Top States For COVID Booster Shots Coincidently Are Among Highest Levels of Vaccine Deaths Per Capita

Look I’m going to say things the way they are and to some I will be a jackass but if anyone has a damn clue yet they will know I see truth well! From March 2020 I said this was over the top bull shit because the clear writing was on the wall! The only information I wasn’t privy to was whether the Commie Chinese Evil SOB’s of the CCP launched a straight-out bio-attack on not just the USA but the world, because they as a nation are sinking fast anyway into the cauldron of atheistic immoral pit of endless lies that they live by! They pretend to be a soft capitalistic government enterprise state of the people’s republic of China and all really are is an immoral totalitarian dictatorship hardcore communist regime hell-bent on global conquest just like Islam is too which is no religion but a political ideology which means these government entities can only attract the diabolical straight from hell to use them as an appendage to do the Devil’s work on earth which they do in spades! So now that you know that I know they are sworn enemies; what the hell were Kemp of Georgia or McConnell Mr. Mumbling Fumbling Crony Commie through marriage and so many other Republican fakers with the whole democrat party in bed with the Chinese dictatorship before, during and after the last general election for; other than to be scheming and doing nefarious things to the American people!

When I could see Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus a sworn Ethiopian Commie the director of the WHO along with Bill Gates, Psycho Fauci, and Demonic Soros along with other most nefarious characters, all of which were having Mob style Sit-down’s behind commie closed doors in China, what else could they be cooking up other than some hit or massive racketeering operation! This along with the basic fundamental simple science of Covid being a SARS 2 Corona cold type virus with an easily determined survival rate of 99.97%; but that the numbers were being completely skewed as they say in the mob, cooking the books of the godfather, by very nefarious tactics like putting any Covid complaining patient in a hospital emergency room onto ventilators and doses of Remdesivir, virtually shutting down their pulmonary systems by slowly drowning them and basically murdering these patients, in order to push the Covid death stats up along with including every type or cause of annual flu season morbidity related death, being listed as Covid caused. The other clincher for me was the push to mask people which does nothing to prevent colds from spreading and this social bull shit distancing, which is another “control tactic” and “fear generating mechanism,” very communism; because throughout my life if I was in work or at home and someone has a cold or the flu and sneezes I keep my distance within reason only to put off catching the flu, not because I could die, but breathing is something we all have to do in all situations until eventually the virus gets to you, and what we have as human beings is “herd immunity factor” that kicks in along with this allowing contagion to play out! And guess what; the virus doesn’t want to kill all the hosts, that’s us, because if we flourish as a species and continue on so can it. So it mainly wants to keep infecting more people but the people develop strong enough antibodies to ward off any super illness type infection and then the virus can mutate over the course of the flu/cold season or year and a new cold strain arises to repeat the damn cycle stupid Fauci you A-Hole!

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But, what our lying leaders and the devil’s are doing is “curtailing herd immunity” and then tossing in this vax concoction, into this normal cyclical natural pattern, which Big PHARMA Loves, for guess what, Annual Shots, but by heir doing so they throw a curve at the virus and then get some “Fauci Gain of Function Virus Manipulation going to really screw things up, so the virus starts throwing curves of its own to survive becoming more virulent and subsequently harder to overcome by the hosts; which then spreads throughout the population further dragging this event out, while genetically altering the immune systems of many vaccine recipients who then with their altered and compromised immunity are more susceptible to a new spike protein enhanced variant and can die from the infection due to compromised immunity just like they could from any powerful flu virus when having a very weakened immune system! This is all engineered by the most diabolical humans on earth at the moment to take you over and control the human race along with kill as many off as they can over a several year period! It’s an extermination process is what you are witnessing!


Time will tell and I assure you eventually more of you will see what I said as being the truth, but for far too many it will be too damn late! Yesterday I was in a major retail store where just a week and half ago I was in the same store and a few people had masks on, but, yesterday I was one of maybe 3 or 4 people out of hundreds without a mask, all of them wore masks, so vaccinated and unvaccinated are all wearing masks again just like back in March of 2020 and the reason is because most of the people out there don’t have control of their own minds and or lives anymore; they are following the lies not the actual science or God! Lost Sheep!

Here is what I had to say on another of the fine posting at this site recently which hasn’t changed and since what I just witnessed follows true to what I said before it further proves my point and spells out what spell most people are under and not getting awakened from!


BIG PHARMA strikes! It is the New Witch Craft potion maker of modern time!
A Godless empire of Greed, Immorality and Diabolical Evil! All those at the top and many below them are satanic antichrists!

Pharma Witch Craft


One Hell of A World isn’t it folks!
Pray, I’m telling you to get very serious about this mess we are all in!

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Clever Journeys

By mid-July 2021, media was suspiciously omitting or downplaying the fact that the number of deaths due to COVID-19 vaccines reported to the government’s database outnumbered the official count of deaths due to the virus.

The government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, contains voluntary, unverified reports of adverse events following immunization with U.S.-licensed vaccines. But it’scommon knowledge in the health industry that only between 1% and 10% of the adverse events that occur are reported to VAERS.

One doctor told me that in some states “you can trust their numbers about as much as you can trust their elections. It’s easy to guess which states those are.”

State Rankings

Here are the states ranked by the percentage of their fully vaccinated residents who have received a booster and the Top 10 Most and Top 10 Least in number of daily cases (in 7 day increments when reported properly)…

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3 thoughts on “Top States For COVID Booster Shots Coincidently Are Among Highest Levels of Vaccine Deaths Per Capita”

    1. Hi again Pam! Absolutely correct all this administration is doing is destroying America and countless lives as this admin. is the one from hell itself! The devil is directly involved with those wicked people in there now! But, God of course has it all covered, even if America’s own Man of Perdition is running the show presently they will pay the price for all the evil they have caused and are doing now! These things must come to pass as Holy Scriptures tell us! This is a most Biblical time we’re in; like no other ever!
      Thanks for the prayers Pan! Amen.

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