Almost time

“Do you have big plans for tonight? I do – they involve my dogs, my daughter and my pyjama’s! 😛 I probably won’t make it to midnight, again! No matter! So long as I get to wake up and experience the next new day, I’m happy.” 😉

I say you have one of the best plans and most people should have it so right! 😉

“Little things make big things happen”.
And I’m a sucker for hope.

“If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it all. And so today I still have a dream.”

You nailed it here fine Lady! You must have picked up some information from the same source that I did because all of this correlates and coincides with my own perspective; and unless you actually have been following me around the last 15 years or know me even remotely this is all rather striking that you would say this; especially right now.

I’ve always been an eternal optimist since a boy and in recent years I took some big lumps that were incredibly cruel perhaps making up for all the easy going happy-go-lucky of a pretty much smooth sailing journey and being saved even from death a few times over the many years prior; so this was some mean trick or slap in the face. But, still I fought my way to the next chapter never quitting and though a bit tattered and torn I still have that idealist positive spark deep in there saying I’m going to make it out of this rat race to the enchanted land somewhere over the rainbow; basically good old heaven no matter what happens; if I don’t lose hope and just keep my faith in God!

Einstein said “God doesn’t play dice” when another physicist discussing Big Bang and the origin of all of this universe; said that prior to it all with enough “random” events occurring in that pre-universe the right combination would have to at some point snap together, basically somehow opening up a whole world; quantum physics, where there is randomness in existence, but, Einstein didn’t like that concept and saw deep into this existence and its intricate order, as I see it; planned out order, something that could only come from high thought and vast intelligence! I’m good with that totally, and that is a great place to drawn hope from! I get it from lots of things too; even a sunset or some birds outback tweeting in the early morning; what an incredible mind must be God!

To dream the Impossible Dream was always my youthful outlook and though those years are behind me I still have that undying spark, “A Don Quixote” in there that says I still have a mind, and it’s a free mind; so I can dream and have hope!

Thanks for the great stimulation and inspiration along with pointing out the key being “Hope!”

Again those plans are just right as I see it all!

God bless you and yours.
Happy New Year!


It’s that time of year again! The very last day of it! Soon we will usher in a whole new 365 days! What will we do with them?

Do you have big plans for tonight? I do – they involve my dogs, my daughter and my pyjama’s! 😛 I probably won’t make it to midnight, again! No matter! So long as I get to wake up and experience the next new day, I’m happy 😉
My happiness may be short lived, because we all know that while each day is a gift and full of opportunity, sometimes things come our way and try to detract from its beauty. But this is life. A mixture of mishaps and motivations! Disappointments, and fulfilling rewards!
As the saying goes, ‘you can’t have a rainbow without the rain‘ 😉

I gave up on New Year’s resolutions years ago. I decided that life…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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11 thoughts on “Almost time”

    1. “From one tattered and torn” is so real and can be so harsh, but, like my Dad and others had told me over the years, “I’m not dead yet and as long as I’m breathing I’m never going to quit and there is another day to live here!” Got to keep moving and hoping! Believe me I see so much negative and have something I was going to post, a long winded piece but I need to refine the hard truth in it so I will see; but, the great thing is like the Flight of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes, this isn’t over till it’s over! And I see there is a much better world; as you rightly said about a man I admire greatly also, Martin Luther King Jr., his great speech about making it to the “Promised Land” is just how I see it too! That is so beautiful to see in that way; and that inspirational sight comes from God! Amen.
      This posting of yours has fueled some significant inspiration! All smiles here too!🙂

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      1. 😉 Yup, it’s a truly a wonderful thing as this is the way I see it a divine energy and gift from above; so it is very special Dear Lady!
        All good!
        Hang in there; and one day at a time we move forward and upward!

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      2. Precisely and nobody ever said this life or place we are in for a while is going to be easy or be all peaches and cream! It was and is really supposed to be a valley of tears and hurts, but, not only that; there is joy and happiness to be had along the way!

        And if we keep our focus on what’s above, then this journey no matter what bumps or twists and turns in the road we encounter will be manageable, and that to me is progress for sure! Because I just have to make it to the final destination I was created for, even tattered and torn or in pieces but so long as I make it there!

        Its real; and it will come, that whole Hope thing comes into play continuously, never letting it go! I’m holding on for keeps!!!

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      3. Hey there again Meg; I agree “Hold On Tight,” things could get a bit wild or even if not, its always better to have a good grip on yourself or at least who’s ever close by, lol! What another “Lovely” thing to send my way! Saying I have a Great Attitude, look who is talking; and so do you! You gave mine a kick in the butt, it was getting a bit tired, maybe lazy even, but I have to say in my own defense the crud I’ve been through, coming out the other side still me was an accomplishment, But, the key factor was that the eternal optimist in me will not ever quit or give up; it goes, I go! Or should I put that this way, it goes where I go; we’re married for better or worse; LMBO, B=Butt!!! 🙂

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  1. A lovely sequential short film and what a lovely young lady and good dancer all attuned to that classic George Harrison “What is Life!”

    Don’t ask me how or why I came up with this it came to me after watching the Man of La Mancha “The Impossible Dream.”


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