Yes Brother in Christ!~ I just got notice of your comment that I haven’t gotten to yet today! We did have the same premonition or epiphany for sure! I see the longest freight train miles and miles long hauling ass with so much inertia, like there is no tomorrow; and It’s all headed toward a huge sharp cliff decline with NO BRAKES!


So it can’t end well for most of us, and maybe that is exactly what these lowlife evil criminals that run the train want! Because they plan on having wings with all of their wealth and power to stay above the fray and watch us all kill each other off when the big CRASH comes! And it is coming make no mistake about that!

I’ve been saying all this for quite some time, especially when I found out directly in my own jurisdiction just what the politicians are up to with all of the fat cats, and how I was nothing but puke to them; a good guy and helpful soul, but they hate me for it! I think more than the writing is on the wall here Friend! “Shits Creek without a Paddle” comes to mind!


Only maybe the big surprise will be what God has in store for all these monsters when they find out it was all for real, the whole Bible said it like it is; and they bought the farm for their nefarious dealings here pulling many fools down into the endless fiery pit with them! For all the suffering they caused me and especially what they do to the most innocent and our Republic all I have to say is watch that last step it’s a doozy and I don’t mean one of these!


But definitely their last!

Meanwhile holding onto your own!



God bless you and yours!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Just after posting this I decided that a direct comment to my fellow blogger and Brother in Christ the author of this posting; would fit in handsomely with the overall moral to the story here!

Hi Brother in Christ! Absolutely was uncanny and meant to happen as we saw the Truth; God’s Truth! I always find these things or occurrences interesting and have written out some that happened in my blog posting! This one ended up helping to inspire a tie-in with subsequent reblog to your posting today; which if nothing else can give you a chuckle and of course a confirmation from above; that we are aware of Reality! But we cannot let it defeat us or not even get us down!
Carry On!
Blessings to you!




Churchill tommy gun sm print



Churhill peace sign




Another governor is fighting hard to steal, kill, and destroy; Gov. Murphy of NJ is leading the assault on the unborn; he says, “At a time when our country is on the verge of severely limiting access to [abortion], NJ is prioritizing the expansion of these critical services.”

Woe unto Phil Murphy; he understands not; abortion is not a service; abortion is… a disservice. This disillusioned politician needs to detach himself from pro-abortion hawkers; for the train he drives, heads to the collapsed bridge; a great fall awaits.

With the power of Holy Spirit, we declare in the name of Yeshua these demonic attacks upon the unborn and the people will be derailed! Hold tight, buckle-up; for Yahweh El Elyon has got this!


1 Timothy 6:9


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