The Coming Civil Wars

OH Yes I see Civil Wars Coming Fast!

Burt Prelutsky… thank you for this candid and insightful perspective of the reality that is coming upon us all at hyper-sonic speed. This article does point out the fact that a long standing nefarious plan has been chewing up Constitutional Rights along with our Human Rights to bring on total control of the human race!

I realized when reading this article that all of what you say here is exactly as I’ve seen it too. I was in the process of writing a long response to another concerned citizen regarding a letter she sent to me after I reblogged her extensive article that questions the building body of evidence about how the Brain can be Remotely-Controlled by light flashes from digital devices!

Between these two distinctly separate articles I can at least surmise that it all comes to a convergence of making one realize how enormous and totally diabolical these problems are and where it is all headed! Then this brings me full circle to my own conclusion that Biblical Prophecy is all true and absolutely unfolding in real time right now! That means the only real solid ground and answer to all of the madness and evil around us is going to be “Faith in God Almighty” and putting Him first, above anything; even our own individual lives! There isn’t anything mankind can come up with on its own that will resolve the basic underlying fundamental problem that now exponentially increases daily, nor stop the catastrophic ultimate destruction that humans are bringing upon themselves. What follows is my response to that other commentary with accompanying links to some of my own blog postings that absolutely apply to all these matters as I see it!

Hi Joyce…I went to bed early last night but saw this right away upon waking. I agree totally and this agenda has had to have been an operative plan for quite a long while by the “think tanks” and “truly nefarious” of the world who are and plan to be the “puppet masters” of us all; these are not people with any “Christian values or hearts” but “truly monsters in human form,” to me! Only devils can think this way so it’s all evil out of the gate; that is a given! And my point is how do we win in such a fight when they hold all the cards and can usurp all kinds of military power to crush us when needed or even dark spiritual forces from hell, by those that are truly possessed just like say Commie China does all along which its demonically controlled and now many right in our US Government, aka Biden and Pelosi!

They’ve been using the dumb down method of corralling us like you say, getting people to lose or give up their will to succeed or want to push their lives toward accomplishing worthwhile goals, but rather, to be drifting jellyfish that can then be told what to do and when Commie Style which will allow the tyrants to control any of us to do as they command; not becoming independent individuals, but rather to be dependent minions, of the MOB mentality; the opposite of what American Pioneers were, and, what God wants us to be! This whole pandemic lie was just a trial run to push the agenda and an actual training platform to condition us while they tweak their nefarious plan or agenda of total control and utter oppression! Now they make threats that if we want our supply chain problems to go away and have all the consumer items available; “A Venezuela Building Scenario,” to hurry up and shut up, and do as you are told; Biden’s build back better! Nice Messed Up world these maniacs we allowed to have government power over us are creating; and imagine millions of fools voted for this, obviously their brains have already been tenderized and conditioned!

So my real conclusion is that sure resisting at all times in our minds is good exercise, in order not to lose our minds becoming those jellyfish so easily, and or just give up to become a damned sheeple!  So we need “God Almighty” now, like more than the air we breathe!  That is why promoting “Faith and Prayer” is the ultimate weapon against all of this my Friend!  If there was a better solution than that I think I would have already seen it, as I analyze and rack-my-brain on these big issues, and can’t see anything other than what the “Holy Scriptures” tell us about where we can find wisdom and the bottom-line answer; to all woes and problems of mankind!  Too many people have been led away from this kind of insight, with wayward thinking taking it’s place for too long now, and thus a resulting human race that is all jumbled up mentally running off on self-fulfilling prophecy tangents (lifestyles as they call it) of I’ll figure this out or I can do what I want the way I want as long as I’m weird, a Pagan, I fit their big program and they won’t mess with me, or even worse when some guys tell me, “it is what it is,” so thereby meaning who cares I don’t, type of thinking, just going along to get along! And that has led to a secularized dumb bunch of monkeys sort of society, like in the old movie “Planet of the Apes” where the brutal can herd all the weaker “no mind humans” or goofy in the head ones, to do as they are instructed or get their heads bashed in!

All this is moving toward authoritarian or dictatorial control of the people! I have seen it coming for at least since 911 and actually experienced firsthand “government overreach” and the shredding of our Constitutional Rights, like Nazis they violated my 5th and 14th Amendment Rights, and where was the big mouthed ACLU moron’s mouthpiece to help someone like me who had a real case? They are a huge part of the problem, they and others like the Southern Poverty Law Center both of which have screamed about citizens’ rights, say like a woman’s right to choose to kill her unborn baby even full term half way out of her body, or get the prayer out of school and no Christmas Cress on city property which is celebrating Christianity YES, the “actual driving foundational force” behind the establishment of America, oh no can’t allow that; but, all part of an agenda, which was to destroy “traditional American values” and get God out of the way; so the society could be “totally secularized or heathenized” making those organizations all Pagan Commie Traitors that I despise; which those organizations want all Americans to be!

So they got to force feed this evil to the public all these years unabated, because it should have been stopped long ago, and now it’s looking a bit too late; all these guys and gals running around with their bodies full of tats and rings in their noses or lips and tongues as well as God knows what else! I had talked directly to those organizations to see what they could do about my direct concern and “problem with Government Overreach” and they “don’t give a rats ass” because I’m not some left wing loony or gay rights and a dysfunctional idiot that has something they can build into their overall agenda; of destroy from within! But all those that they do work with, as some of those I just mentioned along with many more; do you think they pray or go to church and really care about anything other than their own little selfish twisted desires and left wing trash? Not a chance! LOST SOULS!!!

So the only conclusion there is in all of this to arrive at as I see it, is how can this “insane mess” be reversed or turned around quickly enough to prevent utter catastrophe which is coming to Planet Earth; and that answer has to be God, nothing else is going to cut it, none of us are going to come up with the magic formula or cure-all! We hear corrupted and even wicked government officials blaring out at us to “Trust the Science,” aka they really mean the “Lies and Propaganda,” because that is our God and will solve all of our problems; not God leading men but men leading men; they say listen to people like the demonic Fauci or the assortment of other derelict demons propelled by a completely evil and corrupted “Main Stream Media Propaganda Arm of the Agenda,” running loose doing as they please; while promoting total destruction to us and everything else eventually!

The writing is on the wall and in all of our faces, but, mostly what we see in response is “the blind leading the blind,” too many idiots on this Media Platform selling their books or saying look at me, I’m published and follow me, while giving me some dollars because I rate; and all they really are, is full of themselves and stupid people, helping the actual Agenda of destroy from within; so they are enemies too, just like so many others on “the big joke is on you,” internet each day!

Let me end with this to point out where actually Humanity is or isn’t; the Hippocratic Oath is barely existent anymore! I had a serious health problem only because I was attacked in a corrupted politicized government job environment with an arranged injury, so actual criminal intent involved, which prior to the injury I was a picture of health no doctor needed for anything, not even the flu nor any aches or pains, just fine health, and all of my health was maintained by healthy living with naturopathic home remedies that are old tried, tested and proven over centuries if not millennia! But, once I was in the Medical Establishment with a health crisis I was finding out how a few of these doctors I was seeing were either doing nothing to really help me “regain” my “own health,” or they were actively damaging it further, which would then make me a permanent money making product for the industry or kill me; whichever came first! Things are out of control and those “puppeteers at the top of this nightmare” are holding all the strings at the moment! The big push is on to take total control; no more Freedom or Human Rights! “A Godless Evil World!”

God; MUST be front and center in everyone’s life, if they are going to be doing the best they can in order to live in accordance with “mankind’s purpose” in the first place; that which God created human beings for, “His reason and purpose for us to live,” not ours!

Thank you for bringing some very worthwhile insight and genuine concern to the fore so that we can collectively consider the current dynamics of the life and death circumstance we are facing moving forward! I hope to at least get others to consider what I see as the only real solution to everything that is going wrong in this doomed and otherwise fallen man-made construct of a world; “The Crooked Ways of The World!”

God bless you!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

PA Pundits International

By Burt Prelutsky ~

Good luck to us because, as Gen. Mark Milley boasted, “We’ve got the guns.”

I am not afraid of China or Russia. I am not afraid of Iran or North Korea. I fear my own country. What’s more, I don’t think I’m alone. I also don’t believe we Americans are unique. I think all over the world there are billions of people who hate and fear their neighbors, whether it’s in France, England, Australia, Germany, Canada, Israel, Sweden, Spain or Italy.

Wherever governments, particularly those in previously democratic countries, have begun displaying their fascistic tendencies, taking advantage of an over-hyped virus to place their boots on the necks of once free people, I foresee civil wars breaking out.

It wouldn’t simply be a revolution against a federal government; it would be all-out war because in all these nations, a large percentage of the population, whether out…

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