Who’s enthroned in your heart? …Spirit of Christ or of the antichrist .

Perfect, Crystalline, Complete and Wonderful, what you have presented here my dear Sister of Genuine Faith in Jesus!

Screenshot_2021-12-16 Who’s enthroned in your heart …Spirit of Christ or of the antichrist )

This is a blessing today as I fully understand what you have imparted here to help others to see clearly what is happening in this world now like never before in all of human history!

The deception is enormous and so multifaceted that people are falling into it left and right being sucked into the “vortex of evil” from the most unholy, that father of all lies and deception from the beginning, Satan! I mean look at the entire human race what it has been going through and accepting as truth over the last two years when nearly all of it was, and still is a lie!

I was having a conversation about a dozen years ago with a man I worked with who was very well read and educated in theology and a brilliant chemist, having studied in the seminary to become a priest, which he found through an epiphany God’s calling was for him to take a different path; and at least I met him and gained some very valuable insights on a daily basis during lunch hour! We both agreed that so much was going wrong in the world and here in America with sin and lusting for one thing or another, increasing rampantly with so many people wanting attention so they can get famous or popular, and this while the bag of tricks the Devil is using now in this high tech modern age is overwhelming; and he is using every one of them! The one thing that popped into my mind as I read this posting today was what this man said about how things are going to get much worse going forward, how there will be so many people deceived and serving the Beast, it will be horrible to see while realizing many of them will be doing it not even knowing they serve him, because they have put Jesus Christ last; and even forgotten Him in many instances!

Screenshot_2021-12-16 Who’s enthroned in your heart …Spirit of Christ or of the antichrist

I really appreciate that you brought this out today so that I was reminded and can pray on all of this, so that besides seeing that all of these things are happening now I can gain more wisdom, as I respond to the Holy Spirit and our Father’s will; as best as I possibly can each day! Amen.
God bless you!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Screenshot_2021-12-16 Who’s enthroned in your heart …Spirit of Christ or of the antichrist)


Life now a days is mostly aim for happiness and satisfaction . People always wanting to gain more of what’s just needed for a day. There’s no contentment! Their wants and needs will level up the more when got hold of God’s provision for a day. Forgetting to be thankful but even triple their demands to live. All are for selfish acquisitions and egocentric ways of achievements in life. Haven’t you wonder why there’s so much going on in your heart? Haven’t you consider the great connection of the status of your heart to the condition of your present life?

The HEART is the central focus of life’s activities and is vital for man’s existence. In this end times, the evil plans to conquer the core of your heart. Same as what he did to Jesus, he tempted Him with all of the grandeur of the world, the…

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