Pelosi is RUNNING AGAIN… Please Sign Petition

How do these perverted and thoroughly destructive human beings look themselves in the mirror! In Biden’s case being a snake for 50 years as a crooked criminal politician it’s now built in, but so many are going along to get along with the likes of him and the whole cabal! Unconscionable!

I had this to say in a posting today!

You know what I’ve got to say! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

When are the real bad people going to be held accountable for this MASS MURDER AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY??? This world is loaded with EVIL today but it isn’t all EVIL there are plenty of “pissed off good citizens” in many high places who are like us too, that can get this ugly monstrosity of a human plague of EVIL locked away and rotting where it belongs!

I’ve had it up to here and then some with this crap going on and on, and where are you MSM people with no consciences, that work for Corporations and BIG BUCKS; you who sold your souls! This must be why I got away from that slime pit industry many years ago! I felt the scum of it!

I can only say this, that the answer is coming and whether enough good people get the “change” to come that will flip this whole thing over on its ugly head or not; GOD is going to slam it, and make one big “Smack Down!”


Keep praying hard folks, so many innocent people even little children are being sacrificed and martyred daily! This while that Troll Low Life in the White House with shit for brains shits his filthy pants!

Come and get me Biden!

Lawrence Morra III


Tax hikes, open borders, and defunding the police. That’s what Nancy Pelosi means for you. She is an out-of-touch career politician who will never give up power.

Don’t let Nancy’s reign last any longer.

We need to 1 MILLION signatures from patriots. It’s the only way we can prevent her from becoming Speaker AGAIN.

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Author: Lawrence Morra

Have worked in creative and news visual media as a photographer or cameraman and this POV has given me a better insight or view of the world. The Cameraman's POV. His Perspective on many things. All content on this site is copyrighted© by Lawrence Morra/Zero Lift-Off. All rights reserved. Email:

5 thoughts on “Pelosi is RUNNING AGAIN… Please Sign Petition”

    1. I say you’re Spot-On Dawn! But they like to pretend they are getting tough and want Justice in America with Rule of Law to Prevail, but, when I saw how they folded up shop after the last election and especially after the January 6th voter protest rally (not insurrection) that had proven Antifa agitators and CIA operatives mingled throughout the crowd to do Pelosi’s evil bidding, doing a set-up to slam Trump and company with Insurrection, I essentially decided then and there, that “We the People” are on our own, these guys are all part of the “Insiders Club Fed!”

      Confirmation should have delayed, for Pete’s sake in 2000 the Bush/Gore loose chads on ballots held it up until March, and what Insurrections can we point to in recent modern history where the Insurrectionists are all unarmed? This is just another blowhard Pelosi Leftist/Establishment Cabal Fiasco Charade! To top all of that off when we discovered by observing who turned out to be one of the biggest moles in Washington, the slimy snake Pence who as the President of the Senate could have and should have stopped the Electoral Vote dead in its tracks with so much turmoil and hard evidence popping up all over the country; He withdrew to his safe space!

      So I didn’t see and still don’t see who can pull together a hard ass coalition of Constitutionalists to take on all comers with the power of the Constitution and Military if necessary, but no one has the balls or cares enough, it’s too easy to just keep getting richer off all of the little people and suckers; playing us for fools! You know the saying Dawn, its one big shit sandwich and we all have to take a bite! We lost control of Our Government of The People many decades ago; they’ve played us ever since!

      We need God’s intervention more than ever to fix this! I do still pray and believe in the power of prayer and miracles so its in the Lord’s hands, because the government got greedy and evil.
      But yes scorched earth with these demons is the only way to go, fight fire with fire and lock many of them up on any infractions to start holding them accountable!

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      1. Operative word Dawn! “Bastards” and I know we’re all as pissed off the same as much as we possibly can be, so we need that genuine prayer to keep us whole too! But my Mom always told us that Prayer is the most powerful tool and weapon against evil in the world, and I agree with Mom!!! God is there and knows, so when we are sad like I am often times lately He cares, and we just have to hang in and do our part to serve Him loving with our whole heart and soul and be willing to do His will. Then I think what you say can happen, and that is the only way I can be encouraged because I see way too many messed up basically useless lost people running rampant; and I hate to say this maniac in the White House with his evil cabal just let a couple of million mostly shiftless people from all over traipsing right in and many of them in that mass of confusion are the low life useless sort or even terrorists; so just what we needed on top of the current mess; NOT! But Biden absolutely serves Satan believe me when I tell ya, and that is what Satan wants is total chaos and mayhem in America! This is when the shit hit the fan and then some, so I pray, but I don’t hold my breath for anyone, and I’m ready to deal! As in Fearless about what I must face ahead! I have God on my side, like you and so many others, so we are not one of those Bitch Bastards; and that is a Good Thing!

        This is the thing all of those despots need for their punishment.

        Funny while I did the search for this corrected final credits score which I never had before but guess what came up at the same moment right under it?

        Full documentary isn’t that amazing!

        Praise God!

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