Dialoghi sul treno.

The visual production is rudimentary and lean in skill, but the result is this raw visceral feel to the song and it makes me remember how love can be, walking on a fine line of being somewhere you really love to be but then you know it’s a “high-wire tightrope walk” in many cases, where a person can really fall in more ways than one; getting really hurt!

So the emotional roller coaster is running hard and fast, but it’s too easy to get caught up in the moment with so much sensuous exhilaration pumping through your veins, “that wants to get out of control” to take you higher and deeper into a state of almost despair, yet still you go on, because the exhilaration is so magnetic and alluring, even hypnotic; they say “romantic love is a drug” and I happen to know in some cases that is true, because so many have fallen in and out of love leaving them with deep scars and tortured souls or ultimately, a broken heart. Then how do you mend it or get back what you lost? You can’t!

Tightrope walk sm print

So no I don’t fall in love, though my emotions and desire could take me in that direction easily, but, I know better now and believe in allowing natural symbiosis to take place “over time” and with wise discernment, because one never can tell there might be a miraculous match out there, but, sensibility tells me how else could I find that “needle in a haystack” other than allowing “God Himself” to bring me to it; not just because I’m a True Believer Christian Man, but also because rationality must remain in control; that is part of being a good man or a good woman, self-control and virtue; remaining above the beasts of the jungle in our reason and purpose for living! Amen.
God bless you!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

But still we have to be able to laugh at ourselves too, God likes humor!

Robert Palmer says you’re addicted to Love!  I admit I was a bit. Cut that out!!!


“Ti sei mai innamorata di chi non dovevi?

Ti sei mai innamorato di chi non poteva?

Io non mi innamoro, e tu?

Io vorrei non innamorarmi.”

“Finisce bene quel che comincia male”.

Dott.ssa Giusy Di Maio.

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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