Nothing yells freedom like sitting in Covid testing lines for hours…

Very well stated and a healthy overview; not distorted at all.

As I see it this is a completely abnormal and unhealthy event in civilization and a sure sign of the times, which is controlled by the few at the top of the food chain if you will, or as it goes the most powerful humans on earth who have their agenda and it isn’t God’s or even propelled by science and humanity, but is the direct marching order from hell itself! Far too many people have given into all this nefarious undertaking or bought into, which ever you prefer to put it, because as I see it they lack true faith in God and are a weak lot as humans go being more materialistic and far from noble and virtuous; so to expect push back enough to stop this madness, because it already got well out of hand; was and is a bridge too far to cross for most people today. Giving in and “going along to get along” is the majority mantra and too many people are brainwashed! To think in terms of “convenience” the old taking the easy way, or in other words as I see it; these newer generations today say as compared to the “Great Generation” or say even boomers, didn’t and don’t have the benefit of knowing what it’s like to have a very hard life so in essence are a bunch of spoiled rotten brats, and those top dogs at the top of their beastly machine system know all of this and play them so easily!

Yet this fact you point out of, “individuals with low immunity or health issues are high risk for major consequences of it,” if people were the opposite of the way I see them, this point or justification to promote this global insanity could never be an excuse or sound reason to say that the whole population needs to be jabbed with a highly risky totally experimental concoction! And history shows us that in any free society or just plain sane one the majority typically wins out or rules but somehow that logic has been flipped head over tails or right on humanities fool head now.

My point overall is that all this pushing the human race to take an experimental gene therapy vaccine for a cold/flu class of virus with a 99.98% survival rate as determined by some of the world’s top experts in this field of science; for this to be the case, tells me that all of this is in the least the beginning of the end for humanity or more likely the big push toward and into the percipience! Just common deductive logic here.
God bless.

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Beloved Oath of God

Nothing says freedom like requiring people to get a specific Covid test before returning to work only not to have enough ordered, creating a shortage of them, and forcing the population to sit in traffic lines for hours. The icing on the cake is sitting in that line for three hours only to make it tothe front and find out they have run out and are closed for the day… in several places, one after the other.

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This is America, and it is efficiently run if I say so myself, especially after two years. I know, I know… respiratory illnesses rarely flare up in winter months, and Covid is a very rarely talked about subject, so how could anyone have known there would be a surge of cases?!? (That was sarcasm…)

“Quick… name the new variant to buy us time!”

An argument is that if…

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One thought on “Nothing yells freedom like sitting in Covid testing lines for hours…”

  1. Hence Covidgate, the great cover-up of the Scamdemic perpetrated by the rider of a white horse! WHO is its global rider? It has other names from nation to nation as it trots around the globe. Here in the USA, it’s an unholy trinity of CDC, FDA and Big Pharma. Three peas in a single pod! LOLGB+


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