happened for greed and the Nazis got their way no matter how much me one voice screaming out in the wilderness tried it fell on deaf ears and triggered the true Nazis in my midst, taking years off my life I’m pretty certain with all of the stressing and other fallout I won’t go into here! God made tress for all the reasons we can come up with not the least of which is to prevent erosion or as a giant absorbent sponge in a sense to cancel out trillions of tons of CO2 to give the world life sustaining oxygen in its place! But equally as important to me is to provide habitat for all of the beautiful creatures God created to serve a wonderful purpose of having an Eco-system that sustains itself! People are breaking down the web of life and will ultimately destroy this system of life and bring death if they go on unabated this way! This is a very deep wound with me and I won’t sugarcoat at all when I say it’s the selfish bastards of this world that are destroying it and all of us with it! I’d love to give them all a cracked jaw! Better yet to bring on the power of Saint Michael the Archangel to do what he does best with any evils!
        God bless you; and thank you for this great, valuable input here! Amen.

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