Old Parliament House in Australia BURNED! Vax Protesters Warn: Current One Next

F*@K EM! All the damned evil destructive Leftist Crazy Puppets like Antifa and BLM that serve the dictators of the world and elitist scums like Soros got free passes to pillage, burn and destroy cities here in America, billions of dollars damage and murders that they all got to skate away from, and now I say that good law abiding citizens have the right to burn all the government buildings to the ground in protest of their freedom and human rights being robbed from them because those evil dictators that use those government buildings are not doing anything for the people but only serving themselves and their cronies; while they are actually murdering many in the population; its War!
Either that or all current officials should be removed from office and new leaders elected!

Said one protester; “If government doesn’t stop this tyranny, we’ll burn down the present Parliament house and hang the elected officials by their necks as they run out of the burning building.”

Would love to be there helping you do it mates! This is a bloody war between us citizens of the world and the 1% PIGS that want to put us all under their boot heels like Nazis Gestapo Storm Troopers did to the Jews in WWII!

God Bless Australia and America!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III




The Most Revolutionary Act

Direct confrontation with the government of Australia broke out this morning as freedom-loving Australians set fire to that country’s Old Parliament House over tyrannical COVID-19 infringements upon freedom, and coerced/forced vaccines.  As Old Parliament House Burned, protesters warned, “the present one is next.”

Video below shows fire coming out of the main entrance of Old Parliament House:

Protesters out front say they government has become pure tyranny with regard to an outbreak of “COVID-19” and needs to realize they can be forcibly overthrown if they don’t stop their COVID nonsense.

People in Australia have been locked in their homes off and on for over a year, for a virus outbreak that has a survival rate of 99.7%.  No different than a nasty Flu outbreak.

Moreover, Australia imposed Vaccine passports, which forbid citizens from eating out in restaurants, going into gyms, attending sporting events, and in some cases, forbid…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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