1 Peter 2, Willing Cooperation

“Peter moved into God’s call that believers live holy lives, to be a holy people as God is holy.”

This is what all people should be doing but exceedingly far too many are absolutely not; so thus look at the condition of this human race which is becoming far less human all of the time!

But herein you have provided the absolute cure for what ails the very sickly or the whole human race; each and every one of us! Remarkably this cure was given to us thousands of years ago, but yet we now live in a most horribly twisted world where practically everyone thinks they have their own cures and know better what they should do to achieve a good life here while not so concerned if at all about what comes after its over; living for today and the gut!

I now want to repeat what you wrote here and then over and over until it sinks in completely!

“Peter then gave practical ways to live out that call to holiness and being honorable.
1. Be built up into a spiritual house, and be the spiritual priesthood as well.
2. Abstain from worldly desires.
3. Honor everyone, and particularly honor earthly authorities, as well as willingly cooperate with them.
4. Love the brothers and sisters in Christ, from the heart.
5. Peter likened the lot of the enslaved with Jesus when he was crucified. They were to follow Christ’s example in accepting authority and enduring suffering, whether they deserved it or not
6. Now, Peter would address how to live honorably for those married to nonChristians.”

Again you have provided an excellent illustration of truth, Professor and Sister in Christ Jesus! Thank you!
God bless you.
Brother in Christ Jesus,

Grace and Peace, Joanne

Peter’s letter has a flow to it that the chapter breaks somewhat obscure. From praise and thanksgiving over the glorious joy of their salvation, Peter moved into God’s call that believers live holy lives, to be a holy people as God is holy.

He was already writing to those who lived throughout what is called the Diaspora—those of Jewish descent whose ancestors had been taken captive and exiled to live outside of Israel.

Now, Israel was no more, and the area where God had given their forebears their ancient inheritance was now called Palestine and folded into the Roman Empire. True, place names persisted. There was Jerusalem on Mount Zion, surrounded by Judah, now called Judea. There was Samaria to the north, and Galilee past that. But the truth was, there was no Israel for the Diaspora to return to.

But Peter spiritualized their exiled state by pointing out the…

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