Texas, Missori File Injunction to Order Biden to Build Border Wall

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On behalf of the State of Texas,Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, along withthe State ofMissouri,has submittedtheirmotion forapreliminary injunctionasking a federal court toorderthe Biden Administrationtoimmediatelyresume the building of the southern border wall. This is a follow-on pleading to Attorney General Paxton’s border wall lawsuitfiled inOctober.

The lawsuit claimsthat the Biden Administrationviolated federal law when it prohibitedthe Department of Homeland Securityfrom spending the money that Congresshasappropriated to build a border wall.

“The Biden Administrationagain and againrefusestoaidTexans battling the border crisis every day,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Their response to this crisis is irresponsible, inhumane,andinexcusable. It is time for them to quit hiding behind red tape and help Americans in need. Thiscongressionally-approvedborder wall will help law enforcement along the border and restore order to our state.A physical wall is essential for border security, and Iam demandingthat PresidentBidendo his part to keep Texas and America safe.”

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