Another Variant!!?

The Democrat Communist Dictatorship Party along with the Globalists will keep the Hoax pandemic going into perpetuity, if they can keep the brainwashing going!

Of course this only works with children, the very naive, the foolish, the gullible, the stupid, the loony, the off the wall and, oh yes, the liberals, aka Democrat Communist Dictatorship Party Members and Minions!

And absolutely any final decision or course of action will need Fauci’s approval!

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Lawrence Morra III

PA Pundits International

A Dry Bones Cartoon ~

We can’t just stay in bed!

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

14 thoughts on “Another Variant!!?”

  1. Hi Lawrence, I have a couple of Christian friends, an older couple in their 50s and 60s, they didn’t take the vaccines. They both got Covid, the wife ended up in hospital and saw first hand that people are really getting very sick and dying, on ventilators, etc. She is home and in recovery now and praise God she is healing, but still weak and finding things difficult with her health. I know there are a lot of things going on in the media to test and be wary of, but real people are getting this and falling sick and in hospital. I know of others who have had it too.

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    1. Thank you for a calm response as I know this subject effects people from one end of the scale of emotion to the other! And first of all don’t take me wrong or as being harsh by nature or wanting to even argue with anyone because I don’t want to and I was always the eternal optimist since a boy up till about 15 years ago, when I slowly but surely started getting annoyed with people and seeing how vain or superficial and self-serving they are generally in this high tech materialistic secular age; but more important how some are malicious and backstabbing scoundrels! Most I don’t trust as far as I can throw them these days and I have minimal tolerance for most who start showing signs of being an aggravation or tricky in any way, I don’t have time or want to subject myself to any such people now, I’m sorry to have to say; so I see that and they are gone! If they have head trips or problems let them seek professional help, people who get paid to treat mental illness!

      I hear what you’re saying! But, it doesn’t change the fact that the whole protocol was built on wrong premises and lies! Rather than establishing herd immunity which could have actually taken 6 weeks or so around the globe in populations affected it was retarded to perpetuate a crisis with MSM fanning the flames, this was orchestrated panic and these agencies about 6 around the globe that control most news are corporate liars and a tool of useful idiots being bought and paid for to propagate the desired agenda which is a globalist one and the most evil people on earth are fully behind that; a caveat here too is I worked in the MSM a while ago when it wasn’t nearly this bad but I hated it then and pulled the plug having a conscience and no stomach for BS or abuse of the public, I’ve always hated deception since a teen when a classmate of my sister that I was having puppy love with stabbed me in the back; I learned fast how easy it is for a person to deceive another and hurt them where it hurts most, a punch in the face would have been better! Let me say this that money and power absolutely are the Devils tools that corrupt any heart given the opportunity!

      So yes I felt bad about your friends and others that I know some who even lost a relative but the curing protocols to avoid double pneumonia and the meds to do it were and are readily available and cheap but were restricted from use so deaths were actually caused by improper care of the stricken as in murdered! The Covid-19 is a SARS 2 type influenza type virus, like the common cold which there is no cure for or magic bullet to prevent them, but this virus if dealt with as I’m saying from information I’ve complied from world renowned experts in this area of medicine has a 99.98 % survival rate excluding those that are so severely compromised health wise they could succumb to any cold or flu without strict protocol being administered! I know what I’m talking about because I dealt with pulmonary disorder or illness on a severe level where my life was hanging by threads after I was actually set up by nefarious persons in a government job I had and was contaminated in an industrial chemical injury! I had to fight my own legal battle to avoid losing everything as this injury put me out of commission for more than a few years and the crooked rigged judicial system which favors the insurance companies and the powerful politically, wouldn’t go to bat at all for me and don’t care if a person dies, only wanting such a person to go away one way or another; they have their agenda regardless!

      I was blessed by miracles of a saintly doctor becoming involved in my case from the start in a major world renowned hospital and her being a department chair at a top world class medical university and professor who actually worked with many severe lung injured patients over the years some injured in tunnel digging and chemical injuries just like mine! This answer came to me through a momentary conversation like a fractional thing out of the blue with a member of the hospital staff being inspired to help me go in the right direction; a God Send if you will! And even more special this doctor had specific expert background in this type of injury and all of the top research forensic science of the chemicals and so if she wasn’t on the case there wasn’t anyone else who could outshine her expertise to help me and more importantly her great good heart standing up for me because she had to buck the system showing me and them that her patient care of me was what mattered over anything else, and that she would not pass the buck or sellout, she had even told me if I look to have anyone else involved in my situation make sure that person has your best interests at heart!! God bless her and her husband what a Lady; God and her are the reason I’m doing fine and can do the same things again that I did before the injury and I’m on a holistic path to maintain health, God knew what He was doing when He planned and shaped us! If I had been a smoker or drug user of any kind and wasn’t born with excellent genes I wouldn’t be here now for sure!

      During my legal battle with a huge law firm that the government, my government, had protecting the culpable and their agenda, I was again blessed with the one judge in that system who presided on my case by another God Send that connected to me when I spoke out to him, saying that I wanted to fire my lawyer and handle the whole matter myself Pro Se! Nobody else in that system would have said OK which he did, after giving me a few weeks to consider it all! I succeeded in that battle of nearly four years only because I again was blessed having some innate capability in science and deductive reasoning, as in arguing a case such as this one would need, which was right up my alley; so I with having those amazing gifts or blessings actually was able to do what the judge said in the end; that I did, “as well or better than any lawyer could have or would have done for me!” In the end me and that judge both respect and like each other immensely while of course both being Italian Catholics we love each other like any good Christians should, though liking people isn’t so easy; he has told me stop in to his chambers anytime!

      I’m quite familiar with the biology at work in the pulmonary system now and most if not all of the deaths attributed to Covid were other factors and not even the Covid; but as I said an uphill battle for anyone that is on a ventilator and building up fluid in the lungs which is virtually drowning slowly and once the chain of events reach critical mass it’s all over but the crying! Many people I know who had trouble with this virus or any relatives that did were tuned into MSM and were in the hands of the wrong health care system or individuals! All the things I’m saying that were correct like the use of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, mega doses of vitamins D, C with Zinc; with nipping it quickly in the bud. A doctor I know who is great and has cared for his patients for decades, people from all walks of life by his being truly a human good guy who I really like personally was doing the right treatment protocols with excellent results until the State went into his office like Nazis and shut him down and pulled his license to practice medicine; this a man who has been a fixture in the community for many decades with an impeccable record, so you tell me what is going on if you think this is rubbish? The man was stopped from saving lives while the hospitals are being told to kill them! I have a sister who was seeing as you did but went further and she got the jabs being brainwashed thinking she was doing her civic duty and all that rubbish, mind you for something that is just a cold type virus but can and does if given opportunity, do a number on the Endothelium lining of the blood vessels in the lungs! And now she is sickly worried but thank God so far not with any extreme side effects but having some serious issues since those jabs, perhaps cardiovascular in nature; and with this thing time is a factor too! I pray most people that took the jabs will pull through but I know otherwise that many are going to get acutely ill and perhaps die so there is no sugar coating that I can offer here to make a feel good situation! Devils are ruling the planet and they want us dead and our souls thereafter!

      I want to leave this but you probably already saw it. I just became aware of this doctor Ardis who isn’t a conventional MD who is offering great preventative medical advice for those people who took the jabs, but I can say with confidence his train of thought is on my wavelength or the same frequency and I see helping our bodies to do what they are capable of doing in an illness situation is the best preventative medicine and even the cure in many cases! Let me know what you think about my spiel and if you find fault I’m not upset at all with you but I want sensible discourse from all and you I know are capable of this hands down! I will admit openly that I can have a short fuse with some people especially that insult deep core values unnecessarily being totally rude or stupid, as for example someone just did when overlooking my established rock solid perspective on our US Military Veterans who did so much to give us all decent lives to carry on, with much more Freedom than otherwise would have been had; without them sacrificing as they did! Amen!

      God bless you and yours and a prayer out to your dear friends and their families in that crisis. In the Precious Holy name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.
      Brother in Christ Jesus,

      Dr. Ardis BACK w/ Vaccine Detox Protocol Update You DON’T Want to Miss!

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      1. Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry for the troubles you have had in your life that you have described with your health and the way people treated you. I pray just now for your healing and Peace and guidance in all things. I don’t know what it is like to live in the USA so I sympathise that it must be very difficult with a lot of the goings on, I’m not sure if any part of the world has got things just right. Take care and God bless and guide you.

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  2. Thank you! Dirty politics and corruption on many levels especially the higher ones as we can all plainly see going on in the world has a cascading evil effect on society as a whole, trickle down damage or repercussions if you will, and this upon some very unfortunate on the one hand while blessed on the other individuals who get caught up in that mechanism or targeted for any reason of which there are many. But in regard to me some higher ups don’t like that I’m out spoken and can articulate truth and do it much better than they can lie! Just that I don’ become a subservient minion like the rest annoys them who are drunk with corrupt power, this causes them to see a mirror in front of their jealous faces; and of course the Devil owns them at that point; while we don’t know who God is choosing to use as His instruments of good and righteousness to fit His plan! He creates, shapes and saves souls; something completely out of our realm obviously!

    If anything I say in this message or in my entire blog can help keep one person from stepping off into the precipice or become a victim of any evil from Satan I will be glad to my last breath to have fought that battle with some success. Other than that my life belongs to Jesus, and God will do His will with me. Amen.

    Also just yesterday I was wondering how you are doing and said a prayer that you are fine, because I read in your messages that you sounded and were weary; so concerned about things; by what you stated.


  3. Thank you very much for your concerns and prayers. I think there is more deep healing work to be done, but I am seeking to be thankful and remind myself of the Truth. Hope you know Peace today even as you explore these challenging issues. Thanks for your prayer, much appreciated. God bless.

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    1. I will keep praying for you my Sister!
      And whatever healing you need I pray especially for; but my feeling is that it’s minimal or will be soon enough! Let’s pray together for that and all the healing we need while also for the broken world!

      As there is always room for improvement as the adage goes, there is certainly always going to be room for more healing, as the world is on perpetual life-support and dying all of the time! But in practical terms, and just day to day life of we really fragile creations; we have to always get up brush the dust off after we have fallen and stand tall with the Lord, ready to meet the new day head-on; just doing as Saint Mother Teresa said, to take it one day at a time basically; and that is good!

      “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come.
      We have only today. Let us begin.”
      — Mother Teresa

      Thank you again for your inspiration and thoughts they are invigorating in the heart and soul to pray about!

      Thank you for praying; and my case is long past me now so I am very well, the world isn’t! That is what ails me now the mess out there!

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      1. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and kind words, I pray you will look to Him also and find refreshment from this world in all that Is Perfect in Him and what He Is preparing for us. Despite the ongoing need for healing and keeping my mind focussed I have been feeling His Peace which Is a comfort. Thank you for your wise words, yes I say to myself through the day ‘this is the day that The Lord has made, we will rejoice and give thanks in it…’. I am glad that your case is long past and that you are doing very well. I hope the world isn’t getting you down too much, although I can understand what with all that is in the news. We just have to keep looking to Him and doing our bit, as you say a day at a time. God bless and thanks again.

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      2. Thank you again for the Dear Words, Thoughts and Prayers my Dear Sister! And you are so absolutely right here today in what you have said and shared! I’m very happy and moved by these genuine thoughtful heartfelt considerations! This whole paragraph stands out beautifully, but these two lines are so strikingly inspiring for me; reminding me immediately of this Scriptural passage that I love so much!

        “this is the day that The Lord has made, we will rejoice and give thanks in it”

        “find refreshment from this world in all that Is Perfect in Him and what He Is preparing for us”

        God bless you!
        With my deepest thanks,

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    1. Forthrightness and virtue is of what you speak. Something they don’t have, and so it is; they shun the light and Truth they are a fearful condemned lot if they don’t turn away from their own quagmire in the making. Those individuals must turn to Jesus Christ and then He will lead the way.


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