The Enemy: Conservative, Inc. Fake Republicans Support Vaxx Database

I’m telling you I saw it at the end of our last election the whole government is evil and none are worthy in my opinion even the ones that sit on their hands and watch it all happen they are guilty by association! Pence was a devil when I saw how he responded as President of the Senate he had the proper and just authority to hold back any final decision; for God Sake they did that in 2000 over ballot punch out chads in Florida and all this didn’t’ suffice? McConnell is a deceptive lying Devil! And nobody wants to own-up or man-up; they all talk shit! Raise money from us suckers and work to stay in office, like Rand with all his BS talk and nothing happens to “Fauci;” who is a psychopathic evil as hell criminal killer just like Gates and Soros! They are all dirty as hell scums! We have no government of the people; it’s a charade and a corporation for the big shots to screw us over! Let me tell you all this; they are going to hell and mark my words I know what I’m saying, they were given a God ordained trust to govern the best nation ever on earth, one nation under God, and they robbed us all blind and did evil; now a 30 Trillion debt sitting on all of us as they rake in the trillions for the 1%!
Hell is for those sorts of devils and others!

God bless all the truly genuinely faithful servants dear Jesus Christ our Lord Savior and Redeemer! Amen.
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary

Rumble — How many times have we seen this exact pattern play out for us? There’s some new face in the House or Senate, they start getting tons of appearances on Fox News, and Conservative Inc. pretty much orders us to treat them as a new party leader. Usually, these people are veterans; there’s nothing wrong with being a veteran, of course. But being a veteran doesn’t magically make a person correct.
Milam Langella joins us to discuss.

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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