BMJ: Pandemic Will End When We Turn Off Our Screens


Absolutely! It’s called a Reality Check and the entire planet is long overdue for a big one! People are way too used to staring at one screen or another and checking out social media along with the big MSM; not a whole lot of cognitive activity in all of that! Herd or Mob Mentality is fine with Big Brother but they won’t allow Herd Immunity; go figure!

Train Wreck we are on it sm print

If we citizens of this planet show all of the elitists and power-monger psychopaths that WE WILL NOT listen or pay attention to their garbage anymore, Tune them OUT; what are they going to do? Would they destroy the entire human race, maybe nuke the planet to prove they are superior to us?


Duh, there are billions of us, so let them do whatever because in the process of them trying anything as asinine as attempting to subdue billions of people I can assure you we will get to them in that process; and there won’t be anything left to bury! French Revolution rings any bells?

Besides, if they are going all out for checkmate game over winner take all, what point would there be to live in a world with lowlife psychopaths like them ruling over us; I would rather check out long before things get to that point; so come and get me lowlifes!

This is a good DOSE of REALITY contained here in this reporting, follow the link; try it on for size! Take care!
God bless you!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III





The Most Revolutionary Act

The pandemic will end when society decides to resume normal life rather than waiting for COVID “dashboards” to register zero cases, said the authors of an article published Tuesday in The BMJ.

“Pandemic dashboards provide endless fuel for news coverage, ensuring the constant newsworthiness of the COVID-19 pandemic, even when the threat is low,” wrote Peter Doshi, Ph.D., The BMJ senior editor, and David Robertson, a Ph.D. candidate in history at Princeton University.

“In doing so, they might prolong the pandemic by curtailing a sense of closure or a return to pre-pandemic life,” the authors wrote.

A BMJ analysis of the past century showed previous pandemics including the Spanish flu faded away gradually as societies “ceased to be all consumed by the pandemic’s shocking metrics.”

In the following decades, people resumed normal routines even amid brief spikes in flu deaths that exceeded pandemic levels.


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Author: Lawrence Morra

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4 thoughts on “BMJ: Pandemic Will End When We Turn Off Our Screens”

    1. It really is as you say; and my tour in Europe was delightful on many levels but because of some world and mainly art history studies in college; the firsthand experience of the architecture and arts in all the countries there including of course Denmark as well, was exciting and a special experience for sure! Take care and enjoy!

      Yes it is and the devils of the world want it to be our worst one ever so this reblog posting I put together I think will spell out clearly my sentiments about what is going on; but the photo memes at the end which I just added will also spell out how I handle it with my faith and the right attitude!

      God bless you and yours and when you finish being so on the move maybe a travelogue from a pictorial perspective will be really great to show here!
      God bless.


  1. Thank you for this brother! It is Saturday morning, and having posted my daily thoughts moments ago, I am just now reading your words. I find it “interesting” that we both made use of the analogy of a TRAIN WRECK.

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    1. Hi Brother in Christ! Absolutely was uncanny and meant to happen as we saw the Truth; God’s Truth! I always find these things or occurrences interesting and have written out some that happened in my blog posting! This one ended up helping to inspire a tie-in with subsequent reblog to your posting today; which if nothing else can give you a chuckle and of course a confirmation from above; that we are aware of Reality! But we cannot let it defeat us or not even get us down!
      Carry On!
      Blessings to you!

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