Prosperity gospel: deceiving the church

Starting “straight out of the gate” as the saying goes I quote, “In this perilous time many are into grabbing;” this is exactly what the biggest problem is in all societies currently, it’s all about the money and getting filthy rich! Look at American politics with all of its so called elected officials who once in office work with the political machine politics, status-quo establishment, which now uses the “Big Tech Social Media and MSM as Propaganda Arms” to manipulate the public and system in order to stay in office! And while in office get all the lucrative back door deals they can selling political influence and cronyism; or as we saw with the Plan-Demic, feed the “Giant Big Pharma Appetite” to the tune of $Trillions and shift the global wealth into the hands of the few! Then meanwhile run the public’s deficits up to the stratosphere, on the future of the populace, who they are supposed to be protecting their best interests; but instead are burying future generations in so much debt that eventually the world economy, will collapse; leaving only “the haves” a group made up of about 1% of the human race owning everything, and all the “have not’s,” that is us being destitute and at the bottom of the barrel as slaves, begging for some crumbs!

Obama Devils Own

It’s a matter of public record and some good forensic investigations over the years that points out what Hillary Clinton did as Secretary of State with her Clinton foundation “Pay-To-Play” global scam! Or Obama having a net worth of about 1 $Million when elected President and worth now in the hundreds of millions and some calculate with hidden offshore hidden accounts, that he has $Billions stashed away! We know he and John Kerry who married into the wealth of the corporate Heinz family, but went on in politics or actually the political influence racket and got some serious kick-backs for facilitating say for example the crooked Iran nuclear deal for one; when in the dead of night freshly minted America small denominations of CASH in the hundreds of millions was delivered to the Ayatollah and his Mullahs! All of it only additional payoffs whether for hostages or political leverage, it’s all the same; just part of the corruption network at work with big money changing hands, a giant “Con Game!” Then of course there is China with all the deal making behind closed doors with politicians and major corporate bigwigs setting up political/business payoff deals, like China Joe Biden did for decades during his over 50 years in a federal political office, along with setting up his son Hunter to do the same thing making additional millions for the both of them and other extended family; all guilty as sin for crimes of money laundering and selling political influence! They are all doing this and this, is all “Pure Evil!”

Who the hell are these damned to hell elected or appointed government Public Servants; like Fauci too, that they should have a job working for the American Public and pull off all of these totally criminal and treasonous activities; making themselves so filthy rich, and even laugh about it?


My point is the money factor has never been so big in global politicking and what I mention here is the tip of the iceberg! The old saying “the rich get richer and the poor get poorer,” is a joke now, because these “international criminal traitors,” including many current elected Congressional figures are “figuratively in economic terms raping the American public and robbing it blind;” taking every cent they can to fuel their lust for money and power, “while screwing the people Six Ways to Sunday;” they don’t care one iota about people other than themselves and the crony circles!

Pelosi gangster

Just a good past article about the corruption and evil going on!

Now my sad conclusion to all of this is that there are far too many evil players involved with all of the crime going on in the “government racketeering organized crime syndicate,” to ever see justice done; because the hammer would have to come down on hundreds if not thousands of major government former and present employees and officials, and so they are all in a sense, “too big to fail or prosecute” and they all get a “free pass” while “the world is going to hell in a hand-basket!” “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” and overwhelming corruption turns everything into an “evil system of Lies on top of Lies;” the “Devil’s game,” who now owns all major global political and economic systems; yes “the root of all evil has got a “Stranglehold” on the whole thing,” and that can only lead to the END!

Yes this is the most pronounced time in history of the human race being more occupied with “Takers and not Givers;” that is the “Mindset Mantra” that has spun off of this “System of Lies!” And, Jesus only taught about “giving” never using others or taking that which is not due to you! This is now a world serving the “Beast System and therefore Satan!”

God bless you and may you steer clear of all temptation or the succumbing to this “Massive Deception!”

2 Timothy 4:3 “The time is coming when people won’t listen to good teaching. Instead, they will look for teachers who will please them by telling them only what they are itching to hear.”

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


In this perilous time many are into grabbing of something that would satisfy their longings and very needs. Through this the enemy got a chance to use any possible means to enslave these people even by using God’s words to deceive them. Even the “Gospel” has a warning of the presence of these people. It could be very dangerous if the evil has been using the gospel, twisted the truth, laid before you and accepted it. Haven’t you even felt betrayed by your own people in the church? Haven’t you not ask and seek the Holy Spirit to lead the truth by yourself and see how huge it is? Or see how huge you have been deceive by the evil?

Jesus has been constantly preaching the people , telling them through a parables which is very useful to be understood by a genuine seekers of the truth. Here’s one; the…

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