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Thanks for the positive knowledge! Been doing this and no masks since Spring of 2020. I had an industrial chemical injury to my lungs years back and weaned off of meds and antibiotics feeling better than in years while using all naturalistic approach to health! It works for me as I’m meds free and doing better than many people half my age! Use your heads folks and live right. Don’t abuse your bodies and health; making sure you eat the right things to keep that immune system powerful that God blessed us with! Amen.

An herbal tea I like is Green tea then I add fresh grated ginger root, half a fresh lemon with pulp, raw honey, cayenne pepper and it you hate such a bitter strong taste add some favorite fruit juice when ready to drink it. I add all the ingredients in a big mug then pour in the brewed tea so as not to cook those powerful components keeping them potent; really kicks the immune system into play during the winter months especially good! Keep your gut health strong; the key to excellent health.
God bless.
Brother in Christ,

The Tree of Life

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

7th January, 2022

Or Covid 19 Lite Bite. Take your pick. I am trying to complete a post on the Australian statistics on Coronavirus. This is coming together.

I am also trying to hammer together a post on Jay Pritzker, governor of Illinois. As he is rather a large man, and there is an awful lot of stuff on the internet about him, or a lot of awful stuff on the internet about him, this is a bit of a struggle.

To be honest, you could write a book about him. Then throw it at him. This would hopefully knock him senseless as it would be extremely heavy, and you could then chain him up for life.

Anyway, I thought I would do a small post to fill the gap for the starving masses (!) by producing a snack which will hopefully be of use. A healing…

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Covid Treatments sm print

This is Nothing Less, than Murder/Extermination and “Fauci is ground Zero” with many other as culpable partners in this Global Crime Against Humanity and he must be tried and executed which means if the government officials won’t apprehend him and do this then; the US Military MUST step-up under Martial Law and send Fauci and others immediately to GITMO for a Military Tribunal!

Let’s face “facts;” this is exponentially much worse than the 9/11 attack was, as bad as that evil terrorist attack was, that one day when thousands were murdered pales in comparison to the millions around the globe who have been murdered or crippled by this evil; but this bullshit has been ongoing for “two years” and these millions of lives have been exterminated!~

Time for the rubber to meet the road and ACTION MUST BE TAKEN NOW!!! Pray that our top government officials will see the light and turn this over for a Full Measure of Justice! Otherwise, that our Top Military Leaders in he DOD; do what they know is necessary to save the Republic!

God bless America and all Citizens!

A Full Measure of Justice Must Prevail! Amen.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Remdesivir is the experimental drug Dr. Fauci, CDC, and the rest of the criminals who are involved in this criminal enterprise of medical tyranny and culling, are pushing on all hospitalized Covid-19 diagnosed patients. This government form showing approved treatments also lists Ivermectin as an approved treatment:, which is a reliable, tried and true treatment for respiratory illnesses. It’s also very inexpensive, unlike Remdesivir which, although experimental, is extremely expensive. The link I posted shows how much the gov is shelling out for this nebulous treatment. When this drug was tested in Africa, it caused serious side effects and was soon abandoned there as a viable and safe treatment. In the United States, the typical and official directives for hospitalized Covid-19 patients is repeated doses of Remdesivir, and on a ventilator. The Remdesivir then causes organ failure, (kidneys), then the lungs begin filling with fluid, and the patient…

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People in the hospital are not dy!ng from C0V!D says hosp!tal nurse – Added details about Remdesivir

Excellent video to watch here and get firsthand accounts from decent people! Wake up America!

Screenshot_2021-12-06 People in the hospital are not dy ng from C0V D says hosp tal nurse – Added details about Remdesivir(5)

Just in case there are still some folks; these essays I do here on Word Press could reach to be beneficial in providing some solid reliable data to the equation so that such persons will have their eyes and minds wide open to the TRUTH, while there is still time to respond to the global Communism plan of installing Totalitarianism and then depopulating the planet of hundreds of millions of citizens if not billions before 2028! There is no Conspiracy Theory but there is a Reality Agenda in place and anyone with their wits about them who has been conscious and paying attention during the last 2 years should understand by now that there has been a comprehensive global plan put in place; to take basic rights away from the masses and be able to put them into lock-down mode whenever the dictators, who are the leading people in the government power structure along with medical government bureaucrats like ANThony Fauci.  Just today the insane and satanic New York Governor Hochul ordered another Lock-down Emergency; you see how this will play out going forward!

I don’t like being crude or projecting images to people that are sickening or even gross; but speaking the total truth is now imperative as we are at war and it’s going to get much worse, unless a Miracle comes to the rescue from God giving people a reprieve from the diabolical events that are ahead in the not too distant future; that is why being cognizant of all of these things should inspire people to pray diligently to Jesus Christ! What we would truly benefit by as a Freedom loving people is to see a full implementation and restoration of the Rule of Law put back in place to actually get the governments going on apprehending all corrupt agents like Fauci!  They are completely responsible along with many other individuals; who once in custody, to then be tried and convicted as its quite obvious what they have done and are absolutely responsible for; Crimes Against Humanity, Mass Murder or Genocide, so the time is coming to begin, stretching many necks at the end of a rope, which is a Full Measure of Justice in this case; totally appropriate and warranted to bring societies and civilization back from the brink of destruction!

The following essays I posted this week are chock full of helpful and vital factual information for any of you to consider while you try to understand the gravity of the situation and what is going to happen to many of us citizens if these nefarious persons and their plan are not stopped soon.

One thing I read in a special report which like other cancelled information I’m always concerned it may disappear was how Bill Gates with several other top billionaires are working very closely with Communist China already; having been in a comprehensive plan to depopulate the planet. Here is a portion of that agenda presented in this article which I do include the link to the full article.
“Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates and nine other American “foreign experts” in engineering and technology have been elected as new members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). This might seem an odd fit for uber-capitalist Gates, since the CAE is the People’s Republic of China’s elite society of technology professionals who have proven their service to the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Communist State. But like many other super-wealthy westerners, Gates has shown himself sympatico to authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. Together with David Rockefeller, George Soros, Ted Turner, Warren Buffet, and a small clutch of additional billionaires, Gates formed a cabal they dubbed “The Good Club,” which seems to be fixated on population control. Its members are uncomfortably comfortable with China’s coercive (and murderous) One Child policy as an answer to population “problems.”

China’s People’s Daily reported on November 27 that “Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and chairman of TerraPower, has been elected as a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), one of the country’s top academic institutions.” “The CAE recently elected 67 new domestic members and 18 new foreign members,” the news report stated. “Among the 18 foreign experts, 10 come from US, 3 from the UK, 3 from Australia, 1 from Japan, and 1 from Russia.”

The relationships are established and the plans have been leaking out to the public, so we are looking at a global puzzle if you will, which we clearly see by bringing the pieces together what the agenda actually is!
God bless America!
God bless you!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

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Dr. Ardis BACK w/ Vaccine Detox Protocol Update You DON’T Want to Miss!

“Dr. Ardis is giving HOPE and answers in a field of hopelessness despair”

Resistance Chicks logo docu

Republication by: Lawrence Morra III

Zero Lift-Off   Only The Beginning

For sharing and informational purposes on this platform only.

December 5, 2021

“Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing”

OK, so if I said to you or anyone shut up and listen up you would more than likely say I’m a jerk and why should I listen to you, who the heck are you and don’t you talk to me that way; am I right? Right so now that we got that out of the way let me say this and please listen carefully! Shut Up and Listen Up Stop Being Made a Fool! Most people have been listening to MSM and maniac psychopaths like “ANT”hony Fauci and they had most if not all of those people shutting up and listening up since the outbreak of the CORONA-19 Virus a Sars 2 cold type virus and with baited breath these people have remained a captive audience to no avail because everything they have been told or spoon fed has been a lie or misinformation all along! We’ve been trusting, the wrong people!

This Doctor Ardis says straight out that he Trusts Jesus Christ and that all of his own acquired knowledge as a doctor has provided him along with his faith; the insight to see the TRUTH in this whole horrible Pandemic of “FEAR and LIES!”  But it’s nothing new because I see clearly how We the People have been lied to for decades about many important things and our health care or what cures the things that ail us, is almost all of it a SCAM, by HUGE EVIL PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATIONS that only care about making giant profits not fixing anything; while actually making people more sick so they can make more profits!  And the FDA, NIH, CDC, WHO have all been in bed with these EVIL corporations facilitated by a huge white color criminal Fauci taking kickbacks and joining in on all the profiteering by going along to get along with the EVIL BIG PHARMA PLAN; which is I say again an agenda to not cure people but to make insane amounts of CASH!  Organized crime and racketeering is what it is!

Now when I first saw this video the two ladies called the Resistance Chicks and my not ever having heard a thing about them I wondered is this one of those internet bimbo-ish hey look at us or me, so just off a first impression thing I was skeptical, but nobody is perfect and look at me; so I was like, OK what is this fruit salad presentation about really?   

But then like my dad said more than once don’t jump to conclusions and my mom taught me as a boy you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover; and let me tell you this, my MOM was darn right again!  These nice ladies are providing some important even critical information via this excellent naturopathic doctor ARDIS, who is ahead of the curve and these Chicks, are there with him; so I say touché and more power to you all; for a fine job! Add to that, all the information here is as I see it Truth; certainly what the people need to get wise about; as in this is a Big heads up for us all! Take the time to listen to the doctor, the whole presentation; and you’ll be glad you did.  I personally love how he is all for Jesus, but also how he calls out the Medical Establishment for being crooked; and how, say for example in NYC many people were basically as he said being killed but I say “murdered” during the peak of the pandemic in 2020 with all the wrong protocols being used!  Something which I had ascertained by all available information at the time and mentioned it in past essays!  Where for example I read and verified how traveling nurses from other states that had pitched in to help with staffing shortages at NYC hospitals were saying how the decision makers are killing the patients with Ventilators and Remdesivir, which actually has been demonstrated and attested to by many experts, as to how it kills such acutely ill patients, as for example causing kidney failure; and these hospitals were and still are doing the wrong treatments for the acutely ill patients!

God designed our bodies to survive with natural living and eating the right things that He also provided in Nature.

Genesis 1:29 – “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

Ezekiel 47:12 “And on the banks, on both sides of the river, there will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not wither, nor their fruit fail, but they will bear fresh fruit every month, because the water for them flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing.”

God bless you and yours.

Brother in Christ Jesus,

Lawrence Morra III

We’ve Been Had; the Global Hoax

Dr. Ardis BACK w/ Vaccine Detox Protocol Update You DON’T Want to Miss!

Michelle September 3, 2021

Resistance Chicks have had many videos go viral in the past, but never one like our first interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis when we were at Clay Clark’s Health and Freedom Conference in Tampa, FL this past June. It’s been shared on many platforms and has had hundreds of thousands of views thanks to uploads from random viewers who felt it was vital to share.

Dr. Ardis Speaks to Eager Crowd At BardsFEST!

We were so excited to meet back up with Dr. Ardis at Scott Kesterson’s BardsFEST in St. Charles, MO Aug 26th-29th. Dr. Ardis told us that he still gets daily requests from that interview asking about his incredible protocol for healing from the vaccine that he gave when we first spoke with him. This is an incredible testimony to the power of people to spread the truth, in spite of intense censorship.

The powers that be are doing everything they can to keep the truth hidden from us, not only are they spreading fear like fog covering the globe, big pharma, big government and the media are being willfully negligent at best, and murderous at worst. So what do people like Dr. Ardis and us do in light of such heavy topics? We bring levity. Where they want us to be fearful, somber, isolated and anxious, we bring hope, laughter and the joy of the Lord.

One of my favorite moments of the entire weekend was when Dr. Ardis informed us that among those daily requests he gets from our interview with him, often that request comes with the following for reference: “the interview you did with the two drunk blondes.” I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time and it’s now something that I will treasure always. The teetotalers who never drink, having such a good time with Dr. Ardis that people think we’re drunk- well it doesn’t get much better than that folks, does it?


Michelle, Dr. Nepute, Leah & Dr. Ardis

When I went to title this video, I thought of going with: “Dr. Ardis- BACK with the Two Drunk Blondes”… Leah nixed it, I don’t know, I thought it was pretty catchy and would warrant a lot of clicks, but I guess decorum wins out.

So why were people so drawn to that video? Because Dr. Ardis is giving HOPE and answers in a field of hopelessness despair. Dr. Ardis has over two decades of experience with the aim of healing those who need help. He founded Ardis Labs and the Ardis Healing Center, which have helped thousands of patients from all over the world, and even though he sold the Ardis Healing Center in 2018, it would seem God isn’t quite finished with the call on his life to help heal the masses.


The beautiful Jayne, Dr. Ardis, Leah, Michelle and Kansas

Dr. Ardis receives thousands of e-mails a week. While at Bardsfest, his wife Jayne told me that he stays up, sometimes until well past midnight answering those e-mails out the goodness of his heart. And Jayne is right there by his side being a massive help with social media contacts and much more.

Dr. Bryan Ardis is by far- the real deal. He continues to do research each and every day to bring us the latest and most up-to-date information and treatments. You can watch the Dr. Ardis show on Clouthub Channel 221 or on VOKAL and can check out the products from Ardis Labs here.


Dr. Ardis After His Speech Doing What He Does Best: Caring

His protocol for healing from the vaccine is 10,000 mg of Vit C daily or to bowel tolerance- meaning, start off low, then slowly increase until your stomach starts to tell you that’s enough, 250 mcg of Selenium daily, 500 mg of Magnesium daily, and added NEW here in this video below is Apple pectin!

Sign up to receive the 60 page Dr. Ardis Covid report here.

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“The immune system of citizens, which has been more or less senseless measures imposed over the past two years, has been reduced to such an extent that many do not even have their own defenses.”

Yes exactly and this is the plan or part of the Agenda!

Restrictions on movement or all of the anti-contagion measures put in place from the beginning of this “Hoax” have retarded the normal immune system function of people very adversely; making them much more vulnerable to pathogenic infection during flu season; which is obviously when they should have their best natural immunity intact to ward off serious life-threatening illness. This natural order has all been compromised intentionally and the ongoing situation will only get worse unless there is a massive admission of truth and culpability made by all those responsible, of which there is ZERO potentiality of that happening; but that is what would have to be announced with counter measures to help restore human Herd Immunity and basically reverse engineer the Frankenstein Doomsday Scenario that “They Created!”
God Bless You!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

“Das Immunsystem der Bürger, das in den letzten zwei Jahren mehr oder weniger sinnlose Maßnahmen ergriffen hat, wurde so stark reduziert, dass viele nicht einmal über eigene Abwehrkräfte verfügen.”

Ja genau und das ist der Plan oder Teil der Agenda!

Bewegungseinschränkungen oder alle Anti-Ansteckungsmaßnahmen, die seit Beginn dieses “Schwindels” eingeführt wurden, haben die normale Funktion des Immunsystems der Menschen nachteilig behindert. sie während der Grippesaison viel anfälliger für pathogene Infektionen machen; Das ist offensichtlich, wenn sie ihre beste natürliche Immunität haben sollten, um schwere lebensbedrohliche Krankheiten abzuwehren. Diese natürliche Ordnung wurde alle absichtlich kompromittiert, und die gegenwärtige Situation wird sich nur verschlimmern, wenn nicht von allen Verantwortlichen ein massives Eingeständnis der Wahrheit und der Schuld gemacht wird, von dem es KEINE Möglichkeit gibt, dass dies geschieht; aber das müsste mit Gegenmaßnahmen angekündigt werden, um die menschliche Herdenimmunität wiederherzustellen und im Grunde das Frankenstein-Weltuntergangsszenario zurückzuentwickeln, das “Sie geschaffen haben!”
Gott segne dich!

Bruder in Christus Jesus,,
Lawrence Morra III

Lindas Einblick

Auf der Intensivstation lässt sich das meiste Geld verdienen. Aus diesem Grund haben die privatisierten Krankenhäuser, ein ureigenes Interesse daran, die Lage vor Ort zu dramatisieren. Wir kennen diese Übertreibungen aus der Vergangenheit.

Wer liegt auf den Intensivstationen?

Osteuropäer und Migranten, machen einen Großteil der Patienten aus, die auf den Intensivstationen behandelt werden. An dieser Stelle wird man doch die Frage stellen dürfen, ob die “schon länger hier Lebenden” nicht benachteiligt werden, zumal das in anderen Bereichen auch der Fall ist.

Dr. Jürgen Zastro sagte bei Maischberger: „Auf den Intensivstationen liegen die meisten, die dort nicht liegen müssten.“

Der Grund ist die Neuausrichtung der Krankenhäuser, eingeleitet durch Rot/Grün, Agenda 2010. Der Patient soll maximal gewinnbringend behandelt werden. Die Genesung der Patienten ist von zweitrangiger Bedeutung. Ein Intensivbett kostet pro Tag 10.000 Euro, auch wenn keiner drin liegt, und egal wer drin liegt, ergo liegen auf den Intensivstationen Patienten, die auf…

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Novavax – Der neue Impfstoff

Above you see a face like that of the many evil persons at work in this nation under God who are doing all they can to destroy!

Biden has two teams of federal government sanctioned medical personnel enroute to supposedly curtail the rampant health problem that Gov. Whitmer created with her constant lockdowns and campaign of fear; but I assure you they will be killing people to create more panic and justify their evil agenda! All smoke and mirrors!~

Yes so the snow job continues! Why would we even consider another vaccine for COVID-19 a Sars-2 virus that from the start of the fraud pandemic had a 99.98% survival rate for anyone without severely suppressed autoimmunity and with typical herd immunity in play the entire fiasco would have been done, within 6 weeks according to some of the best scientists in this realm of science! We know for a fact that all of the pressure being applied to get jabbed is part and parcel of a “plan” by “nefarious global hit men” out to regulate the human race and then dispose of those that they so choose! We already know these vaccines have actually damaged the immune systems of many people allowing variants to slip by that then go on to create cytokine storms within an infected person making for a doomsday scenario from which there is no escape and therein lies the crisis they push; only they are creating it!

With all of the adverse effects produced to date by the already wrongly approved COVID vaccines under EUA leaving a trail of death and completely debilitating conditions as in ruined for life reported or not reported under VERS many of which are the saddest thing you would want to see; as I have seen videos of many of these unfortunate individuals and spoken to actual persons related to such individuals which is so heartbreaking to watch them suffer; because of a damned LIE being perpetrated by the “Trolls of the Human Race.” Just the sort of thing we even see on all levels of societies now, with someone or a group looking to exploit and take advantage of innocent individuals for sinister or just cruel evil purposes! We see the trolls even on this internet venue daily don’t we, as plain as day behaving like stupid moronic imbeciles, that have nothing better to with their useless corrupted lives than play childish arrogant get the last word in games; which proves they are either mentally ill or demonic! And demons are running rampant in this world; now that the heat is on with the battle between good and evil building to the Final Conflict! So simple to see!~

So let’s put this in perspective for a moment! Why the hell should I or anyone trust anything coming at us first from the Organized Crime Governments and Corporations and then from MSM or the Internet platforms that are modeled as propaganda arms of these corrupted to the hilt organizations to suit the purposes of these most despicable and useless evil people on the face of the earth; that want to RUIN LIFE for all! We don’t need a “damned vaccine” and we don’t need most of the “Establishment” the actual ENEMY that are OUT OF CONTROL!!! END of STORY!

We all need to be on our knees praying habitually which most people are not as they are far too busy being prideful, serving and worshiping SELF; so there is so little humility in this world today! And that is why God is abandoning most if not all of the human race to let them bring to fruition all that was prophesied long ago as a WARNING, but now they deserve it!

God bless anyone that has a pure heart in this evil demented sick wasteland!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Oben siehst du ein Gesicht wie das der vielen bösen Personen, die in dieser Nation unter Gott am Werk sind und alles tun, um sie zu zerstören!
Biden hat zwei Teams von sanktioniertem medizinischem Personal der Bundesregierung unterwegs, um angeblich das grassierende Gesundheitsproblem einzudämmen, das Gouverneur Whitmer mit ihren ständigen Sperren und ihrer Angstkampagne geschaffen hat; aber ich versichere Ihnen, sie werden Menschen töten, um mehr Panik zu erzeugen und ihre böse Agenda zu rechtfertigen! Alles Rauch und Spiegel!~

Ja, also geht der Schneejob weiter! Warum sollten wir überhaupt einen anderen Impfstoff für COVID-19 in Betracht ziehen, ein Sars-2-Virus, das von Beginn der Betrugspandemie an eine Überlebensrate von 99,98% für jeden ohne stark unterdrückte Autoimmunität und mit typischer Herdenimmunität im Spiel hatte Das gesamte Fiasko wäre laut einigen der besten Wissenschaftler in diesem Bereich der Wissenschaft innerhalb von 6 Wochen erledigt gewesen! Wir wissen, dass der ganze Druck, der ausgeübt wird, um gestochen zu werden, Teil eines “Plans” von “schändlichen globalen Auftragskillern” ist, um die menschliche Rasse zu regulieren und dann diejenigen zu entsorgen, die sie so wählen! Wir wissen bereits, dass diese Impfstoffe das Immunsystem vieler Menschen tatsächlich geschädigt haben, sodass Varianten vorbeirutschen und dann Zytokinstürme innerhalb einer infizierten Person auslösen, die ein Weltuntergangsszenario erzeugen, aus dem es kein Entrinnen gibt, und darin liegt die Krise, die sie nur vorantreiben Sie schaffen es!

Mit all den nachteiligen Auswirkungen, die bisher durch die bereits falsch zugelassenen COVID-Impfstoffe unter EUA hervorgerufen wurden, hinterlassen sie eine Spur des Todes und völlig schwächende Bedingungen, wie in ruined for life berichtet oder nicht gemeldet unter VERS, von denen viele das Traurigste sind, was Sie sehen möchten; Da ich Videos von vielen dieser unglücklichen Personen gesehen und mit tatsächlichen Personen gesprochen habe, die mit solchen Personen in Verbindung stehen, ist es; wegen einer verdammten LÜGE, die von den “Trollen der Menschheit” begangen wird.” Genau die Art von Dingen, die wir jetzt auf allen Ebenen der Gesellschaft sehen, mit jemandem oder einer Gruppe, die unschuldige Menschen für unheimliche oder einfach nur grausame böse Zwecke ausnutzen und ausnutzen will! Wir sehen die Trolle auch auf diesem Internet-Veranstaltungsort täglich nicht wir, so schlicht wie Tag wie dumme Idioten benehmen, die nichts Besseres mit ihrem nutzlosen verdorbenen Leben zu tun haben, als kindisch arrogant das letzte Wort in Spielen zu spielen; was beweist, dass sie entweder psychisch krank oder dämonisch sind! Und Dämonen sind in dieser Welt weit verbreitet; Jetzt, da die Hitze mit dem Kampf zwischen Gut und Böse weitergeht, kommt es zum endgültigen Konflikt! So einfach zu sehen!~

Also lasst uns das für einen Moment relativieren! Warum zum Teufel sollte ich oder irgendjemand irgendetwas vertrauen, das zuerst von den Regierungen und Unternehmen des organisierten Verbrechens und dann von MSM oder den Internetplattformen auf uns zukommt, die als Propagandawaffen dieser bis zum Anschlag korrupten Organisationen modelliert sind, um den Zwecken dieser verachtenswertesten und nutzlosesten bösen Menschen auf der Erde zu entsprechen? das will das LEBEN für alle ruinieren! Wir brauchen keinen “verdammten Impfstoff” und wir brauchen nicht den größten Teil des “Establishments”, den eigentlichen FEIND, der AUßER Kontrolle gerät!!! ENDE der GESCHICHTE!

Wir alle müssen auf unseren Knien beten gewohnheitsmäßig, die die meisten Menschen nicht sind, wie sie viel zu beschäftigt sind stolz zu sein, dienen und verehren selbst; so gibt es so wenig Demut in dieser Welt heute! Und deshalb verlässt Gott die meisten, wenn nicht alle Menschen, um sie alles verwirklichen zu lassen, was vor langer Zeit als WARNUNG prophezeit wurde, aber jetzt verdienen sie es!

Gott segne jeden, der ein reines Herz in diesem bösen wahnsinnigen kranken Ödland hat!

Bruder in Christus Jesus,,
Lawrence Morra III

Lindas Einblick

Seit einem Jahr warte ich nun schon auf den neuen Impfstoff Novavax, der auch sinnigerweise den gleichen Namen trägt. Neue Daten untermauern: Das Vakzin der Firma Novavax verhindert sehr effektiv schwere Verläufe von Covid-19. Nach Angaben des Herstellers liegen der EMA alle Daten zur Zulassung vor.

Von Dr. Roland Mühlbauer, Katrin Andre, Dr. Achim Gerald Schneider, Ilona Stüß, aktualisiert am 11.11.2021:

Viele Menschen haben sich bislang nicht impfen lassen, weil sie den vier verfügbaren Vakzinen misstrauen. Einige Gründe: Die mRNA-Impfstoffe der Firmen Biontech und Moderna enthalten Erbgut-Abschriften. Die Vektor-Impfstoffe der Firmen AstraZeneca und Johnson & Johnson wiederum wirken etwas schlechter als die anderen beiden und waren öfter wegen seltener Nebenwirkungen in den Schlagzeilen. Auch die Zusammensetzung von Vektor-Impfstoffen schreckt manche ab: Sie bestehen aus der Hülle von harmlosen Viren und Erbgut-Stücken von Sars-Cov2-Viren. Was Experten zu diesen und weiteren Bedenken sagen, lesen Sie hier.

Der Impfstoff-Kandidat der Firma Novavax…

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Thoughts on… {Gratitude}

Hey Allison! I see we are both card carrying members of the same club!! “The Worriers Club” or otherwise known as “The Worrywarts!” Of course there is that other genre of Warriors that are adept in the heat of battle but this category that I admit to be quite proficient in are also quite capable in other or certain kinds of battle fields; the more cerebral arenas! Straight out of the gate I can say how my more worrisome hesitant attitude did keep me out of situations that would have otherwise sucked me in just the way they did many others, even many persons that I grew up with! I remember clearly the peer pressure by buddies wanting to get high all of the time and saying how smoking weed is nothing, so why not; but I was always leery of it, first because drawing any breathe laden with toxic chemicals or smoke of any kind into my lungs was too weird! Then there was the fact that Pot does have specific chemicals that do give a buzz to those that enjoy that transition to being stoned and attempt to escape reality, but, at what cost once a person becomes psychologically and biologically dependent to this induced effect; and truth be known Marijuana is a psychoactive drug! It actually contains upwards of 500 chemicals, one of which is the well-known THC, which is a proven mind-altering compound that absolutely causes harmful health effects over time; perhaps not as risky as using LSD which has been known to damage a person’s mind with one use, but, nonetheless any damaging effect should be avoided if a person plans on taking care of their life in a responsible manner; we after all get only the one body we are born with!!

I was always top grades in chemistry and knew that chemical reactions are a natural occurrence in this existence but not all of them are good. So my being very selective about this matter kept me away from any interest in Pot or any drug including alcohol, “Alcohol, sometimes referred to by the chemical name ethanol, is a psychoactive drug that is the active ingredient in drinks such as beer, wine, and distilled spirits” (Wikipedia), which can be very addictive as we all well know someone that became an alcoholic or still is one!

Fortunately for me my being a guy that according to many friends worried too much which was true as compared to them and others at least, I didn’t end up with some drug hang-up or habit that led to very serious, as my dad would say, “consequences for doing something that wasn’t right,” or “good for me!” My grandfather had a strong motto; “Avoid Trouble!” So I did and some of the guys I grew up with got deep into drug or alcohol habits and sorry to say most damaged their health or lives in a variety of ways or are already departed; having lived a much shorter life because they weren’t being prudent or a perhaps a bit of a “worrywart!”

The only thing I want to add as a caveat of caution for now about being such a worrisome person, for me as an example, that it tends to create a stress that I’ve had to try to recognize and find ways that are sensible to avoid being too much like the squirrel that gets all of his nuts in a bunch, and starts to get a bit nutty in the process! In other words, worrying taken too far can make a person neurotic and even a basket case or bundle of nerves; so one must learn to monitor their own need to be careful and sensible with being overly concerned and a bit paranoid! It comes down to having one’s mind aware and being capable of assessing the “risk/benefit analysis” moving forward in any behavior or action to keep things on an even keel! More simply put perhaps we can say that extremes in any direction are generally never healthy or wise and maybe not going to get one wealthy either; of course there are different kinds of wealth aren’t there! Blessings!

Allison! Goodness me I slipped and forgot the crux of my message to you and anyone that cares! Here is the whole of it in a nutshell; maybe a squirrels one special nut, like me I’m a special nut! At least to who it matters to!

Bless you! ✝️
Brother in Christ Jesus,

Allison Marie

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for fear. That’s a strange statement, I know, but it’s true: I’m grateful for what worrying has taught me. I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life, and this year I’ve realized that as frustrating as that journey has been, I wouldn’t trade it even if I could. It’s been an incredible blessing in disguise, and today I wanted to explain why.

Here’s a little piece of my story. 🙂

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Parsley and apple soup – try something new


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Posted by Sophia Dane16. November 2021. Posted in Soups Tags:apple, parsley, Recipe, soup

Reblog by: Lawrence Morra III

Zero Lift-Off   Only The Beginning

November 16, 2021

Fantastic combination and I can’t wait to try it this week Dearest! The only complaint I have its the white bowl! I hate anything white as in the light spectrum or band of colors it totally lacks character or substance; true integrity! It is masking or hiding all colors as White light to our eye appears to cancel colors or steal them in a sense, interfering. You know like when someone is very sick they always say you look as white as a sheet, no color in those cheeks or you’re as pale as a ghost, and well ghosts from my experience are always as white as a sheet and not good characters.

And with such a wide array of colors in the natural palette of the light spectrum I always look for bold and rich color in things and even people, in their outward appearance as well as their inner designs and purposes; as genuine character and substance matter most of all, so colorful on the inside adds so much dimension and depth to a person! I could never trust a person that exemplifies white or carries that kind of aura with them like a brand, unless it were maybe a white flag of surrender of the enemy!

For me this dish will be perfect served in a bowl with deep rich color, say like a shade of blue, red or orange and be so much more appetizing!  Colors do trigger endorphins in the brain just like smell or taste it’s the whole combination that matters in the end! Red according to many experts makes the heart beat faster, to me some anticipation is always great, and yellow gets the metabolism going, so the combination makes for one big hungry appetite! Then after such a perfect indulgence one can sit back and take it all in with a sense of pride or accomplishment and feel “satisfied;” heck that is what any meal should do! My Mantra!

I’m going to try this as an experiment too!  No matter what; I will enjoy this, already am, and it’s a blast to get down to the truth of it! Amen.

          🌟🌟✨💫🙏 🤗❤️ 🙏💗 ✝️ 💗🙏 🤗🙏🌟🌟✨💫

All things in their proper place!

Sophia Says: 😃Wonderful, my friend! I have to admit I am thrilled with your comment! I will try with a bolder and richer color next time, so let’s see what the effect will be 😉. Although I have to admit that when buying dishes, I always choose white with details in a different color. 

Thank you again and I see how you feel! But, my deepest point in all of this perspective is to point to weakness and distraction that comes in all shapes and sizes! Having been a professional photographer in both still and motion pictures I did develop and eye for details and what clashes or takes away from the central subject! Accentuation is important and that is what I believe you mean when you say you get the colorless dish with only strong accent of some color or design pattern on it like say gold trim which is very typical and a standard tradition.

Also with that more colorless background the food tends to stand out as the central focus, in a sense not having any choice! But my concept of adding dimension to the presentation with perhaps an opposite approach where the container adds dimension, depth and more character to the overall presentation, while using added subliminal messages that actually enhance the featured item more! Rather than just making the stand alone against a blank or drab background the approach; this may be just what the doctor ordered! And in this case create more interest and appetite in the onlooker to want to try the item on the menu dinner plate or bowl for the first time; or in the least be developing a stronger appetite for it again.

A combination effect is what I’m driving at, and the enhancement of the desired objective in the first place; to bring product and consumer together in a rich enjoyable experience that has plenty of balance and a more secure truthful steady power, of not only flash in the pan eye catching appeal that can be so lacking in presentation or genuine staying power! Just as this is so true even in people, but, instead we are offering real substance or quality that is long lasting, so that in turn the relationship is more balanced and continuous, honest to goodness; real harmony filled with love and passion not only for the prepared dish but the overall experience really becoming more a gift from God; than some cheapened facsimile or even phony pretender!

There is good and evil in all things in this world as we well know, that clash and battle which was set in motion long ago, and these forces vie for our attention as well submission, so we mustn’t be fooled; but the power of truth, justice and light must and always will prevail over the false or lie! Even in the competition for our stomachs cravings, as we all must eat to live and live to eat; how else could it be said that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach after all!

Blessings and success to you my Dearest Friend and Sister!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III
    🌟🌟✨💫🙏 🤗❤️ 🙏💗 ✝️ 💗🙏 🤗🙏🌟🌟✨💫

All things in their proper place!

apple, parsley, Recipe, soup

This healthy and delicious soup is prepared from baked parsley and apples. It has a very interesting taste. It is not complicated to prepare, and it is always worth trying something new!

We need:

  • 1 medium-sized root peeled and chopped parsley root
  • 1 medium-sized apple that you peeled and cut into quarters
  • 1 onion
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • Thyme
  • Large sea salt
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • 2 cups soup
  • Olive oil


In a small deeper pan, place the chopped apple and parsley root, pour over the pepper, thyme and pour a little oil.

Cover the pan with aluminum foil and bake in a preheated oven for about 15 minutes at a moderate temperature – until the parsley and apple are soft.

Meanwhile, fry the chopped onion and garlic in oil in a deep pan for a few minutes. Add the apples and parsley together with the liquid he released and two cups of soup. When the soup boils, reduce the temperature and cook for 10 minutes. Using a mixer or blender, puree the ingredients.

If your soup is too thick, add water. Add salt and pepper.


Connecting the Dots…

“And the search for the fountain of youth is alive and well;” Ponce De Leon would be proud of these “Teetotalers” as it goes on, unimpeded by faithless vain materialists; who like foolish immature children think they can get their own way!

This is a great article that gets into several crucially important matters in our civilization; and not the least of which is the human trafficking diabolical evil, that is perpetrated mainly by the global elitists who are the worst of the demented wayward children in God’s Creation, that want their own way and stop at “Nothing” to try getting it; as they are ruled by Satan, and this world is his playground for now!

It’s a hidden truth to many that the Clintons, Soros, Gates and many well-known Global Elite along with so many lesser known despots, that are all actively seeking to buy their way to added youth and longevity, or can we just call it what it is; seeking of immortality! The problem is these imbeciles are running a fool’s errand, an overly glorified high tech, high stakes con game on themselves, and the main thing that got them hooked into this madness is; they don’t believe in God and that there is a planned “end game” to everything here; that is all of us and every atom that exists in the universe! Jesus Christ told us all that we need to know about how it works, and what we need to do to overcome this mess that we’re in; so we can ultimately move onto a blissful eternal life!

The word TRUTH hidden in a field of anti-honest text against a black background

I have to burst some scientists and celebrities bubbles by just saying it like it is; that even if they incorporate their own biological selves, flesh lives with some AI Cyborg technology, which some are defiant and crazy enough to be doing already; thus becoming a man/machine being, thereby extending their mental corporeal lives on into the future another 100 or 300 years and even thousands; they will never be able to live on into perpetuity and even scratch the surface of eternal life which can only be provided by God! They are Idiots to the Nth Power!

Now, I have been aware that the aging process varies from person to person and depending on genetic characteristics, say like being born with strong and very good genetic history, some people run a better race than many others, seeming to hold onto youth and health much longer than their peers! Then there are those known factors of environmental hazards aka UV light and other harmful energy particles in the electromagnetic spectrum that directly interfere with living biological cell activity or even what we put into our bodies; that can alter genes or bring on their deterioration sooner rather than later; such as drug abuse, poor diet, smoking, stress and so on!

Those end cap molecules on the ends of our DNA stands called Telomeres that are akin to say the plastic enclosure caps on the ends of your shoe laces; are a key in this breakdown process, as in with time and age and causally related deterioration on the molecular level, these end caps get damaged and shorten with time like a built in obsolescence leading to DNA breakdown and damage, which is a loss of some genetic coding that will subsequently lead to inefficient inexact replication or new cell growth that then has lost some of the original coding, no longer the once original brand new version! I got up to speed on this subject having had to be my own lawyer in a case where I had some damage caused on the job!

This is all akin to what even an old consumer advocate like Ralph Nader used to say was the problem with many auto manufacturers where it’s an almost precisely calculated and engineered timed-out modality, figured in advance, that at a certain number of miles on the vehicle or so many hours of wear and tear, then that car will be ready for way too much repair; so it will be time to buy a new one; and let the old one die to the scrap yard, our equivalent graveyard!

I don’t believe that God is playing a dirty trick on us at all because the amount of time we can get out of these bodies is ample to achieve or reach the mission objective of our being here in the first place! We’re on a big test drive or test run if you will, to see what this life is about and then have our own minds to make up as to what we choose to be, after this phase is completed! An assembly-line of souls to fill God’s heavenly kingdom as his family is what we are; and some will make it there where God exists in His Perfection, and many will not; which will put them in the junk heap category; but, the choice is real and each of ours to make!

I think it’s a good thing to live healthy and take care of our bodies, but, to become overly possessed with this limited model with so many built-in defects and limiting factors; I’m all for “trusting in the Lord” to put me into my “Deluxe Top of the Line,” eternal soul vehicle or vessel, what’s called the “Glorified Body” over anything “science or mankind” can ever dream up; as they are only “dreaming,” “big pipedreams,” gettin kinda high in the sky, and STUPID; and will have many nightmares doing it, but; no panacea or utopic dreamland to be found, somewhere just over the rainbow! Alas; there is no Shangri-La!

And back to my first concern; the little innocent helpless children being exploited and abused to the hilt!!! This evil madness promulgated by these overly rich globalist swine with their Devil plagued hearts and souls are causing all of this pain and sorrow as they ramp up Technology with AI, selling a FALSE god and con game to the public via the evil controlled MSM twisted sisters of doom and death!
“Nuremberg Trials YES!!!”

God bless you all!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

'This Side of Life'

This science is remarkable—a drug—amazing. These top researchers targeted the aging process. I first found the Harvard science when it first came out. I printed out a copy, but left it behind years ago when I moved. I still have the original graphic on my hard-drive.

Wyss-Corey Lab Can we reverse the aging process?

Read More HERE


Something spooked. It caused me to shiver. A young mouse surgically tied to an old mouse? Why would that spook me?


Wagers Lab Harvard

Read More HERE


Science has always been a refuge for me—logic my guide. It was a terrible catch 22. Children don’t live in the land of logic. They live in joy and fun and love. At the tender age of seven, I gave my second-grade class a very boring talk on African Sleeping Sickness.


Villada Lab UCSF

Read More HERE


I’ve just given you…

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Tremendous work Joyce the Coup d’ Grace Outlier to the over the top “fear monger narrative” of the MSM and our government’s being squarely behind that tactic of brainwashing manipulation!

The way I see it now We the People have been, and are being treated, worse than the “Terrorists Enemy Combatants” that were held in GITMO, with many even released now under the Man of Perdition in the White House or former equally fraudulent Obama! Those demented hostile evil souls that love lopping off heads and burning entire Christian families alive in cages!

The evil is now stacked up to the clouds; where does it go from there?

God help us!
Lawrence Morra III

'This Side of Life'

Is this correct? I don’t know. I do know all I thought would happen has come to pass.

I do know it’s going to get much, much worse. We’re going to see brutality all over the world the likes of what we’ve never seen—except in Australia—they are seeing some of it now.


This brought a tear to my eyes to see what they are doing to protect us from this deadly virus COVID19.

Are we so lucky to have caring politicians who go above and beyond to protect us – Hell it brings a fuzzy warmth to my heart.

Now the truth: that was the biggest load of shit…

You Bastards will suffer the consequences of your actions; you bastard politicians will suffer when you face up to charge of TREASON.

  • We the people own this…

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