Insights from Fulton Sheen’s Way to Happiness

He was a man of great faith and good service to our Lord!
We should only do a bit of what he did and we are better for it!

I last wrote to you and your blog back on 3/11/2020. Here is a piece of that which fits perfectly here.

On Calvary I see how by that best of all examples as our Lord was actually here and finalizing His new and everlasting covenant on that cross, so the despots or fools who lived in sin were being crucified along each side of him but the one that had been cold to seeking our heavenly Father, seeing Jesus the Savior, had his own great epiphany talking to Jesus as they were dying and became hot for truth, and through his humble contrite heart at that juncture, he was saved as Jesus told him, “Verily I say to you today, you will be in paradise with Me.” I feel it’s pretty obvious we must be close to the end time and hopefully more people are going to awaken before it’s too late! God Bless You and Yours.

Now I add today specifically what the Archbishop saw coming regarding Communism! Right where we are now with the evil in our White House and government overall.

“Thou’rt gone, the abyss of heaven

Hath swallowed up thy form, yet, on my heart

Deeply hath sunk the lesson thou hast given,

And shall not soon depart.

He, who, from zone to zone,

Guides through the boundless sky thy certain flight,

In the long way that I must trace alone,

Will lead my steps aright.”

William Cullen Bryant

Here is an excerpt from the essay that I had included that poem with.


“[Satan] will set up a counter-church which will be the ape of the [Catholic] Church … It will have all the notes and characteristics of the Church, but in reverse and emptied of its divine content.”

We are living in the days of the Apocalypse, the last days of our era. The two great forces – the Mystical Body of Christ and the Mystical Body of the anti-Christ – are beginning to draw battle lines for the catastrophic contest.

The False prophet will have a religion without a cross. A religion without a world to come. A religion to destroy religions. There will be a counterfeit Church.

Christ’s Church the Catholic Church will be one; and the false Prophet will create the other.

The False Church will be worldly, ecumenical, and global. It will be a loose federation of churches and religions, forming some type of global association.
(Fulton J. Sheen, ‘Communism and the Conscience of the West’)
Read all of what the venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen foretold us!

God bless you

Brother in Christ Jesus,
Lawrence Morra III

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The Venerable Fulton Sheen encouraged generations of the faithful through his radio and television broadcasts in the mid 20th century. The bishop’s words carried a weight unmatched in his popular television program Life Is Worth Living, where he spoke to a live audience without a script, often touching on important contemporary issues like communism and modernism. The show became a hit drawing 30 million viewers weekly, and Sheen became a celebrity. He even graced the cover of Time magazine, which referred to him as “the first televangelist.”

Although his notoriety originally came due to his television and radio success, Sheen authored a number of books which have continued to inspire readers long after his death. Over the decades, his written words have proven to carry the same impact as his televised speeches. In this article we will dive into the work Way to Happiness. Although relatively concise (less than…

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