Veterans Affairs Ends Cruel Cat and Monkey Experiments

These are inhuman and unconscionable acts of cruelty that are absolutely not necessary for any other purpose than they could just do it and play mad scientists getting away with it for so long! I know that many of those that can do this sort of thing have to be spineless or sociopathic twisted individuals to not have compassion enough to see how wrong this is! It’s like they have no moral integrity at all!

But to me the bottom-line was always to gain money or techniques that could be used for sinister very diabolical purposes; Communist China as we know just from Fauci using their labs for the secretive research conducted by the NIH does this and so much worse all of the time even with humans, but nobody can stop them; pure evil! No one in their right mind that has a conscience or heart can do such horrendous criminal behaviors day in and day out as was done! Now the proof and long fight has come full circle to bring closure to this laboratory of horrors!

We can never stop all of the evil demented acts of cruelty in this fallen world but we can never turn our backs from seeing the truth and doing what is right or acting upon such injustice if we are to maintain our humanity and God given purpose; to do good, and be eventually in paradise!

A great classic movie with excellent actors and story-line called Hud!

Hud (1963) › title › tt0057163 ›
Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas, Patricia Neal, and Brandon de Wilde star in “Hud,” an unsparing 1963 morality story about a Texas rancher, Homer Bannon, his bastard son, Hud, his housekeeper, and his grandson. The bastard, of course, is Paul Newman, who doesn’t have a decent bone in his body.

This movie many years back when I first got to watch it on TV really touched me because my grandfather loved animals and cared for them on his farm in a same or like manner that this elderly man in this great story did his! It breaks my heart when the scene comes where he must see to it that his prize breeding animals must be destroyed because of Anthrax right after the government destroyed his whole herd! when it comes to the two last animals he had many years He tells the government agent leave them alone I’ll do it myself and he does, you hear the gun shots off camera; even makes me cry now knowing that a person that loves the Lord and their animals that much is so hurt by their death or suffering! That is what God means!

God bless all the folks that did this great human feat of rescue and love!

God bless you Nancy for bringing this great good news out now; when there is so much horror in this world.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III


By Abigail Jane


A White Coat Waste campaign has succeeded in getting the VA to end its cruel and useless experiments on primates and cats that were funded by taxpayers’ dollars.

More than $11 million in taxpayers’ money was dedicated to crippling and killing 6-month-old kittens, all under the guise of secretive constipation experiments.

Other VA experiments that White Coat Waste exposed and shut down are their cruel experiments on vervet monkeys. During these experiments, scientists severed the monkeys’ spines and forced them to perform dexterity tests in exchange for food. These tests also included injecting chemicals into their brains and cutting their skulls open to examine the effects. These horrific experiments were funded by 9 million taxpayer dollars.

In both experiments, many animals were killed prematurely, either to be further examined or because of complications with the experiment. All of these animals…

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One thought on “Veterans Affairs Ends Cruel Cat and Monkey Experiments”

  1. When they cast God and His grace out of their soul they seem to become infected with anything from lustful homosexuality to blood lust. I see it from the French revolution and Dr. Guillotine (Yes this ‘Dr.’ invented the guillotine) too. I especially see it in China with their live organ harvesting. Freaking devils gave it such a medical sounding name too. Harvesting ! the word from hell designed to take away the natural horror of ungodly deeds! Like the blood lust feature of the Colisseum and the gladiator fights to the death with the people cheering them on. This was life in Rome then before Christianity won thanks to good Emperor Constantine who made Christianity the state religion. This historical fact proves my first sentence to be true. I think. God help us and preserve us from ungodly creatures who enjoy the suffering of their fellow man. May God bring Rome back again to Him and give us a Christian leader instead of King Herod who now reigns, wearing a little white beanie. We must, as Christians, pray for him!


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