Hospitals KILLING The Unvaccinated

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They’re not only Killing these Patients they are Murdering them!!! The science and procedural protocols are well known as to the usefulness of Ventilators and their limited efficacy in such situations! So to override those absolute known parameters and place these unvaccinated persons on them is a very calculated and nefarious move and premeditated murder! I assure you I know what I’m saying and though not a lawyer I fought my own complex legal case in court sick and all, because no lawyer would fight the crooked system for my benefit; and yet on my own succeeded when the system is as corrupt and jaded as it’s ever been!

So God was the only reason I made it and got to fight the work related injury case the worst thing that ever happened to me against a huge law firm working for the government, I’m a living testimony to God and His righteousness; so that you all know He is real and wants you to turn to Him! My case revolved around severe injury to my pulmonary system that should have killed me but always being a nonsmoker and having good genes with healthy living I was resilient enough to spring back over several years of struggle!

But I know about the inherent dangers and delicacy of the breathing apparatus that God equipped us with, and with our living in a modern world of many toxic potential injuries that can occur, say like the 9/11 Twin Towers attack and subsequent toxic soup released into the air that killed many individuals in the short term or long term! And I can attest to the fact ventilators put a positive unnatural pressure on very delicate and in many instances damaged minute capillaries deep in the bronchial and lung tissue causing a cascading effect with more cell damage and resulting double pneumonia with infection; which cannot be overcome once into that danger zone or “past the intricate balance threshold!” These idiots are doing the exact opposite thing needed to save lives and they knowingly do that! Murder!~

God willing I do pray daily the guilty and all those responsible for all of this totally unnecessary suffering and death starting with Gates, Soros, Schwab, Fauci, Xi Jinping and so many culpable accomplices throughout the fraud pandemic that they will be held accountable and the only sentence for such monsters must be death! Amen.

God bless you.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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4 thoughts on “Hospitals KILLING The Unvaccinated”

    1. Why Sister Scarlett, thank you very much again! I’m very humbled and touched by your thoughtfulness, kind words and wonderful suggestion; you are so thoughtful! I will look into it as, if it will be serving God in some way that is His will for me, why then of course I will and must do it! I do try harder than when I was not so keen on some things, to now serve Him more continually and break out of my broken human ways and live for the Spirit of God on earth that He sends to us; over my own life and will.

      I pray that God send you all the blessings needed and possible; and that you are always in his good graces fully!
      Thank you again!
      Brother Lawrence

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      1. You are very welcome Lawrence. I know the Lord wants us to use our spiritual gifts for His Glory and to help others. There is clearly a great need to reach out with your knowledge, gifts and testimony at this crucial time.
        I am indeed blessed and I hope to be in His good graces always. Thank you.

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      2. Hi Scarlett! I sure agree again with you totally! About using what gifts we are blessed with for His glory, while helping those we can; because you said it true how at this time it’s very crucial, and so sorely needed! I felt it coming for a long time and I found myself being attacked several times and in multiple ways, like I never even imagined these things would come my way, always having been a decent person working hard and playing by all the rules in a more and more crooked world as I grew older; and things were so smooth as silk a couple of decades ago!

        But just when you would think things will be getting more peaceful and pleasant having made it through the youthful years, ya get knocked in the head with a brick, or at least I did I mean, in more ways than one. Was just talking with a sister of mine a little while ago, about this very subject, and we agreed it really started getting ugly and darker after 9/11. I feel like some pit was opened up and bad things were sent out upon this world!

        You sure are blessed and I’m confident you will always remain in God’s graces! We all need each other’s prayers too, so I’ll be offering some more in a little while!

        Have a good night and a better day tomorrow! And you’re always welcome!

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