Mozart il bambino.

Screenshot_2022-01-02 Mozart il bambino

Incredibilmente magnifico e perfezione da un talento dato da Dio che doveva essere modellato con molti anni di duro lavoro mettendo “pratica “nel suo vero posto nell’espressione di” pratica rende perfetti!”
Bellezza assoluta e musica soul penetrante con cui il mondo per la maggior parte ha perso il contatto e l’ha sostituita con tanto spazzatura e rumore pagano ritualizzato!
Dio vi benedica!

Incredibly magnificent and perfection from a God given talent that had to be shaped with many years of hard work putting “practice” into its true place in the expression of “practice makes perfect!”
Absolute beauty and soul penetrating music that the world for the most part has lost touch with and replaced it with so much trash and pagan ritualized noise!
God bless!

Lawrence Morra III


Noto per la sua incontinenza verbale, Mozart esprime in questo modo il desiderio di volersi riappropriare dell’infanzia negata.

“Accidenti, maledizione, mannaggia la miseria, (…) Ah! Il mio culo mi brucia come fuoco! Che può mai significare? Forse ne uscirà fuori uno stronzo? Che può mai significare? Sì, Sì, stronzo, io ti conosco ti vedo e ti gusto!”

La citazione appena fatta viene da una lettera che Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart scrisse alla cugina Maria Anna Thekla il 4 novembre del 1777.

Quando Mozart scrive, ha 21 anni e ha già composto 280 opere musicali; nello stesso anno – inoltre- scrive un celebre quartetto per flauto, una messa e due sonate per pianoforte.

Da un lato abbiamo -quindi- Mozart compositore; Mozart sublime e immortale, il Freddie Mercury della musica classica e dall’altro il Mozart infantile che fa continuo riferimento a parti anatomiche del corpo. Un bambino/adulto bloccato ancora nella fase anale dello…

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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2 thoughts on “Mozart il bambino.”

    1. Happy New Year Jacqui. So good of you to say that, and, it’s very much some words of wisdom coming from above by some special dots being connected to keep things on track for a better balance! I say that because I’ve been holding back on releasing a long essay which is more of a roaring indictment about the precarious position humanity has slipped into and taken a massive turn for the worse as I see it, slipping into a quagmire of grave mortal sin and sinking deeper by the day. But not being a totally morbid proclamation, there is a caveat that points to how hope is readily accessible through the power of prayer if those prayers are truly genuine and done in earnest; making them a direct plea to the Almighty who has held back on the well-deserved consequences that are due!

      All the while He is long suffering watching all of our earthly debauchery running rampant while many humans actually worship it doing exponentially so much more harm to the innocent who pay a heavy price for this shameful continuance, which God has only allowed for good reason, but, ultimately the hammer must come down hard at the appointed time; which only God knows.

      I guess what I’m saying is we humans are a very distinct mixed bag of “The Good the Bad and the Ugly,” and as I see it some of us who are the noblest of them all are certainly buying mankind some time to do more good; as the clock is apparently winding down so quickly now it seems!

      But, what I should say to you personally for making such a graceful positive comment, is that besides my appreciating it genuinely, I can tell you that you saying it is a confirmation to me, that this delay in releasing what would obviously be a more difficult message for many to want at this point especially, but, it will still be something to bring out; if for no other reason, especially for illustrating the tremendously vital importance of needed prayer at this time.

      I just need to get an indication of when that time is best! Maybe I should just allow the positive flow from the Holiday Season to settle down a bit first.
      Thanks again!
      God bless you and yours!

      Brother in Christ,


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