Hebrews: Definition of Faith

Sincere greetings to you Sister/Professor Joanne!

A corrupted global economic and political system sent up by the earthly powers that be; have pushed a narrative of a worldwide epidemic of some virus that is so dangerous or deadly that all humans MUST be vaccinated. This absurdity I do believe is happening because simultaneously there is a REAL “epidemic of faithlessness” even though many people may even be giving lip service to the One True God in the name of “Jesus Christ” but they are fakers! A prime example is the current pope; but there are so many doing this in many churches, all the way down to just the individual persons who claim they believe but if put on the spot to choose Jesus or a death vax, they clearly take the jab! Where is the faith in that I ask? Faking in this case comes in many levels or loss of faith in degrees, but overall the human race is more concerned with men leading the way to safety and a better life, than in any belief that God is real and will save them from death. If put on the spot I think most would choose to get just what they need to live on earth awhile, than lay down their life for Jesus; as He did for all humans. How can what I say not be the case when we have seen almost entire societies do what men, many of them the most corrupt on the planet, told them they must do to live, in order to be able to get back their lives as they were before the fraud pandemic of Covid!

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has just determined that this Covid virus is no more dangerous than ordinary annual flu or colds and even much less so as compared to certain flu strains. So the government there has decided to treat it no differently than any other respiratory illness!

“Omicron cases have been detected in all federal states of Germany:
• 186 unvaccinated cases (26.5% of population is unvaxxed)
• 2,883 double vaccinated cases
• 1,137 triple vaccinated cases
• 4,020 fully vaccinated cases (70.53% of Germany is vaxxed)
In Germany, 70.53% are fully vaxxed, 2.97% are partially vaxxed and 26.5% unvaxxed.

“This means that the average German is down to the last 12.3% of his or her immune system for fighting certain classes of viruses and certain cancers etc.,” the UK Daily Expose revealed.”
Basically the vaccine is being used to set the human race up for a massive culling or depopulating of the planet and the truth has to come out sometime, which it apparently is in dribs and drabs or piecemeal!

This was what I was saying back in March/April of 2020 and all along I could see how easily people were buying into this falsehood; so to me this is an evidence of severe lack of faith in Jesus Christ by the majority of people, and that to me is an Apostasy or Falling Away as was foretold would be the case just before the End Time or Final Judgment could come. The only other event that would have to take place before this End Time arrives would be that the Man of Lawlessness the Antichrist would reveal himself and take his place in the Holy Temple claiming he is God!

Luke 9:24–25 — (NLT) “24 If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it. 25 And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but are yourself lost or destroyed?”

So my grave concern is, if it’s really possible that what I’m saying is true or accurate enough by these signs of rampant trouble throughout, and the many sins multiplying on earth exponentially, while coupling that with a true “Falling Away” (Rebellion) by this; what does appear to be “faithlessness throughout the world” like no other time in history since the time of our Lord and Savior’s crucifixion!

I hope I’m wrong or missing something that will show there is more Genuine Faithfulness than not! But like I said I don’t see these humans today being willing to lay down their lives for Jesus!

God bless you!
Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

Amended on 1/5/2022 2:03 am

Shalom Sister Joanne.
I wasn’t aiming to stray from the standard teaching practice employed by you or anyone; but there comes a time I believe when inserting oneself into the genuine dynamics at work in our complex system of human behavior and governance especially when it pertains to religion or as I prefer to put it what Jesus Christ taught this sick fallen world! There is no escaping the fact that no matter how this human race on earth were to try it will never escape the detriment placed upon it or actually the curse it carries from Satan; all damned to hell no matter what we think we can accomplish it is futile because it is obvious to me that Jesus came just for that reason, and His message was not about saving anything in this place other than souls that belong to Him! The Devil is having a field day with this modern day system construct that humans have devised and now the heat is being turned up to bring it to a full boil so all hell can and will break loose!

Vaccines have done some good they are not a cure all and Big Pharma is the modern day sorcery, it is a big lie so I’m not impressed at all by this big entity that is as corrupted as any criminal enterprise on earth! This so called vaccine is not a true tried, tested and proven one at all; it wasn’t put through standard trials of testing over many years for True Efficacy or Safety at all, and if that weren’t enough it’s a genetic altering device which invades a person’s genes changing them at the root; it is a weapon in this case and it’s been deployed with harrowing and utterly disastrous results the likes of which this planet has never seen, this while the full consequences of same are yet to be reaped! So I’m very troubled as a man who wants to serve God by what I see this human race coming to and who and what is behind this terrible development that will not go away or stop until it has its way; and that is all playing right into the clutches of the antichrist; which is Biblical! So this is if there ever was a time to be extremely alarmed and ready to stand up and be counted especially as to what each human soul will accept or will or will not be a part of. I for one see that I cannot be a part of a beast system or at least not swallow what’s going on or coming just down the road, hook line and sinker, that which is being fed to the global population and is only going to get much worse.

Everything is political, this is the major problem today in the world, and why it is so, is because this feeds into the political beast system; a “global organized crime cabal!” The church is political now, medicine is too, the military is political, education is severely political now from grade school to the highest centers of education on the planet where this beast system agenda is being promoted and facilitated! The beast has its tentacles into everything and there is no escaping it, not anywhere on planet earth where humans are living as part of civilization! I know of former political persons who on a local level ran up that ladder for many years only to leap off that as soon as possible, but, only to now be on the national level; and just like many others in that arena have their spouses over in China working out business deals or let’s say backdoor deals; to rake in millions; all evil greed purposes nothing else! The modern world is a fully politicized entity of corruption and manipulative control which is all the work of the Devil and a prerequisite for the establishing of a One World System which the antichrist will rule as god. Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Mass Media and Big Government all facilitate this beast system by which “Massive Lies and Deception of the Masses” are being deployed; a thorough and utterly complete manipulation of people like so many herd animals is being promulgated upon the human race.

All of which has created a massive problem for religion and the “Faith” as it too is being manipulated or slowly watered down and eventually to be banished. I hear so many people say they are spiritual or they were a Catholic or Born Again, but, now they are just spiritual, not believing in Jesus or God Almighty let alone any supreme being; unless it’s an amalgamation of many philosophies and pagan belief systems or all out atheism. All this while occult or even Satanism are increasing and in the government as well education systems; so Faith is being distorted and manipulated too; just like people are, from the inside out and outside in, as well.

So I must add in accordance to what I quote here; “the science behind vaccines–and medicine over all–is a gift from God, and blessed by God;” yes this is true but they can become a curse or be allowed to become a curse and used by the most nefarious as they are now, just like everything else is being used with one aim in mind, which is to defeat mankind and destroy it! Perhaps the old adage is now going to become a reality and hold true “that nothing is sacred anymore,” I see so much that has been defiled, corrupted, polluted and violated that I must honestly ask where can there be sanctity ever found again in a dying human race, fallen ruined world that once appealed to the “True and Ever Living God Almighty” with a fervent and deeply genuine passion from the heart like the Saints and Martyrs; not from minds or manmade systems or agendas that these fallen humans now concoct continuously; lies on top of lies!

I’m so sorry I can’t paint a beautiful portrait of what actually is happening to our race and I was holding back on publishing something as bleak just before New Year’s Eve, which I still have on the shelf, but, though I did hold back a bit there is no way I will remain cognizant of these things and not speak from my own heart to anyone in this “God Forsaken World” that has become a cauldron of evil; where the Unborn are butchered on an industrial scale, and now toxic experimental killer jabs being injected into little children is killing or preparing them for an early departure. Everyone is either against each other or looking to use each other; as a way of life now!

I know this is so sad and negative but I’ve seen and experienced too much of this harsh truth to not be aware of the facts as they come out in the wash as it were; and especially to not say so or call it out for what it really is; now that I can see so clearly this pure evil at work, in some cases cleverly entwined with Good!

May God Almighty in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ send miracles along with His heavenly hosts the army of angels led by Saint Michael the Archangel; upon this earth sooner rather than later I do solemnly ask and Pray Oh Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer! Amen.


Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III




Grace and Peace, Joanne

There is a certain kind of tired that comes after a big emotional outlay—the letdown after a celebration, that sense of tiredness while looking at the dishevelment, remains of a luscious meal, detritus scattered about as reminders of the joyful (or sorrowful) occasion, the guests, the laughter and music, the symphonic tinkling of forks on plates and ice cubes in glasses. Now, all is quiet, the guests have gone home, the dust has settled.

There is another tiredness that comes from coping with illness, or drawn-out dilemmas—headaches with work issues, relationship issues, domestic issues. Sometimes, you and I find we have been left holding the bag, so to speak, an unwanted mess or responsibility, or even trauma that has been dumped upon us.

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Author: Lawrence Morra

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6 thoughts on “Hebrews: Definition of Faith”

    1. Hi Sister Ashi! How could I disagree with you! The fine Lady you are, who has some amazingly fine artistic penmanship of calligraphy that I couldn’t even come remotely close to doing even if my life depended on it! But at least I was blessed with a couple of things that came into play perfectly when my life did depend on something in me making the difference!

      We sure need huge miracles and complete changing of ways so much!

      Let’s pray more for this to happen! Amen.
      Brother in Christ,



      1. Hi Ashi! This is a very honest and deep message that I appreciate! Well we both do a good job and are trying our best to do the Father’s will which means we may have different gifts He gave us to do that work and service for Him! So you made a great compliment and we both complement each other in being His servants!
        Keep it up and we can do much more I feel it in my bones! 🥰
        God bless you and yours! 😇
        Brother in Christ,

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      2. Very good Ashi I was just talking with one of my sisters on the phone and mentioned you and how much you would watch The Passion on every Good Friday! She said wow brother she sounds like a very special Lady! I said I only know you on here but I can tell you are special and is so good to know you! I explained your great talent to write with calligraphy and this sister is like you she can draw free hand so beautiful. I’m glad the writing I do sometimes can be soothing for you! We stay in touch! Thank you and have a safe healthy happy day!


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