Fun Facts Screwy Louie and Other Things Too

“slow simmering Coup d’état”

“According to a controversial theory proposed by two Columbia University scientists, there really was one in the Black Sea region. They believe that the now-salty Black Sea was once an isolated freshwater lake surrounded by farmland, until it was flooded by an enormous wall of water from the rising Mediterranean Sea. The force of the water was two hundred times that of Niagara Falls, sweeping away everything in its path.”

So any-who; I was just thinking again, something I tend to do when in the right frame of mind or in my case some may argue the wrong frame of mind; but nonetheless some sort of cognitive array of electrostatic signals flowing through my still intact brain tissue synapses! This occurred just shortly after I had completed a bit of commentary to another bloggers comment to my posting from yesterday titled “Give Pause and Recognize How Far We have Fallen,” in which I approached the subject of facing reality in regard to just how sinful this modern world is as compared to the Old World before the Epic Flood when Noah was instructed by God Himself to prepare for the coming deluge and near extinction of mankind which would be utterly wiped off the face of the earth!  Here is what that posted article started out saying this following excerpt.

I just finished a comment that was very important to give my all to and make sure I allow myself to be an instrument of God to do what I can to help save souls; because by the way this world has fallen further from God’s Truth and Purposes, so many are going to hell when they die. I see it coming and to me it’s actually too obvious and easy to understand how God is going to judge all of this very severely!  We who are of the faith in Jesus Christ, and believe that He is our Lord, Savior and Redeemer know that God did judge the world in Noah’s epic time period and wiped it all away to give humanity another break!  Do we think we are doing so much better than those lost souls during Noah’s Time?

Now today as I wrote this latest comment I felt this point was too important to gloss over and leave hanging in the breeze especially when I knew there was still so much I could have said and should expand upon.

Now a primary driving factor in what I said yesterday was the Fact that since Roe vs. Wade back in 1973 worldwide there have been 1,7 Billion abortions with about 63 millions of them right here in this Republic  under God America!  That was just too horrible a truth to be contemplating and I did feel ashamed or our entire human race while also wondering why God hasn’t crushed this whole dirty deal like some huge cockroach under His mighty Foot! I mean it was surely obvious to me that those human beings prior to the flood couldn’t have been living as decadently and wayward as we do today with these staggering sins of abortion and fast and loose lifestyles of just about anything goes now whereas just several decades ago sodomy, adultery and things like pornography were all frowned upon as wrong and in some instances were illegal and punishable by law! Those ancient peoples may have been living in lust and sin having babies all over the place that who their actual biological father was may have remained hidden, but they weren’t having Industrial Scale abortions or probably not any which seems like the much lesser of the evils between fornication and murdering helpless innocent babies while they slumber in their mothers’ wombs! And then from my own past education and actual hard fought lessons in life experiences I recalled how evil is a very real presence and force that we must consider in order to not take it or this life so lightly that we become complacent or worse decadently morosely arrogant in our behavior or actions; because first it’s best to consider that we must always remember that any action we take will have a consequence or resulting outcome derived from our either good or wrong intent! I illustrated that some people are victims of evil and they didn’t cause it at all but something or someone brought that suffering upon them so we must ere on the side of caution and due diligence to live in accordance with the best prescribed methodology and as I see it there is no better way than what Christianity through Jesus Christ Himself taught us! One crucial thing I did point out in that writing and must repeat here is that the most valuable thing in the world that all of us has in our possession is our immortal souls and that is what the real battle here is all about!

Then early today in my writing what came up immediately was the subject of the current pope and how since his arrival things in the Church and around the world seem for sure to have taken a big turn for the worse and in some cases things just seemed to have been flipped on their heads or upside down! That led to the obvious question as to what is going on now and why all this disarray or skewing of so many foundational or traditional societal precepts and the elevating or putting on a pedestal many wicked derogatory and even things that were considered so ugly just a few decades ago are now suddenly fine and the MSM is pushing on everyone that these hideous behaviors are the New Normal and very acceptable?

Children being spoon fed Drag Queen Story Hour in Public Schools by decadent freaky and very weird perverted men in dresses or CRT being forced upon those same children and if their parents object to this madness of a wacko curriculum they are now being considered Domestic Terrorists by the FBI!  What the hell  is going on are they for real; doing this  while the Biden administration has actual terrorists and cartel member pouring into the country over our  Southern Border to come here and do God only knows what? These are our government officials and they are doing some good?  This is diabolical; absolutely and unequivocally evil.  I don’t care if the whole world buys into this crap or just gives in out of fear and the pressure tactics of coercion by the criminal government dictatorship we seem to now have; I will never accept any of this and they can kill trying to make me belie them over what God has taught me and still does by the Holy Spirit via my heart and conscience!  I still know the difference between right and wrong and decent versus perverted; Truth or Lies!

So then with all of this in mind I began to see how the whole world is on this ugly path and then I remembered many things I’ve read about the antichrist already being on earth and having been born around 1960 just a couple of years before the Vatican II Council of the Roman Catholic Church was to commence and I know this is not  a coincidental pattern or chain of events unfolding in the world but is a carefully orchestrated plan by the Devil and his many cohorts and apostates of hell on earth! All of this is a preparing for the arrival of the End Time Antichrist.

Here is what I wrote during a conversation a while back resulting from an attack upon me by evil; which again dovetails with yesterdays and today’s writings.

Rabble-Rouse Minions of the Antichrist Movement

Last Christmas and now this past Christmas very deliberate challenges of the faith came to me online to dispel belief in our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior!  These are antichrist individuals who are working in lockstep with the evil one who seeks to devour all the souls he can before his time arrives to be utterly destroyed or locked away in hell for eternity with all of his followers, by our Lord God Jesus Christ.  Here I tell all of you what I had told him today this rabble-rouse instigator who like others instigates and seeks to confuse or ruin.  The campaign against God’s plan and His children has stepped up exponentially and we need not look any further than our own Government’s seat of power in Washington where we have seen for the last few years the methodical and deliberate plots of the Democrat party led by the house speaker and her team to cover past deceptions and transgressions against our Republic and God Himself!  These atrocities have gone nearly unabated but justice and judgment are coming swiftly to the worst among us.  These “wolves in sheep’s clothing” are still defiant and seeking to bring down the House along with the entire country, regardless of how obvious and contrived their criminal antichrist actions appear now!

I start by introducing a portion of many text messages that came to me by this rabble-rouse attacker.

“Why is Jesus called “Son of Man”? The Greek philosopher Celsus relates in polemical work against the Christians preserved by the Christian theologian Origen that he had found it “written” that Jesus was the son of a Roman soldier named Pantera (Contra Celsum 1. 69). This text dates to the late 2nd century.
The Tanak supports this position of “Jesus” being the Son of a Roman Soldier, Pantera.”

“Lawrence of Morra, The Nation of Islam is an African American political and religious movement, founded in Detroit, Michigan, United States, by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad on July 4, 1930. Currently the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Mr Poo has a point and if he wears a hat no one will notice.”

“History is just that “HIS STORY” from the perception of their intellectual persuasion. And Naturally that perception cannot be other than prejudicial in nature and biased by presumption. So are you saying that the followers of Allah are actually followers of Alalu the First God of Earth who was defeated by Anu ??? Yahu… Alalu – Alahym – Elohim ??? HMMMM? Who knows the Truth of what IS is? We can only assume we know.”

OK let’s get you straight if that is at all possible as you and Mr. Poo must either hold hands or be members of the same insanity club!

I’ve dealt with people like both of you and some even worse as they don’t just talk antichrist they perform rituals and acts that blaspheme God Almighty!  Your circular rants or arguments are an affront to Jesus Christ and His faithful so here I only try one more time to tell you to “cease and desist” from your madcap folly or being a joker in the deck!  You in a sense are nearly as bad as the atheist who tells God to take a hike, only difference is you and poo run slipshod diversionary tactics against the faithful and those that are seeking genuine insight and help to get on the path.  Those are the people I tend to give my time to but not you and especially not poo-head who is already dead spiritually and has one foot in hell as well!  Beware time is running short for the world and especially for poo and you!   Mockery of the Lord is one’s damnation in the making!  Willful “Transgression” is an abomination.

I did make it very clear that no one can lay claim to what Jesus Christ was, did and is!  He was the Messiah that was prophesied from the time of Abraham and to deny that historical fact and truth is to deny God.  This was God’s plan not yours mine or any other humans, the devil, nor fallen angels!  There is only one truth not multiple truths or possibilities as you would have others believe; instead you pursue lies with half-truth and actual lies or deception!  I see through all lies yes even the most counterfeit of them all who has challenged me for years the Devil!  You have yielded to his temptations and lies for stature and recognition of self and false claims!  You have taken upon yourself to know more than the wisest among us to think you have some ultimate truth of the universe and you have actually diddlysquat!  There is only one true God the Creator of all things or there isn’t, you are a believer or a non-believer and in your case to take some pieces that fit another concocted or diametrically opposed philosophy or other belief system in order to make your own system is all a sham and lies!  I dare say that what you do is blasphemy and puts your soul in immortal danger of eternal damnation! You are better to take one side or the other, to say you confess that Jesus is whom he was said to be the MESSIAH, or he is not, but this lukewarm nonsense is a travesty and that is something God says in the “living words of the scriptures,” that He would rather we take one side or the other but not to be lukewarm!  Again, I say this one fundamental truth to you and anyone listening, no other human being on this earth ever did or could lay claim to what Jesus Christ did and who he said He was!  It is historical fact not maybe or supposes!  He was the “Sacrificial Lamb for all Mankind,” in order to take away all man’s sins and cleanse all who accept this GIFT in order that they will be worthy to be in “Gods perfect Holy presence in Heaven eternally!”  No other way is available, Jesus said I am the way the path and the life!”  It was He who brought light where there was darkness!  Therefore, I Lawrence his lowly servant on earth say, any other path leads to darkness!  Heaven or Hell, the choice is your own to make!  There will be no multiple planes of existence or alternate worlds, evolution, transmutation or traveling, there is this material world, and there is Heaven and Hell, which are the places where “souls” end up forever!  Very simple and no mind bending gibberish that you speak of!  For your own sake I hope and pray that you see God’s light quickly and turn completely to Him! He can and will forgive you of all transgressions as He will any other human being that accepts Him as the only truth, path and light leading to eternal life in His glorious kingdom; that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior!  Amen.

Again, I must tell you,  that you take bits from a massive whole of truth and try to manipulate it to suit your own egocentric cause and lie!  When God comes as the one we will know as Jesus Christ the Son of Mankind it will be the final judgment of this entire material plane and He will be with the army of Angels led by Him and arch angel Michael!  Don’t try to profess you know enough about Scriptures and “the living word” when you reject it outright with your no books matter and “HisStory” mandate!  You talk riddles and lies.  Quit while you are ahead or wear a sign on your head, professing that you know more than Jesus Christ!

I know full well about Nation of Islam here in the USA, but my point from the get-goes was the Islam that Muhammad declared before his death after his last vision in 632 AD; was the foundational precept that all Muslim followers whether in the Middle East or here in the USA and elsewhere have built upon “those lies and false prophecy” since then that Muhammad started; and he was an antichrist!  Case closed, nothing you or poo-head can say will matter against the Lords Truth!  Amen.

Thanks be to God our Lord and Savior “Jesus Christ!”

“Your window of opportunity to make up your own mind to be Hot or Cold, not Lukewarm, is closing very quickly!”

Now to the more pressing issue of whether the Antichrist is potentially among us now. This is what I wrote early today October 19, 2021 that got this ball rolling in this current direction.

I agree Brother…that Bergoglio had so many deceived actually, with all of his talk about man is supposed to be a “good steward” of nature! I’ve been a wildlife advocate and rehabilitator for some years and even a tree hugger fighting for the preserving of them in my locale when the crooked system didn’t care one Iota that a politically motivated government project that was quite bogus meant thousands of oxygen producing, CO2 scrubbing, old healthy trees would be destroyed. I don’t think Bergoglio did Jack to save anything in Nature; at least from my own preserving nature perspective; as compared to someone like me, just a common or average citizen that got his own hands and mind involved directly!  Taking state required certification courses to be an approved wildlife rehabilitator or becoming a full-fledged licensed environmental management professional technician!  I rescued many different wildlife over the years sometimes birds and squirrels even on my own property, getting them back to normal function and happily for the birds or squirrels and me; I was then able to release them to live free again.

Benedict a real Pope whom I admire for all the good he did in helping to restore and encourage more dioceses to return to traditional teachings and the Tridentine Mass was a blessing to have him as the leader of the Roman Catholic Church having taken the place of Saint John Paul II.  He also took a firm position with the Muslims and all of the uptick in Jihadist’s hatred and attacks being perpetrated upon their own people and so many Christians or Jews; whereas Bergoglio has been the opposite and snuggled up with many Muslim leaders or In-man Mullahs!

Pope Benedict was a “real defender” of not only the Holy Church but also the children of God, totally unlike this monster of a failed human being Bergoglio a Jesuit Freemason! I do recall reading years ago, but, what source now I’m not recalling, that a plausible idea that the antichrist would be very “pro-environment” and an advocate of protecting the planet’s Eco-system. Of course these days that could be a number of the Democrat hypocrites in office right now and many other government figures globally say like Emmanuel Jean-“Michel” Frédéric Macron who has both Jewish ancestry and inexplicable ties to “Rome” and the “Assyrian Empire” along with the fact that his parents where either atheist or agnostic throughout there lives!

Oddly both of his “non-religious parents” giving their child such a name is “Very” odd to say the least, his name is thoroughly loaded with references to God and Jesus Christ along with an intense short lived Catholic focus during his lifetime!  He like Bergoglio and many other global leaders, especially US politicians who do attest to wanting to preserve the environment does sound so noble on the surface; but, it’s a vague insight at best on its own; though I think it fits with the original concept right from Scriptures and with many experts in theological circles, that this coming beast will be “a world charmer;” sort of how I was seeing Obama for his entire two unbelievable terms in the highest office of the land that I didn’t help to vote in for that horrible second term, who espoused the mantra “leading from behind,” he another strange oddity outsider; could he still be leading from behind one could wonder!  But the fact that he had so many fooled and eating out of his hand, Americans as well as many Europeans, saying what an intelligent and articulate nice man; that still baffles me, how that happened with all of the oddities and lies he carries on his soul; having been such a divisive force in the US government and American society; and he is to me a walking talking fraud on so many levels!

But Obama’s partner in crime a good teacher/mentor perhaps at the time, the Epitome Washington Insider himself; the Professional Politically Organized Career Politician Racketeer Scranton Joe Biden, who gave Obama a leg up and then himself in the end with all those Obama supporters willing to give the Establishment Insider Greaser Biden a whirl even if cheating to do it, to now his having been “installed” as the “Commander in Chief!”  What for all intents and purposes is now looking like a “slow simmering Coup d’état,” with this Biden who is definitely a “narcissistic, tyrannical pro-dictatorial minion” of something hideous!  Seems a perfect match with Bergoglio, a match; well not made in Heaven for sure, but, somewhere far from it!  And go figure, how Bergoglio came out slugging during the run-up to the election to promote this buddy of his; so another pro something or other with strong connection to Rome!

As far as Macron’s religious identity he requested at the age of 12 that his parents have him baptized as a Catholic and attended a Catholic school, while now he is considered by many to be a “Zombie Catholic” and according to “Sociologists Emmanuel Todd and Hervé Le Bras were the first to label the phenomenon in their book “Le mystère français” in which they explain that “Catholicism seems to have attained a kind of life after death. But since it is a question of a this-worldly life, we will define it as “zombie Catholicism.”

“According to Scripture, the greatest political leader in history – the man of lawlessness (a.k.a. the Antichrist) – will arise from Europe to seek world domination and deceive countless people near the time of Christ’s return.

Somewhere at this very moment on Planet Earth, the Antichrist is almost certainly alive, and there is much speculation about the identity

of this Antichrist. Among the speculation, some of the more popular Antichrist candidates include: Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and Pope Francis.

Yet, out of all the Antichrist candidates who have come and gone, Emmanuel Macron, who became President of France on the 14th of May, 2017, has generated more end-time buzz than any other world leader that I know! This is because Macron seems to fit the exact characteristics of the Antichrist in so many ways.”

Just to put a sharper focus on the subject at hand let’s look at these facts!

1)  Emmanuel means “God with us.”

2)  Macron surname means “He who values power over love,” also “to obliterate.”

3)  His 2 middle names are Jean-Michal and Frédéric.

4)  Jean-Michal means  “who is like God or “God remits.”

5)  Frédéric means  “Peaceful ruler.”

6)  Won election by 66.6% of the vote.

7)  Stated he was so intelligent that the press probably could not keep up with how fast his brain works.

8)  Said he intended to rule like the Roman god Jupiter (The most powerful of Roman gods)

9)  Born on winter solstice/Saturnalia celebration.

10)  Before politics, was an investment banker at Rothschild & Co.

11)  Raised Catholic, Baptized Roman Catholic but now calls himself agnostic.

12)  Jesuit education, Like many Freemasons, Bergoglio the False pope.

13)  French equivalent of a Masters in Machiavelli and Hegel.

14)  2nd Masters in Public Guidance and Economy.

15)  Millionaire

16)  Proposed legislation in 2012 seeking to change the time in a workweek from 35 to 37 hours per week.

17)  Socialist until 2015, then Independent.

18)  Macron’s Law was his piece of legislation that “intended to rejuvenate the French economy by fixing regulations based around Sunday work, transport and driving licenses, public sector jobs and the transport market.”

19)  Macron’s Law II was cancelled ( for a time) which would make major changes to the retirement system.

20)  Compared himself to the French heroine Joan of Ark in one speech.

21)  Now heading up the global initiative with Bill and Melinda gates for the Covid-19 pandemic crisis to include vaccinations with a tracking component, and probably also an end to use of cash.

As if all of that weren’t enough this Macron with other G7 and G20 leaders, rejected Trump (who is actually the head of G7) for defunding WHO because Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus Adhanom a lifelong commie from Ethiopia lied and was in cahoots with China on the Wuhan Virus trickery and thus refusing to participate in their global response to the pandemic.

Is it just an odd thing that Bergoglio is pushing like hell to get one world government which will be headquartered out of the United Nations and he himself has become an active fixture of that Man Made World Government Affairs construct now like no other pope ever did; which is actually against the Church and the Pope’s position as “head minister the Pontiff of the Church” that Jesus himself told Saint Peter the Apostle to build, to now be mixing with man’s corruptions and politics this way; terrible and very devious with obvious dark ulterior motives! If this effort  of Bergoglio’s  is successful this will be the perfect vehicle of this  New One World Government Leader (antichrist) to be ruling from!  These Freemasons have designs!  Let’s hope and pray that if this is the case our Lord and Savior will head them off at the pass before they can accomplish their diabolical actions!  Amen.

Thank you again for such inspiring and insightful comments!

God bless you and yours!

Brother in Christ Jesus,


Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

9 thoughts on “Fun Facts Screwy Louie and Other Things Too”

  1. The Nation of Islam was founded as a scam by its original founder. It wasn’t even based on real Islam – just a made-up cult. One of the reasons Malcolm X left the Nation of Islam and was later assassinated by NOI members is because he exposed it as a fraud. When you figure that people like Keith Ellison and Maxine Waters belong to the Nation of Islam, you can see why the Democratic Party has been so screwed up by people like this. THEY ARE ALL FRAUDS. And all of that crap about white people being evil is straight out of the Nation of Islam.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true and it was not based on what the original Muslim followers of the Old Testament considered the word of God! The false prophet of the Satanic Verses concept that novelist Salman Rushdie wrote got many people thinking about what he was honing in on; like a reality in which art imitated life too much or too much TRUTH making for a Fatwa by Ayatollah Khomeini and we know in this false religion, Taqiyya, lying is encouraged to promote the good of Islam or pretty much any given situation to deceive Islam’s followers enemies or even the world; um-mm sounds very satanic to me!

      Raymond Ibrahim quite the scholar in his book “Sword and Scimitar” produced a fine expose on the rise of this Islamic Empire and what its history and ultimate goal is!

      The title “Satanic Verses” as you know referred to passages that Rushie’s novel brought out were said to have been removed from the Qur’an in which the Prophet Muhammad, spoke the words of Satan instead of God.

      Crazy world isn’t it now! Oh and you hit a nail on the head from my perspective or a ball out of the park; when you mentioned Maxine Waters whom I’ve called for many years “Maxine the Crazy Machine!” What a vicious and ugly person in her heart and soul! That has to be satanic influence.

      What’s really sad is we live in a time when “what was right will be wrong and what was wrong will be right” as in these examples we can clearly see; and in the past no such persons could be in our country; let alone in our Congress!
      Good Lord!!!

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      1. It’s looking so very likely Dawn my Sister in Christ; and time is getting short! I know how you feel I think; it brings me to tears even now, watching that video “Paganism in the Catholic Church” again.

        Jesus gave us the greatest message of Hope and Love, Eternally never an End! That makes me happy and I admit I yearn to know Him better and Dear God willing meet Him, if I’m worthy and belong to Him truly!

        I too was getting that way about the sad expectation of harm and suffering to come for all including me, but, I think this over as I have with my writing to you in my essay, and, that feeling leaves me, filling my heart with Joy and Fearlessness, with God; as I know the End Result will be up to God Almighty nobody has any ownership of our souls if He claims them as His own; we can trust Him and His Son our Savior Jesus Christ!
        Sister Dawn, just now reading this text over again right at these words “and that feeling leaves me filling my heart with Joy and Fearlessness, with God,” just then before I clicked send I saw the image of the Movie The Robe, a great Biblical Classic with Richard Burton and Jean Simmons, as they walk confidently to their execution with God by their side!

        “6For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. 7For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-control. 8So do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, or of me, His prisoner. Instead, join me in suffering for the gospel by the power of God!” 2 Timothy 1: 6-7

        Brother in Christ Jesus,

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