What Do Hospitals Charge For Experimental COVID-19 Shots?

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Well of course it all adds up now why in 2016 when Trump won the election the whole Democrat Socialist Nazi Party and the RINO’s all went Bat Shit Crazy to do whatever it took to cancel the Trump Presidency; because the Globalist Plan that was already in motion having been designed and implemented by the Obama/Biden/Fauci Administration and they needed to maintain the time table for the Global Reset/Elimination Program! Biden is the King of Abortion globally having appropriated 468$Billion in his first100 days in office for the exclusive use of murdering the Unborn up to and including day of delivery making him far worse than Hitler in many regards; so we have the Devil’s own in the White House and as if that wasn’t bad enough he announced from the starting gate of his installment as Puppet POTUS that he was going to make sure all Citizens get vaccinated for Covid-19 before the years end, making him also the King of The Extermination Vaccine of the Needle Nazis!

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So in summary we have the King of all Baby Killers and the King of Global Genocide as our very own Man of Perdition in America.


This is the Massive Coup de Grace plan in motion which so far hasn’t been stopped dead in its tracks by any of the criminals in the Congress or even the players in the SCOTUS! I guess nobody wants to take any responsibility or be accountable for actually doing their damn job! I don’t hear anybody with actual full articles of impeachment coming forward to stop this Titanic; once a great Republic under God from going down into the pits of hell like it is!
All I have to say to those that work for the American People!


God bless you all!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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The average price hospitals charge for a COVID-19 vaccine varies drastically by state and type of vaccine, according to a nationwide study conducted byHospital Pricing Specialists.

For the analysis, Hospital Pricing Specialists reviewed outpatient claims from 5,428 hospitals across the U.S., comparing what they charge for the COVID-19 vaccines.

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Hospitals in Virginia had the highest average charge for a Pfizer vaccine at $187.77, hospitals in Delaware had the highest average charge for a Moderna vaccine at $177.94 and hospitals in Florida charged the most for a Johnson & Johnson vaccine at $172.59.

Here is the average hospital charge for a dose of each of the FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines in each state and Washington, D.C.:


Alabama — $60.19

Alaska — $101.66

Arizona — $37.80

Arkansas — $39.15

California — $128.75

Colorado — $50.74

Connecticut — $62.25

Delaware — $61.15

District of Columbia — $88.26

Florida — $73.76


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